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    Final Summary: Final Project


    I guess this is my last blog post for this class. It’s kinda sad. I’ve really enjoyed this class and all the assignments we’ve done and all that I’ve learned. I definitely had the most fun with this final project though. It incorporated a bunch of the skills I’ve used …

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    Progress Report: Final Project


    We have finally reached the end of the class and are starting on the project we have been talking about all semester! And I am very excited.

    For my final project, I am going to be recreating part of the “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Huston music video …

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    Week 12 Summary


    This week was so much fun! I got to do so much photoshop with my assignment, which I LOVED! It was also a relatively easy week which was nice because my other classes have been piling on the work.

    The first thing I did this week was work on the …

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    Daily Creates: Week 12


    #tdc3008 #ds106 My “everyday sound” is my entire family working from home (aka everyone’s computers making noises at once, people on video meetings, etc.) It’s very hard to get work done when there is so much noise going on so I wish I could just be able to tune it …

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    Create Your Own Logo! [Remixed]: Happy Days


    This was an assignment that I had already completed during our design week but I decided to use it as one of my remixed assignments! I had originally created a logo for my macrame business but this time, with the remix, I created something entirely different!

    The remix for this …

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    Website Mash-Up


    For this assignment, we had to mash up two website logos to create a new logo and a new site for the new logo. For this one, I started with just wanting to mash-up Google and Facebook. But I wanted to take a step further and also mash Instagram into …

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    Logo Switch Up


    For this assignment, we had to take one brand’s advertisement for another brand and replace the logo of another brand. I had a lot of fun with this assignment. I started off by doing some research on what logos looked similar, and to my surprise, there are quite a few …

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    Animoji Karaoke


    Have an iPhone? Create yourself using Apple’s Animoji and sing or lip sing to your favorite song! Save the video and upload it to your blog. Make sure to include 1) Why do you think your character looks like you? 2) Why did you chose this song? This mashup includes …

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    Week 11 Summary


    This was another fun, but easier week. I had a lot going on this week so it was nice to have a class where I could just use my creative side and not worry too much about it. This week was very similar to last week in terms of the …

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    Final Project Ideas Pt. 2


    So I have spent the last week thinking about different final project ideas when just now the best idea just popped into my head. I want to either create or recreate an iconic 80s dance video or music video. I would want to recreate the outfits, props, and any videography. …

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    High School Memories


    For this assignment, we had to go through old videos and pictures from high school and create a video reflecting on that time. I really enjoyed this assignment because a lot of the pictures I used, I haven’t looked at in ages.

    I first downloaded the pictures I wanted to …

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    How To Tutorial


    For this assignment I decided to make a tutorial on one of my favorite muffin recipes ever: Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Muffins! It may sound like an add combination but I promise they are super yummy!

    I started with setting up my tripod to record what I was doing from …

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    A Word… A Picture… A Story


    For this assignment we had to choose a few words and find pictures of the words and then put them together and create a story.

    I chose these words:

    Dog House Green Very A Had The

    I then went on Google and found images of those words, saved them, and …

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    Week 10 Summary


    This was a pretty easy week in terms of work load for this class, which I was super thankful for considering the work is piling up in my other classes. I did have a lot of fun doing the work for the week though!

    I started off the week doing …

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    Movie Trailer Mash-Up


    I had a lot of fun with this assignment. We were instructed to combine two different movie trailers to create one trailer. I decided to combine “A Quiet Place” and “IT”. I am honestly not the biggest horror movie person, but I have seen both of these movies and I …

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    “Conversation” with Myself


    For this assignment we had to create a video of ourselves having a conversation with ourselves. I decided to put a little twist on this assignment by singing a song with myself instead. I set up my laptop in my sun room and took two recordings of myself singing. First …

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    Video Essay: Sixteen Candles


    To start off week 9, we had to do some research on video editing and what goes into the final picture. I enjoyed watching the videos from “Every Picture Is a Frame” and feel like I learned a lot.

    After doing some research we were suppose to take a video …

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    Week 9 Summary


    This has definitely been the most stressful week so far but not because of this class. Like I’ve mentioned in other posts from the week, school has been put online for the remainder of the semester. This week, this class was not too bad in terms of work, and the …

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    Radio Show Reflection


    It was so fun listening to everyone’s radio shows this week! I could tell all the hardwork that went into each show. The one radio show that I am going to be doing my reflection on is “Social Media: an 80s Rewrite”. They decided to take some major events that …

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    Daily Creates: Week 9


    This week we had to connect our daily creates in some way. The first one I did was on Monday (3/16) and it was about our favorite piece of music. The second one I did was where we had to choose a song to make a poster about washing your …

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    Future Project Ideas


    There are so many fun things we could do with our 80s theme. The 80s was such a fun time in history with so much going on and happening. I think one of the most prominent things I think of when I think of the 80s is all the stuff. …

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    Reworked Assignments


    Talk about a crazy week…

    The semester is officially going to be all online. Not much of a change for this class considering its already all online, but a big shift for all my other classes. Things have been pretty stressful with trying to figure out how things are going …

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    Radio Show Progress (Week 8)


    Creating the radio show was just as fun as I thought it was going to be. Even with all the craziness with the cornovirus and school closing and becoming virtual, my group and I managed to produce a super cool radio show. The week before break we planned everything out …

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    Radio Show Progress


    The radio show project is finally here! This is something I have been looking forward to since I found out about it at the beginning of the semester. This week went by really quickly but I feel like I was able to get a decent amount of stuff done for …

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    80’s Product Commercial


    For this assignment we had to create a 80s themed commercial. I decided to create a commercial about scrunchies! Not only do I love scrunchies and wear one myself everyday but this is something I can use in the radio show!

    I just recorded the voice on my phone’s voice …

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