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    Dominance Minimalism & Use of Space Balance Proportion Metaphors & Symbols Color Typography Rhythm


    Every image has dominance, I think. It’s the first thing in an image that draws your eye. For this image, I chose a picture that also metaphorically showed dominance, having bush in it that was …

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    Face The Odds


    This design assignments resonated with me. As a Black woman, I am often a double minority in my chosen field of work: cemetery preservation. Many times, the caretakers and groundskeepers for historic cemeteries are white men. It is rare to see a woman, and rarer still, a Black woman. I …

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    Thoughts On The Vignelli Canon By Massimo Vignelli


    This short booklet, the Vignelli Canon, speaks to some of the aspects of good graphic design. As a past multimedia major, my classes often focused on graphic design for websites, logo design, video game design, video creation, etc. But, in all my classes, I don’t recall ever going into the …

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    Visual Assignment Pt. 3D: Draw It


    Prompt: Take a photograph of something (If you take a picture from the internet, make sure to be nice and cite the original) and transform it through GIMP, Photoshop, etc, into a drawing.

    This is a 2 star prompt.

    Last week, I started my archaeology field school. My class of …

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    Visual Assignment Pt. 3C: Mixing 2 Worlds


    Prompt: Using an editing software, edit a photo and crop to an 11×17. Then add text for the location or something fun.

    This is a 3 star prompt.

    For this assignment, I wanted to do something slightly fun. Being a lover of architecture, I decided to use this image of …

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    Visual Assignment Pt. 3B: Your Favorite Photo


    Prompt: It’s simple. Choose your favorite photo you’ve taken and tell everyone why you love it so much.

    This is a 1.5 star prompt.

    This is my favorite photo. Yes, it’s a photo of myself. Usually my favorite photos are nature pictures. Rarely do I have a favorite photo of …

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    Visual Assignment Pt. 2: Photo Safari

    start time dominated by one color unusual shadow futuristic unusual angle bright light someone else’s shoe inanimate object looks alive converging lines two things that don’t go together repeating pattern suggestion of motion looking through an opening represents joy abstract metaphor for complexity end time

    I decided to do the …

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    Visual Assignment Pt. 1


    The information about taking pictures was interesting. Having taken multiple architecture research classes, I’ve already taken part in several lessons about taking photos using a camera. Most of the information presented in my digital studies course reiterated what I already knew.

    One suggestion that I would like to consider for …

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    Introducing KP


    This is my first blog post for the Digital Storytelling class at my school, the University of Mary Washington. Below is a brief introductory sound clip about me. I hope you enjoy it.

    In addition to being a student, I am an avid lover of fur babies. I have a …

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