1. @IezziHannah

    Week 14


    Since I have last updated you all I have been working on my final project. As I detailed in my final project write up I have created a multi media channel called the 80’s Ladies. This involved creating a subdomain and linking it to our class blog. This process allowed …

  2. @IezziHannah

    The Final Product


    Welcome to my new subdomain for my final project! Before reading more about this project I suggest you read my first draft where I outline how this project connects. I hope you are able to look around my domain and see all the media I have created specifically for this …

  3. @IezziHannah

    Week 13: The Finale


    This week was the first week we were solely assigned to think about our final project. As I have discussed in my project ideas 1 & 2 posts, I chose to try and tell the story of an 80’s girl throughout this class. When we started this class I had …

  4. @IezziHannah

    Peaceful Sounds Tutorial


    This week we were assigned with creating a tutorial for a previous assignment. I decided to look back on my experiences with assignments. I reflected on weeks that I felt were the hardest to complete in my opinion. I know that tutorials and videos from my instructor were a big …

  5. @IezziHannah

    Storytelling Through Text Messages


    For the next part of our mashup assignments I chose to tell a story through text messages. Now this took a lot more planning than I would have thought. I most certainly got caught up in the process because it ended up being a 12 minute video.

    First I borrowed …

  6. @IezziHannah

    Animoji Karaoke


    For this assignment we were asked to make our Animoji or Memoji sing one of our favorite songs. I chose to sing Material Girl by Madonna to not only fit in with our theme but because I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since I filmed …

  7. @IezziHannah

    Remix Part 2


    For my second remix assignment I remixed an assignment that I already created. This assignment is the Minimalist Tv Poster. When I originally created this assignment I only used the E.T finger to stick to the minimalism part of the assignment. Now I added a bit more to coincide with …

  8. @IezziHannah

    Remixing Photo Collage


    This week along with completing some mashup assignments we were assigned to created 2 remixes as well. The first type of assignment I found was a visual assignment for a photo collage. The collage was supposed to be all about things that bring you peace. However, when remixed, the assignment …

  9. @IezziHannah

    Project Ideas Part 2


    As I look back at my previous post about project ideas, I only feel more strongly about this idea. I have used the past weeks since to cultivate this character and I have used this week to even create a trailer introducing her. 

    Looking at it from a holistic perspective, …

  10. @IezziHannah

    Of Most Importance


    The last video creation I made did not fit to our 80s theme. I created a majority of my videos to favor our theme so I used the last assignment to point out all the important people in my life.

    To create this video I gathered pictures from my lifetime …

  11. @IezziHannah

    Character Movie Trailer


    In order to continue creating my ’80’s girl Lindsey’ character. I completed the discuss a film’s plot assignment to expand on some of the things she discusses in the radio show. 

    As well as this, I completed a trailer to introduce her and her character. The things that I felt …

  12. @IezziHannah

    Back to the Future Commentary


    This week I have taken advantage of these video assignments to create my ’80’s girl character’ that I disussed in my project ideas blog.

    For this assignment we were tasked with creating a video that discusses a film’s plot. I decided to continue the discussion I started in my radio …

  13. @IezziHannah

    Closet Organizer 3000


    This by far was my favorite project of this week. I have had to spend a lot of time with family this week so they helped be with this project. I got to have an insight on the 80s and had some 80’s girls help creating this commercial so …

  14. @IezziHannah

    Video Essay


    If you didn’t know yet, Golden Girls is my favorite 80s show. So naturally I chose to observe this show for my video essay. I previously watched/ read the articles regarding how to read a scene but I decided to re watch/ read them to make sure that I was …

  15. @IezziHannah

    Best of College


    This video project was fairly easy. I found my favorite images from college so far and added them to an album. I added the entire album to iMovie and made sure all of the transitions were smooth and the images fit to the screen. Lastly, I added a song I …

  16. @IezziHannah

    Teach Me Something I Don’t Know


    This week for video week, I created 3 different videos to fulfill our 10 star requirement. To give a little background about this video; I am a visual learner and, I had a geology exam this week. Volcanoes was a tough subject for me to learn so I figure what …

  17. @IezziHannah

    Week 9


    Welcome back all!

    This week has been a pretty laid back week to allow for us to think about the rest of this class. How will we finish our stories? How will we connect our assignments and tie up all the loose ends? This week I did my very best …

  18. @IezziHannah

    Connecting my Daily Creates


    This week we were assigned to complete 3 daily creates and find a way to connect them into a story. And, as I mentioned in my previous post about my future assignments; I am cultivating an 80’s girl persona based on the character I was in my previous radio show. …

  19. @IezziHannah

    Project Ideas


    This week I am looking forward at the upcoming assignments in this class and deciding what direction I want to complete my story. I have thought of a lot of ideas but because of the storytelling aspect of this class I want to do my best to connect all of …

  20. @IezziHannah

    Radio Listen


    If you have been following my blog you might know about the radio shows we created in groups. This week these shows were aired on DS106 radio, so I am kind of a big deal now. I listened to 3 radio shows this week, including my own, and I have …

  21. @IezziHannah

    Radio Show Week 2


    Here it is ladies and gentlemen, what you have all been waiting for… Riding the Radio Waves is complete.

    I created this show with 3 other classmates. We decided to create a show that discusses trends that are created by 80’s movies. I discussed the trends created by Back to …

  22. @IezziHannah

    Riding the Radio Waves



    I would like to introduce to you all my upcoming radio show. This show will be broadcast on the ds106 radio at the end of next week. I will be doing this show with 3 of my classmates Mariam, Sophia, and Madelyn. This week we have spent some time …

  23. @IezziHannah

    Music Mashup


    To complete the rest of my audio assignment stars I created a music mashup. I used GarageBand to create this assignment. I was hoping to use 80s songs but I was unable to complete the mash up with out music that I had purchased. I am hoping to find a …

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