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  1. @bfrullads106

    Police Radio Call

    Hello everyone, here’s one of the components of my final project- an audio piece that I created that is a component of my overall show. It might seem obvious to some how this could play into my movie, but not so much to others. When I created this, I intended for it to be a […]
  2. @bfrullads106

    Forum post

    To build up some meta-fiction around my up and coming final project, I have taken to a reddit post on r/tvshow to try to illustrate what our fans think of the show. As you can see, we have some dedicated fans for sure. They’re posting calls to action on forums all over the internet! I […]
  3. @bfrullads106

    Week 12 Summary

    Hey there everyone, I’m ever so glad that I consistently front-load the work every weekend, because this week was another doosey; schedule-wise. That being said, we got through it, we all did well- at that. I enjoyed this week because it allowed me to be a little more loose with my work than previous weeks. […]
  4. @bfrullads106

    Design Assignment tutorial

    Hey guys, today we’re going to be taking a look at a quick tutorial for the cartoon head design assignment! First, I would suggest that you guys start by picking an animal that you want to give a cartoon head. Arbitrarily, I selected a bull. Here’s the picture that I got off of Bing. Now […]
  5. @bfrullads106

    Mission Remix Discussion

    Hello fellow agents, the word from up top is that next week we will be starting work on our final missions. As a method of preparation for our final missions, we have been tasked with the responsibility to outline what we think would best suit our team favorably in the acquisition of this goal. I […]
  6. @bfrullads106

    Flickr-sounds mashup

    photo by Misplaced New Yorker.. :^). Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License Drag Racing 3.wav photo by Katzencie ♡ Attribution License AK-47 Firing photo by Seattle Department of Transportation Attribution-NonCommercial License police_chopper1.mp3 Hey everyone, I have no idea if this is embedded properly, but I tried my best to format it to be less ugly. I made a police […]
  7. @bfrullads106

    Weekly Summary

    Daily Creates: This week had a really good amount of work, and I most certainly appreciate the slight pullback that we’ve had in our workload. It gives me more time to plan out my projects and make sure they’re high quality. I’m certainly learning a lot more about video editing, and production overall. Here are […]
  8. @bfrullads106

    Mission plans

    Hello fellow agents, today we’ve been assigned the task to brainstorm a new set of mission goals for our spy group to take on. As a group, I don’t think there’s anything that our spy skills cannot complete. The first thing that we need to take on is the world’s number one threat. The man […]
  9. @bfrullads106

    Ds106 – Suede a Scene

    Hey there everyone, today I took on the challenge of ‘sweding’ a scene. My friend and I thought for a few moments about which iconic scene we could recreate. Pretty quickly, we decided to go for the ‘get in loser, we’re going shopping’ scene from Mean Girls. Here it is: Our process started with us […]
  10. @bfrullads106

    summary – Week 10

    Hey there everybody, thanks for tuning in again for another weekly summary. Here, you’ll be able to find Rich’s most recent job interview, a video essay on Wes Anderson’s Rushmore, a western motorcycle movie storyboard, and some other fun items. I hope you enjoy them. A time lapse of a motorcycle build (2 stars) Some […]
  11. @bfrullads106

    Video Essay – Rushmore

    Hey there everyone, here’s my video essay for #Ds106. The scene I chose to look at was the revenge scene from ‘Rushmore’ by Wes Anderson. I chose this scene specifically because it was from a movie that I really enjoy aesthetically. Plus, when I think of original directors, it is hard for me to think […]
  12. @bfrullads106

    The Job interview

    Hello all, one of our assignments this week is to create an interview with our character based off of a few questions that were recorded already. We need to take the existing videos, chop them up, and make an interview for your character out of it. I want to lead by saying that this process […]
  13. @bfrullads106

    Week 9 summary

    Hey there everyone, I really enjoyed chugging through this week’s assignments. Here’s a list of links: Week 9 links World record remix Personality Quiz Tweet Story Show reflection Logo Merger, part 2 Room design Moped Ad This week required quite a lot of time, though I did enjoy doing the work. I think it was […]
  14. @bfrullads106

    Ride my moped- a CRAIGSLIST AD

    Hey there everyone. My final assignment for the week is this web storytelling document. Here’s a link to my functioning webpage! It would not let me embed it, but the link above should be working properly. This is the link that I used as a springboard to create the new x-rayed page. I personally […]
  15. @bfrullads106

    Logo-merger, pt. 2

    I chose to re-visit my four-star logo-merger assignment from week 5. I enjoyed this assignment a lot, and I think it will be fun to try to out-do myself. I’ve gotten more experience with photo editing software now, so I think it will be easy for me to go ahead and do better than before. […]
  16. @bfrullads106

    Storytelling through tweets

    Hey there everyone, thanks for coming back to check out yet another post from me. The tasking goes as follows- “after you’ve done them, look at them and find a way to tie them together in a story. You could put them together in one blog post, but if you can hyperlink them together, even […]

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