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    this place seems of a time bygone
    any yet
    the steps on this side walk
    the trees all around
    the wind that blows
    are privy to a fact people turn away from, history does
    not change but repeats

    mo sat
    mo inhaled-exhaled
    mo thought

    questions arose:
    what has brought her …

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    week 13 wrap up


    my final project will be an exploration of my character meskeen aka mo, through the written, visual, and sound mediums. my written piece, a poem, will be the centerpiece and reference point of the other work created. throughout this course i have referenced to mo’s abilities, character traits, and …

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    week 12 wrap up


    this week’s set of assignments were interesting because they required the reuse of art that has already been create — which is not something new we are doing this week — but the fact that it was our theme and aim to remix/mashup made the whole experience “legitimate,” and say …

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    the real grinch story


    the grinch did not hate Christmas, he hated people, which is understandable. all he every tried to do was mind his business, eat his cookies, and love the girl he love. but because of the hater-ation and holler-ation of his bullying classmates, he got mean. then when kindness and love …

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    meskeen mo’s day at the protest


    in the mashup assignment “superhuman in everyday life,” i decided to take creative liberty and make my superhero someone who i define under the umbrella of superhuman but is not a dc/marvel character. in the image above i have mashed up the Edmund Pettus Bridge Civil Rights protest in Selma …

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    i wanted to edit and delete this play


    as part of this weeks remix work i did the assignment “best sports play,” wherein i was to make a gif of my favorite sports play of the season. but as a remixed assignment i was to “flip the mood,” so i did the sports play that hurt my heart. …

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    my fave show to hate


    as part of this weeks remix project, i choose the assignment “tv show gifs,” making 4-6 gifs of my favorite tv show. which upon getting remixed turned into making gifs of my least favorite show. i decided to gif the tv series pretty little liars, which is not a show …

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    top 10 mo facts


    above is my video response to the video assignment “tell your character’s story.” i went about this story boarding by thinking about the transient nature of my character mo, and how she is everywhere (as a time-traveling badass) but also a centralized character (as i tell her story from a …

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    propaganda, not for OR by the people


    above is my video creation for the video assignment “fake propaganda video.” i had several intentions when making this video, i wanted to create irony, suspense, and realism. while the concept of burning/banning or in any other way limiting access to books is not a new concept (i even refer …

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    week 10 wrap up


    this video week was very interesting. my appreciation and admiration for video has definitely grown! while i do have experience working with the tools that i used this week, such as imovie and garageband, the sheer about of time and patience it takes to create content you are satisfied with …

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    scroll the b-roll


    bellow you will find my response to the video assignment “b-roll.”

    while thinking about what event, and event photos/videos, to use for a b-roll reel, it occurred to me that i had on consciously made one a couple of days ago. this past fall break some students and i, along …

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    top 5 top 5 top 5 @umw


    bellow you will find my response to the video assignment “of most importance.”

    in this video i identified five of my favorite spots at the University of Mary Washington. in choosing my favorite spots, i just thought about the places i most frequent, and ta-da, the video came together.

    i …

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    psa: public service announcement


    for the video assignment “public service announcement,” i decided to dedicate the video to a topic close to my heart and home. shoes, slides to be exact, are a lovely take on the iconic sandal look. but unlike sandal, slides are an product made to be worn in the house, …

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    remaking the web


    when i first began to think about what part of the web i wanted to remake, i thought of beyonce’s website because that is what i was trying to imitate when i first made my domain. but upon further consideration and taking into account what would be the best way …

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    radio response


    this week we, as a class, listened to one another’s radio projects. my group, the legends, went up first on monday. it was an interesting experience participating in a live broadcasting, just by way of google hangout. then the actual process of listening to content that i participated in making …

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    take two: radio show progress


    as my group and i come to a close on our radio project i feel really proud of myself. from the initiation of the project i took lead, on creating a group google doc, planning a day to meet in person, following up with folks through email chain, creating a …

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    words make me smile mbm


    for this assignment i incorporated the things i love to hear most: greetings, words of affirmation, kissing sounds, and laughter.

    in terms of how this can be used for our radio show, i think it would be good audience sounds.…

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    make sure to drink your telephone mbm


    for this assignment i took the recognizable sound of someone drinking water and edited it to sound static. i used my iPhone voice memos to record me drinking water, from the umw-logoed bottle that i used as my image. i then used garage band and the telephone-vocal filer to alter …

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    pop pop pop snap


    i made a beat using a poping noise with my lips and a snapping noise with my fingers. my group, The Legends, will be doing a talk show for our radio show and i thought this would be an interesting and useful transition sound.

    i was thinking in the realm …

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