1. @imatutu_

    Final (Week Fourteen) Summary


    This semester, although extremely painstaking for me and not so enjoyable in some areas, was a blast because this class made the end of my weeks so much more fun and creative. As I said in my final project, I made a final project that I would like to reflect …

  2. @imatutu_

    Final Project


    I hope you enjoy looking at/listening to my project! I decided to dial back and not use video for this project, as my scavenger hunt idea didn’t really work out so I decided to just basically reflect on my life during this semester taking DS106 and the impact this class …

  3. @imatutu_

    Week Thirteen Progress Report


    Man, this week has been tough trying to come up with ideas for a final project that would equal the amount of work of a 30 star assignment. While I don’t think I’ll come up with anything that will satisfy all my needs and fulfillment for this project, I think …

  4. @imatutu_

    Week Twelve Summary


    This week was also pretty enjoyable! It’s interesting to go back to a previous assignment I’ve already done to do something completely the opposite or something different, and the mashups and remixes were a cool part of editing across all platforms! The mashup assignments (1, 2) and …

  5. @imatutu_

    DS106 Radio Bumper Infomercialized


    For this assignment I took the original DS106 radio bumper, and made it the most infuriating or frustrating thing you could hear to do from a radio show. It turned out pretty decently in my eyes, I used Logic Pro to record my voice.…

  6. @imatutu_

    Big Eyes Remixed, Play it Backward


    This image is truly cursed, as if the big eyes from the original assignment didn’t look weird enough. This looks like I am squinting, but not squinting at the same time, and then judging you all the while. Enjoy this absolute monstrosity. …

  7. @imatutu_

    Photo Mash


    For this assignment I took the liberty of putting both PT Barnum from the Greatest Showman and the actor from 12 Years a Slave into an 1800s stock photo. I used photoshop to compile and greyscale the photos. Turned out pretty good, see if you can spot them!…

  8. @imatutu_

    Superhero Mashup


    For this assignment I used a photo from a photoshoot my girlfriend and I participated in, and also the UMW campus photo to put myself and my girlfriend getting a piggy back ride in the sky above the UMW Fredericksburg campus as if we were flying like Superman/woman! Super fun, …

  9. @imatutu_

    Week Eleven Summary


    This week was also a ton of fun to complete in terms of assignments. The future in terms of the final project is really looking bright for the ideas that I came up with or proposed for what I would like to do, and I really enjoyed making the video …

  10. @imatutu_

    Thinking Ahead


    I think this final project for this class should be something that I really enjoy making and or the subject of the project is something I would enjoy learning about, and that’s why I like the idea Marche had with cryptocurrency. Not much is known about cryptocurrency and how such …

  11. @imatutu_

    Commercial Video Assignment


    I kind of lost my sanity by the end of the audio segment on this commercial, but that’s because I was so excited to sell you the “do everything” device (AKA the cell phone). It was really fun to put together this one, I used final cut pro to compile …

  12. @imatutu_

    Point of View Video Assignment


    For this assignment, the goal was to create a sort of small video as to how my day usually goes on a day to day basis. And because of the pandemic, it’s incredibly boring so I can’t really record things I do all day because it’s basically the same thing …

  13. @imatutu_

    Week Ten Summary


    I really enjoyed this week overall. I found doing the assignments for this week not too tasking in terms of workload, but also a lot of fun to complete and it gave me a chance to be creative in what I wanted to show on my blog for this class, …

  14. @imatutu_

    Tell Me Something I Don’t Know


    For this assignment I attempt to describe the articles I am using as evidence for my literature review in my Intro to American Studies class this semester, describing how conspiratorial thinking has led to the riotous mob and violence on Jan. 6th at the Capitol building. It’s a bit of …

  15. @imatutu_

    Movie Plot Description


    This video assignment was a lot of fun to complete, I really love the movie Baby Driver (2017), and this assignment gave me an excuse to share my love for it with you all and describe how this movie comes together for a fantastic thriller. I again used OBS to …

  16. @imatutu_

    Workout Video!


    For this assignment I used OBS to record my built-in webcam and used my very vibrant setting of my dorm room (very sarcastic) to film my usual workout routine for mornings and evenings. Enjoy!…

  17. @imatutu_

    Video Essay


    This week’s emphasis on video is right up my alley. I think video editing and video in general is a fantastic way for telling a story, and only one scene in a movie popped into my mind when I read we had to create a video essay on editing and …

  18. @imatutu_

    Week Nine Summary


    This week was a much needed break from the time consumption that this class really does well at achieving for me. Apart from that much needed break with the reduced workload I found it a lot of fun to listen to mine and other’s radio shows and take part in …

  19. @imatutu_

    Favorite Photo Part 2


    Since I last shared my favorite photo, I have a new favorite photo, sorry to my extremely cute nephew Curran. My new favorite photo is a photo from a photoshoot my girlfriend and I did for Valentine’s Day, and it came out really well! Definitely Christmas card material for sure.…

  20. @imatutu_

    Game of Thrones House Rework


    I really rushed through such a fantastic assignment a few weeks ago with building my own Game of Thrones house, and I had a lot of fun with it last time so I wanted to do it again! Here’s my newest house, house motto, and house sigil, it was again …

  21. @imatutu_

    Looking Ahead at Our Stories


    With projects like the radio show, in which a longer narrative was employed to tell a story to the audience in an auditory reception to engage and entertain, so as well is it equally if not more effective in the form of a video, which involves both visual and auditory …

  22. @imatutu_

    Radio Show Tweet Along


    Never have I ever cringed as hard as I did listening to myself on the radio show my group and I completed. I realized just how inarticulate I can be when I am thinking and trying to come up with what I want to say, but wow the other group’s …

  23. @imatutu_

    Week Eight Summary


    Oh boy, this week was probably my least favorite out of all of them. It was such a struggle trying to find a time with a group of four to record the radio show with, and the HCC struggles we encountered along the way as mentioned in the radio show

  24. @imatutu_

    DS106 Quarantine Radio Show


    It’s FINALLY done! It took a ton of planning and annoyance with the HCC staff and overall hardship and struggle to finally get this thing completed with the whole pandemic occurring, but we finally got it. We (our group) first planned on Saturday to meet at the HCC with the …

  25. @imatutu_

    Staying Apart Pandemic Radio Commercial


    It’s not so much a commercial, but a quick segment surrounding the initial ignorance about how long this pandemic would really last. I think it counts in my eyes because it will be used in the radio show our group is producing. I used Logic Pro to compile all the …

  26. @imatutu_

    Staying Apart Pandemic Radio Bumper


    So I made another bumper but not for the ds106 radio station but for the radio show project in particular, I’m hoping that doesn’t count as the same audio assignment. Anyways, I used Logic Pro to compile all of the sounds and fade ins and outs to make it!…

  27. @imatutu_

    Radio Show Week 1 Progress


    It’s been a great week in terms of Group 2’s progress on the methodology of our radio show. We plan to spend around 2 hours in the vocal booth at the Hurley Convergence Center on Saturday to get it all recorded and then edited over the course of next week. …

  28. @imatutu_

    Radio Show Poster


    This was really a lot of fun to make, I used photos from online and Photoshop to compile all of the design elements into this poster. I think the overall background that has the people in the foreground 6 feet apart but holding hands in the shadow is very telling …

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