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  1. @skyler0455

    week two summary!

    This week, a main thing I learned was how to make gifs. A few of the assignments I did had to do with gifs. First, I wrote a post on my thoughts on artistic ambition and read through how to write up assignment posts. I also customized my site a little more, by adding things […]
  2. @mgedney

    daily creates week two

  3. @madeleine_ds106

    Assignment Bank- Mashup

    Here is another Assignment Bank creation I have made. I chose this one from the “Mashup” genre. While it had 4 stars, it was surprisingly easy. The assignment was just to make a collage of a person copying an emoji. The process of creating this was very simple: I just downloaded a collage app from the App Store and posted it on my Instagram account for this class. Emojis are very popular in our society’s form of communication. Some people use them to replace words, enforce a loving message, react to a story, etc. There are hundreds of emoji options, all made by different media outlets or software developers. There is an emoji for almost every situation you can think of. I chose this specific emoji because of its connection to our class’ theme: secret agent. In both the picture and the design of the emoji, the face of the person is covered. This is similar with secret agents since their identities are hidden from the public and, hopefully, their enemy. I like it because it is not overwhelming obvious that it connects to the theme, but once explained it makes sense. I am also not very experienced with technology so this was a simple way to connect it to the class. #MashupAssignments #MashupAssignments1506
  4. @madeleine_ds106

    Assignment Bank- Visual

    I chose the assignment “Shadow of a Doubt” because of the requirements of the assignment. I took this picture just before leaving home to come back for my last semester at UMW. I was at a friends house who lives on Back Bay in Virginia Beach. It was during sunset and I just loved the way the shadows hit the picture. The picture itself is simple and almost boring looking. However, with the sun and the shadows, it made it so much more beautiful- and a filter never hurts. This picture reminds me of home and it makes me really happy. I’m typically not a very sentimental person so having a connection to something so simple makes it even more valubale to me. #ds106 #VisualAssignments #VisualAssignments2072
  5. @Sam_ara106

    The Beginning of the End

    I began this week with nothing other than the Daily Create! My flash fiction about zombies being at my 8:00am class instead of students probably wasn’t as creative as I would like looking back, but it was difficult to tell an entire story in the limited characters Twitter allows. Find my story here! I decided to also…
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  6. @Sam_ara106

    Apocalypse Reading Reflection

    I found End Day interesting in what they qualified as an apocalypse. I always envisioned it as the end of the world, where all of mankind is destroyed. However, this film defined the “end” as events happening in specific areas, such as tsunamis in New York and the East Coast, nuclear weapons, and meteors. For all…
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