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    Blast From the Past


    Check out my video below “Blast From the Past” where we dig into perceptions of the 80’s as a generation and of 80’s pop culture. If you want to know more about it or my process for making it before watching, just follow the rabbit down the rabbit hole.…

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    Final Project: The-Making-Of


    For my final project, I decided to make an 80’s theme show called “80’s Throwback”. The show will encompass audio, video, and design media as ways to communicate my story to those who will watch. It will be comprised of two major segments:

    Segment One - Flash from the Past…
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    Weekly Summary 11


    This week was a continuation from week 10 as a delve into video storytelling. So far, this has been the lease fitting storytelling format for me. While it was fun getting to do more group work with the same group I did the radio show with, it felt much less …

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    The Long Con


    While looking so far out is far from the usual for me, it is a nice activity to do from time to time. I still like my previous ideas about the possible topics, but after checking out some of the ideas put out by other students, I’m definitely open to …

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    Next Big Star – The Update


    Time for an update for the AMAZING 80’s themed movie that I’m in. For weeks 10 and 11 of DS106 I’ve been working on a group assignment style movie. We spent last week planning it all out and determining that I would be Barry, the male counterpart to the main …

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    Weekly Summary 9


    This week was primarily a week of reflection. All the assignments had something to do with looking back on or improving assignments we had done in previous weeks. I’m someone who often tries to self reflect, so I felt right at home this week going over my own works. I …

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    Brainstorm 2: Electic Boogaloo


    After scanning a majority of the content made so far that’s 80’s related, I noticed a lack of content focused around TV during that time. Most things have some ties to music or movies from the 80’s, including my own, which is reasonable given how impactful they were. Whether it …

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    The Competition


    This post is for me to take a bit to reflect on one of the radio shows done by another group, a.k.a the competition. I listened to Back to the 80’s Radio Show by the DS106 Ladies. I always like to start with positives when it comes to reflecting and …

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    Weekly Summary 8


    This was a rather short week, at least when it comes to the number of assignments to complete. The focus was heavily on working on the group radio show and getting it completed. That said, it was a nice change of pace spending so much time working with the other …

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    Radio Show Update


    After figuring out all the logistics last week, recording and finishing up the radio show this week went exceptionally smooth. We all enjoyed our Fall Break for Monday and Tuesday, but made plans to meet up in the HCC on Wednesday. We finalized our ideas for the radio show and …

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    Weekly Summary 7


    The main focus of this week was very clearly placed on setting up and beginning work for our group radio show. It was a little slow starting, because most of us didn’t know each other, but it ended up going really well and was a lot more fun than I …

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    Are You a Cool Kid?


    In a very productive edition of audio assignments, I was instructed to make a radio commercial for an 80’s product. This actually worked out perfectly because for my upcoming group radio show assignment, we need to have commercials, so this gave me an opportunity to multipurpose my work to …

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    Tongue Twister CHAMP


    In yet another edition of audio assignment, I was tasked to become the tongue twister champion of the world. Not really, but it may as well have been that with how difficult it is for me to get through a tongue twister even once. The goal was to quickly …

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    Ultimate Workout Mix!


    For today’s edition of audio assignments, I was tasked with making a mix tape. It seemed like a fun thing to do, because with all the new software and platforms out these days like pandora and spotify, I haven’t sat down and made my own mix tape or playlist …

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    Optimal Bumper Accessory


    I’m not quite sure why, but when I saw the example of a bumper sticker for an option for a design project I was immediately set on that as my final option. Maybe it’s because bumper stickers, while still around a bit, seem like more a relic of the past …

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    Lets Get This Show On The Road


    We started our group assignment strong by figuring out a time early in the week for all of us to meet up. Tuesday we all got together in a reserved room in the HCC on UMW campus to get our plans on track. After introducing ourselves, we got down to …

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    Weekly Summary 5


    The theme of audio related assignments led to a recurring theme in completion that was pretty surprising to me, difficulty starting. With almost every assignment this week, the first step was the most difficult/time consuming part. Maybe this style of work doesn’t match my style of creativity, or maybe it …

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    Death from Above


    In an attempt to get better at audio storytelling I dug deep to tell a story using only noises, instead of verbal communication. This one for me was by far the most difficult assignment of the week, but it ended up being fun once I started piecing it all together. …

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    Door to Jurassic Park


    In another instant classic audio assignment, the goal is to take a simple everyday noise and make it not so “simple” and “everyday”. My mind couldn’t really grasp both sides at once for something that could turn into something else, so I left it up to fate. I look …

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    Smoothest Bumper You Heard Today


    One mission, one task, create the best DS106 radio show bumper possible. Guess what, mission accomplished. For some reason whenever I think of radio voice transitions, all I can imagine is that old school smooth jazz cliche. Obviously that led to my only option of using that style for …

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    New Thing I’m Bad At


    I learned today that humming skills seem to correlate with singing skills, which means that I am terrible at humming. For this audio assignment I had to take a song that gets stuck in my head and record myself humming it. To keep with the 80’s theme, I picked the …

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    Not just any storm, but a brainstorm. The goal is a reasonable 20-30 minute radio show, so lets spit some ideas. My personal favorite form of audio content is the open ended podcast, so I could easily see myself going through with a conversation podcast that is loosely guided by …

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    Lets Take a Look at Sound


    I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that sound/music is the least appreciated part of telling a good story, but it can easily make or break the whole thing. Noise is an amazing way to give the viewer the “feel” of the setting or help show the mind space …

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    Weekly Summary Four


    The trend keeps going with this week being my new favorite week yet. Spending time doing visual editing let me play towards my goofy creative side with some really enjoyable visual assignments. Before that though, I began the week by checking out Telling Stories in Photos. This turned out …

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    Let’s Get Creepy, Big Time


    With the ever growing acceptance of “nerd” culture, some things become more mainstream and known, like for instance anime. In another rendition of visual assignments I was given the task of bring the classic anime style big eyes to a photo of a not-so-anime person. In keeping with the 80’s …

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