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    Sounds of 2 Days

    What is this?

    For my first day of sounds, I recorded sounds while I was inside. I don’t feel that they gave an adequate representation of my day, so in this combination, I mixed them with another day of sounds from my time outside, inspired by the warm weather. …

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    It’s Just a Theory

    Conspiracy Theories

    This show on March 14, 2022, starting at 8, discussed whether 9/11 was an inside job or a terrorist attack.

    The show was unscripted, making it feel more like a debate. It was a feature that a lot of people on discord seemed to like. However, I feel …

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    Top Secert



    This blog is being taken over by the ASU for very important business. We are compiling our knowledge on a strange and mysterious place known as Shadow Fredericksburg. This is not for civilian eyes. If you are a civilian, please turn away and pretend you never saw this.

    Thank …

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    Curtain Call

    Daily Create 1

    The poem the poetry generator made-
    A Lass Called Zoe
    A Limerick by Anonymous
    There once was a young lass who danced.
    She liked reading and she tranced.
    With a terrible roar,
    She fell to the floor,
    She couldn't resist the underfinanced.
    #tdc3705 #ds106 @ds106dc

    — WorldEmpress …

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    Coming to you soon!

    The show Processes Last Week

    Last week for my assignments I created my bumper and commercial for the show.


    First thing first-We decided to each have our own segments and I planned what I wanted to say for my segment, and then I wrote the script for my part.…

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    Team Work Makes the Dream Work


    So this week my team, after achieving contact, decided to do a show on college advice for incoming freshmen. Since I’m a freshman myself and my partners are seniors, we certainly have a variety of perspectives on the subject. Hopefully, our show will help listeners find the same joy in …

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    Come One, Come All


    For this assignment, I had to create a poster for my group’s up-and-coming Radioshow.

    How I made it-

    To make it I used my favorite, Canva. I searched for colorful templates and this one popped up. I edited the text in order to make it say what I …

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    Pump Down the Volume


    Since the radio show is dealing with advice for college students, I went in that direction with my bumper. I hope our advice will help and bring a little joy to the listeners.


    I used SoundTrap to make the bumper. I began by recording the message. I actually used …

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    The Box in the Woods


    The Box in the Woods is a book by Maureen Johnson. It details a high-stakes treasure hunt surrounding a mysterious box in the woods, containing a treasure rumored to grant magic powers to someone worthy. Along the way the brave adventurers deal with pirates encounter monsters you would only ever …

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    Happy Little… Snail?


    My happy little snail!

    What’s not to love about snails? They are perfect in every snail-ish way. There really isn’t much more I can say except looking at this should make you happy.


    For the assignment, Spreadsheet Invasion, I had to reclaim Excel and make it fun again …

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    Looking at Design


    I think what stood out for me most in the articles is that graphic design is not, as Kidd says, “purposeful planning that uses any combination of forms, pictures, words, and meanings to achieve one’s goal,” but is in a way, problem-solving. I think that’s an interesting way of …

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    The Best Word Ever!


    Without a doubt haphazardly is the best word in the English language. It’s fun to say, the meaning is fun, and it’s got a prefix and suffix!

    How I made it-

    To make this I used Canva. I, using Open Sans, made some letters large, some uppercase, and placed …

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    A Deeper Meaning

    Red for Blood

    Red can be associated with danger and I’m assuming there is danger if you enter where it says do not enter. The red is also highly visible, drawing attention to it, much like a stop sign. And even if you are colorblind the contrast between the red …

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    One Key to Sound


    I tuned into the show slightly late due to a class. Since I didn’t think I was going to be able to listen to any of these live, it was better to be late in the end, I guess.

    That’s me! My username sucks because I first made discord last…
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    The Show Must Go On


    When it comes to radio show ideas, I think it’s difficult to brainstorm since we are forming groups and I don’t really want to be too set on an idea. I think group work is always worse when everyone is set on a different idea beforehand and has a …

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    One Small Sound, One Large Story


    The sound drives the story by, as Abumrad says (videos below), helping you paint an image in your head. He also seems to point to a connection between the storyteller and the audience. While the storyteller can give you details, every listener will imagine the story in their mind slightly …

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    No One Listens

    Entrance to Shadow Fredericksburg

    You may have heard of Shadow Fredericksburg? Well, as often happens when someone puts out warnings, others select to ignore them. One stupid soul ventured into this dark realm in the hopes of gaining inspiration for their painting. This is their story.

    When Alberto couldn’t …

  18. @WorldEmpress1

    Into Focus


    Instead of taking a bunch of random pictures, this was one that was purposely selected to capture the light, since I liked the way it looked through my camera. The moment, I think, worked well since at any other moment the light would have shown differently through the window. The …

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    Killer Birds Descend Upon Us


    In a moment no one could have predicted, killer birds descended upon campus. Faculty and staff have attempted to chase away these birds but to no avail. The birds seem here to stay whether we want them or not.

    One brave student attempted to paint these birds and reported that …

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    Up Close and Personal


    It’s time, as the title says, to get up close and personal. Prepare yourself to be closer than comfortable with… What even is that?

    Leave your guesses in the comments. If I get three I shall reveal what this mysterious object is and if someone gets it right you can …

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