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    Weekly Summary


    This week I finished up my final project! It was a fun and creative experience meshing together video, audio, and design aspects into one project. Also, I was able to continue my research and before I recorded myself I wrote out the dialogue of exactly what I was going to …

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    Final Project


    Here is my final project!!!

    For my final project I combined video, design, and audio together to create a visual podcast. For the audio aspect I recorded my voice talking about the research I had done about music and fashion from the 80s coming back. Also, I recorded background music …

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    Weekly Summary


    This week I have been able to think and go into more detail about my final project. The three aspects I plan on using in my final project is audio, design, and video.

    I am planning on creating a video using iMovie that has images and designs I have created …

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    Weekly Summary


    The three daily creates I did this week were nice, quick, and creative activities that got my mind warmed up for the assignments. See the links below.

    Daily Create #1: http://ds106.grace-weaver.com/uncategorized/daily-create-creative-road-block/

    Daily Create #2: http://ds106.grace-weaver.com/uncategorized/daily-create-art-is-interesting/

    Daily Create #3: http://ds106.grace-weaver.com/uncategorized/daily-create-emoji-book-titles/

    Next, I did two 5 star mashup assignments. Both of these …

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    Poster Tutorial


    Visual Assignment: Sports Poster

    Stars: 2.5

    I created this poster through Photo Image Editor Pixelstyle. This is a free program I have access to through my mac.

    First, select images you would like to use and save them to a folder on your computer.

    Second, once you have all the …

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    My Dream 80s Bedroom – PINK!


    I remixed my previous assignment my dream 80s Bedroom. The remix told me to make it more pink. Please see my original written assignment below, but edited.

    My dream 80s bedroom includes bright pink color schemes, wallpaper borders, window seat, window curtains, carpets, my favorite 80s band posters, and of …

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    Collage Remix


    I took my previous project and remixed it! It was originally the collage of my dog chloe. I noticed she was wearing a read collar in all the pictures. Since the remix told me to create an advertisement, I created an advertisement for red dog collars. I have three phrases/slogans …

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    Animoji Karaoke


    I created an animoji karaoke on my iPhone. I chose the tiger because I liked it the most. Also, the tiger’s face is rounded and color yellow. This matches me the most since I have a rounded face and blonde hair. The song I chose to sing along to was …

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    Funny Drunk Story Through Text


    I created a funny drunk story. It was fun and creative to come up with a story that could happen in real life.

    I used an online text creator to make this happen. I hope you enjoy the story!

    #MashupAssignments #MashupAssignments2390…

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    Weekly Summary


    The three daily creates I did this week were nice, quick, and creative activities that got my mind warmed up for the assignments. See the links below.

    Daily Create #1: http://ds106.grace-weaver.com/uncategorized/daily-create-object-tessellation/

    Daily Create #2: http://ds106.grace-weaver.com/uncategorized/daily-create-misleading-sign/

    Daily Create #3: http://ds106.grace-weaver.com/uncategorized/daily-create-meaningful-object/

    Also, I was able to think about more ideas for my …

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    Project Ideas Part 2


    After I have begun to brainstorm and think a little more in depth to the final project I think I have a clearer idea. I think I will do a podcast comparing 80s to today. This could be all sorts of topics such as fashion, slang, etc. Since I throughly …

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    Weekly Summary


    I had an extremely busy and long week and was not able to completely do all the assignments. I still wanted to do at least one task and be supportive to my classmates. I saw a lot of great work this week. Hopefully I will be back on track next …

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    Daily Creates Short Story


    Here is my story about my tweets. My yarn friend named Phil shows on the outside he is happy and well. However, on the inside Phil is extremely overwhelmed with tasks in his day to day life. In order to cope with these various tasks he eats all the leftovers …

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    Revisit My Work


    I revisited my 80s bumper and my book cover. For both of these projects I added images to make it more fun and engaging. I used Photo Image Editor Pixelstyle for both of them.


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    Project Ideas


    I am excited for the upcoming projects. An idea I have was telling a story through images and sound. I think it would be incredibly cool to put together different pieces of work I have done this semester into a slideshow of some sort. Along with this slideshow I could …

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    Radio Show Progress


    This week I created my radio segment on 80s Fashion Trends for Men. I used to the websites listed below for researching on this topic. The three main fashion styles I focused on was a casual style, a casual business, and a formal style. Through my radio show segment I …

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    Grace Weaver a traveling theatre artist with a passion for creating and facilitating art that celebrates everyone especially minorities. Grace believes that theatre gives a voice to the silence and is an important part of our world today.

    Grace was born and raised in the suburbs of DC, finding her …

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    Weekly Summary


    The three daily creates I did this week were nice, quick, and creative activities that got my mind warmed up for the assignments. See the links below.

    Daily Create #1: https://twitter.com/2019Ds106/status/1182114307389063168

    Daily Create #2: https://twitter.com/2019Ds106/status/1182341017791545345

    Daily Create #3: https://twitter.com/2019Ds106/status/1182672053486391296

    Next, I began collaborating with my Radio Show group. I created …

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