1. @WorldEmpress1

    Behind the Scenes


    So, first off you may have noticed my final project is not on this subdomain. For it, I created a new one. It serves as the ASU blog. However, you may have noticed the mysterious link post and that plays into my final project.

    For my project, I used …

  2. @WorldEmpress1

    Agent 14

    The Assignment-

    For this assignment, I had to create a poster that would introduce an unexpected character. I guess while this is not quite an event, it does introduce ASU plans for the future, which is an event of sorts, and introduces a strange and unexpected character, the Founder of …

  3. @WorldEmpress1



    Greetings fellow ASU officers. The mission was a success. Despite 14 not returning we were able to recover some of the footage from their camera, which mysteriously appeared in the office two days ago. This is a win for us and be reassured 14 knew what they were going into …

  4. @WorldEmpress1

    A Change of Tone

    The Assignment

    For Chipmunk Style, I had to take a clip from a movie and make it so the characters had chipmunk voices. To this, I downloaded a video from youtube. I found out how to do this through this article. Using the article, I was guided to …

  5. @WorldEmpress1

    Signed with Fingers

    The Assignment-

    The assignment was Signing Words. To complete it I required help from my brother, who is currently taking ASL. For it, he signed a word, which was fitting for our theme. His hand was filmed with a black background so you could more clearly see the signs …

  6. @WorldEmpress1

    Twilight of the Cloud Gods


    Since the discovery of Shadow Fredericksburg more has been done to dig into its lore and customs.

    One important event that the Shadow people revere is the Twilight of the Cloud Gods (good band name, we know). From what our dedicated researchers can tell this is a holiday that celebrates …

  7. @WorldEmpress1

    Sounds of 2 Days

    What is this?

    For my first day of sounds, I recorded sounds while I was inside. I don’t feel that they gave an adequate representation of my day, so in this combination, I mixed them with another day of sounds from my time outside, inspired by the warm weather. …

  8. @WorldEmpress1

    It’s Just a Theory

    Conspiracy Theories

    This show on March 14, 2022, starting at 8, discussed whether 9/11 was an inside job or a terrorist attack.

    The show was unscripted, making it feel more like a debate. It was a feature that a lot of people on discord seemed to like. However, I feel …

  9. @WorldEmpress1

    Top Secert



    This blog is being taken over by the ASU for very important business. We are compiling our knowledge on a strange and mysterious place known as Shadow Fredericksburg. This is not for civilian eyes. If you are a civilian, please turn away and pretend you never saw this.

    Thank …

  10. @WorldEmpress1

    Curtain Call

    Daily Create 1

    The poem the poetry generator made-
    A Lass Called Zoe
    A Limerick by Anonymous
    There once was a young lass who danced.
    She liked reading and she tranced.
    With a terrible roar,
    She fell to the floor,
    She couldn't resist the underfinanced.
    #tdc3705 #ds106 @ds106dc

    — WorldEmpress …

  11. @WorldEmpress1

    Coming to you soon!

    The show Processes Last Week

    Last week for my assignments I created my bumper and commercial for the show.


    First thing first-We decided to each have our own segments and I planned what I wanted to say for my segment, and then I wrote the script for my part.…

  12. @WorldEmpress1

    Team Work Makes the Dream Work


    So this week my team, after achieving contact, decided to do a show on college advice for incoming freshmen. Since I’m a freshman myself and my partners are seniors, we certainly have a variety of perspectives on the subject. Hopefully, our show will help listeners find the same joy in …

  13. @WorldEmpress1

    Come One, Come All


    For this assignment, I had to create a poster for my group’s up-and-coming Radioshow.

    How I made it-

    To make it I used my favorite, Canva. I searched for colorful templates and this one popped up. I edited the text in order to make it say what I …

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