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    Final Project Summary


    For my final project, the story unfolded over four separate posts. They are all linked in the last post, which was an interview with my character.

    For this project, I created a news cast to start the story, using the video skills I gained this semester. The video is introducing …

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    Bumblefeed Uncovered

    Who is James McArthur?

    By Bumblefeed Uncovered

    The nation’s attention has been captured by the story of the rescue of Linda Lamplight in Ridgefield. It was first brought to the public’s attention through a news story. 

    Then, during a radio show with a witness, someone called in, possibly knowing who …

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    Ridgefield’s Daily News


    For the last part of my trilogy of a story, I have written a cover story on my character, James. She has been the talk of the town this week as she (accidentally) saved Linda Lamplight from falling to her death. James prefers to stay under the radar, and never …

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    Ridgefield Radio Show


    For the second part of this story, I created a radio show. Because it’s almost finals week, when I was recording this, I didn’t have anyone available to help me out with a different voice, so I recorded all of the different characters myself. To distinguish between the different people, …

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    News Cast


    The first of my projects for our final project is a newscast. A story is unfolding about my character, James, where she has saved someone from falling off a building, but no one knows it is her yet. This story is going to unfold across multiple mediums, and I’m excited …

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    My Plan for My Final Project


    Whew! What a semester it has been. I have been looking back at everything I have made this year, specifically involving my character, James, to get inspiration for my final project. As a business major, I really struggle with open ended, creative, assignments, so this class, especially this final, has …

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    Weekly Summary-Week 12


    This week was full of mashups and remixes! I actually found this to be one of the hardest weeks, did anyone else?

    I did a tutorial for a past assignment that I did, that was related to my character. I wanted to specifically choose one of the assignments that I …

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    Daily Creates-Week 12


    This week we had to do two daily creates.

    The first daily create was to think of a modern day Sadie Hawkins dance. I think I thought of a pretty accurate thing to relate it to! Seems like I may have had someone in disbelief, or maybe just interested themselves.…

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    What’s Patrick Doing Here?


    Here is the original for this assignment:


    Can you notice anything different?


    Oh—there he is! Patrick, what are you doing here? You don’t have your own holiday! This assignment was to introduce a sidekick, and who is a more iconic sidekick than Patrick Star, the famous sidekick of …

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    Holiday Mashup


    It’s the holidays! If you said that to a person from a lot of other countries, I think they would be like, um, okay, what does that mean? Which holidays? We know that as Christmas/New Years, or maybe adding in Thanksgiving too. So, that makes the perfect inspiration for the …

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    I’m Lovin’ It


    For this assignment, I had to take an advertisement from one company and switch it up with a logo from another company. Everyone loves Target, so I thought it would be super funny to put McDonald’s tag line from it’s ads, “I’m Lovin’ It” with the iconic Target logo (the …

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    I did the Storytelling through Text assignment, and since I love my Bitmoji so much, I thought it would be fun if I used her to tell a story! Using my Bitmoji always makes me feel like I am Hillary Duff in her Lizzie McGuire tv series from the early …

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    How to do WebAssignments 2071


    Hi guys!

    So this is my tutorial for how to do ‘Create Finsta Instagram’.

    So this is the description for the assignment: “Create an alternate Instagram page that depicts you as another character unlike yourself! Post an intro post that describes the character you have describe to be.”

    When I …

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    Put it in Reverse


    For this assignment, my task was to take a video of an action that someone or something was doing and put it in reverse, so I asked my friend Jake to dance for me. For some reason he chose the song ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ from the Lion King. I …

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    Getting to Know James Video


    For this assignment, I chose to do the Get to Know You video, but for my character James. I feel like I had a good vision for her, but it would have come across more in writing than the digital part, so I’m trying to work on that! So, I …

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    Product Review


    For this assignment, I was supposed to do a product review. Lately, I have been feeling very passionate about my Papermate Ink Joy pens, and I have found myself telling people my grievances with them on multiple occasions. So, I decided that it would be the perfect opportunity to rant …

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    The Weather Forecast


    I did a silly weather forecast for this assignment. It was supposed to be as if I was a weatherman, but I could make it silly, so I did! However, I didn’t have anyone to film me, and it came out really awkward if I just used my computer to …

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    Daily Creates Week 11


    These are my daily creates for week 11! The days I happen to do them were less creative than past weeks, and more words, but that’s okay, cause I love talking about myself!


    I need to get my jeans hemmed. It's super easy because I am not even the …

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    Countdown to Christmas!!


    Happy November! It’s Christmas!

    It’s the perfect week to do the Countdown to Christmas assignment, where I had to pick 25 of my favorite Christmas movies!! After doing all of the other assignments this week, this one wasn’t hard, just time consuming!


    This is the Countdown to Christmas assignment …

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    Apocalypse Sock


    For this assignment, I had to talk about what I would put in socks if it was the apocalypse! I was just supposed to use things that I had around my apartment with me, and well, I do not seem to have much to survive an apocalypse with! Yikes!!

    This …

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    A Day in the Life


    This assignment was to make a day in the life of me! The only problem with that is that I am very boring! I am mostly only ever in class or at work, so my day looks roughly the same all day long, so I didn’t bother to take a …

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    I Like It Like That


    For this assignment, I was supposed to mash up a classic song with a modern day one. Recently, I have gotten very into the song I Like It Like That by Perry Como, which apparently has a new version by Cardi B. So naturally I chose these two! I downloaded …

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    Pride and Prejudice


    For the video assignment, I had to learn some more about cinematography and the making of a good scene and then analyze one myself! I wanted something dramatic, which is what led me to this scene! I downloaded it off of Youtube with the help of a converter, but I …

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    Weekly Summary Week 9


    How has it been nine weeks already? That really flew by!

    This week we got to listen to everyone’s radio shows! Hearing mine on the radio was a weird experience. On Wednesday I listened to another group’s and reflected on it.

    For the web assignments this week I designed my …

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