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  1. @CarbonCarmen725

    A Short Propaganda Video

    by up any combination of videos, still images, and audio to create a fake propaganda video.  It can be comedic or (non-offensively, of course) serious, its up to you.  Possibilities include: advertising a product, creating a villain, or selling a revolution.3 stars So I didn’t really know how to start off this video, but I Read More
  2. @mbm87776980

    propaganda, not for OR by the people

    above is my video creation for the video assignment “fake propaganda video.” i had several intentions when making this video, i wanted to create irony, suspense, and realism. while the concept of burning/banning or in any other way limiting access to books is not a new concept (i even refer to the book- turned movie, … Continue reading propaganda, not for OR by the people

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