1. @chloversgarden

    Week 14


    This project was interesting to make. I didn’t really have an idea on how to combine the different types of storytelling into one so I decided to do multiple different things. Before I started creating the content I had to make all of my previous character posts fit together. Since …

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    My name is Aitana Rorcshen. I started as an archeologist, I wasn’t famous, I just followed my passion. Along the way, I happened to find someone who shared that passion with me, her name is Rama Deloid. Rama was also an archeologist, but as I came to find out, …

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    Week 13 (Progress)


    Project progress report: partially done!

    What I started out doing was connecting all the posts I have made that involve my character. I wrote the missing parts of the story in, and put everything in chronological order. Some of the new material I made “takes place” before the older material …

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    Week 12


    I enjoyed this week! Even though I had 3 papers and 1 exam I was able to complete the assignments. I think video is just extremely hard to complete because it takes so many factors, and all the mashup stars I chose this week were visual design/photo tasks. I receive …

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    Remix of Lost & Found Poster


    For this remix, instead of making a Lost and Found poster I was supposed to do the opposite. I tried this out by making a “wanted?” poster. The key here is the question mark, the person is trying to get ride of the hat not find it. I liked …

  6. @chloversgarden

    Human vs. Emoji


    For this assignment I used an old picture of my stepmom! As teenager she worked as a welder with her dad, I thought this picture would be a perfect comparison to the new emoji of a welder since the emoji’s are trying to represent more people everyday (currently they have …

  7. @chloversgarden

    A Leopard on Campus!


    I had to combine two or more images for this. I needed to show how my character (the Shadow Leopard) would use her power in everyday life. I chose a photo of mine of the UC and an icon of a leopard to have her walking around at night …

  8. @chloversgarden

    Week 11


    This week was also super busy and video takes a lot of time so all of the assignments I chose could be done in pubic places with headphones in. I have hardly anytime to complete the assignments so I’m sure their quality was very good.  For the video assignments I …

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    Jump Compilation!


    For this assignment, creating a compilation, I decided to take random clips from youtube of people jumping. I took all from tv shows (Friends, Doctor Who, Lost) except one of a couple jumping on a trampoline. I made the compilation escalate from jumping on land, to jumping into water, …

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    Week 10


    I had almost time this week. Was too busy to put in a lot of effort this week.

    I learned a new word (fish baiting) with the daily create tweets

    #tdc2482 #ds106 I didn’t know what clickbait was so I had to go look it up, apparently it’s like finishing: …

  11. @chloversgarden

    Movie Character Prop


    For this assignment I used the clip from Doctor Who of the Doctor reacting to food he doesn’t like. For fall I changed the food he was reacting at to a pumpkin! I could not figure out how to convert the video to being right-ways-up though.

  12. @chloversgarden

    Guess The Story!!!


    This one was really fun! I didn’t know how to post gifs without using twitter so this assignment had a bonus post to twitter haha! I cannot spoil what the story is (I wrote “myth” in my tweets but it really isn’t a myth), but I’ll give a hint: ITS …

  13. @chloversgarden

    Radio Show Critique


    The Myths, Legends, & Character Conversation radio show was very intriguing. A lot of the characters were new to me. The first three characters Gallapher, Maria Segreti, and La Señora Luz all had background music which I had given no thought to. It was really inspiring to hear how much …

  14. @chloversgarden

    Week 8


    This week had a very different structure to it. It mostly involved communication with team members and constantly checking back to see if something went awry or was incomplete. We finally completed our Radio Show by Wednesday!

    Because there were no assignments this week, Fall Break was very relaxed for …

  15. @chloversgarden

    Radio Show Progress 2


    This week we had some trouble making each person’s audio tracks (bumpers, commercials, and radio clips) downloadable. Thankfully Zae found instructions on how to make them shareable so we all had to go back in an edit our SoundCloud settings.

    We had set the goal of finishing our individual work …

  16. @chloversgarden

    Week 7


    This week was interesting because I got to work with people! I realized at the beginning of the week our schedules would not match up (because I never have time on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday to do ds 106 work and the other people seemed busier later in the week). Thankfully …

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