1. @imatutu_

    Week Six Summary


    This week was interesting to say the least. I think the most enjoyable part about this week was watching the youtube videos and listening to how graphic design is really an art form and a science and writing a commentary on Kidd’s work. I enjoyed the design blitz and it …

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    Motivational Poster


    Okay so this isn’t a motivational poster. I lied. It’s more a fun little twist I put on it because I wanted to. I used Photoshop to compile the picture, frame, and text all together. Enjoy the finished product.…

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    Missing Persons Report


    Instead of reporting a fictional character or just one person, I included both my girlfriend and I! I made most of the characteristics a bit of a joke, but overall please find her and I. I used Photoshop to compile all the characteristics and photo. I also just realized I …

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    Book Cover for a Digital Storytelling Apocalypse


    I tried to make this book cover seem all eerie and mysterious using Photoshop to put drop shadow and text onto this google images dystopian photo, but I don’t think I did too hot. I have no clue what I meant when I typed “nobody cared until the bells rang”, …

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    T-Shirt Design


    For this design assignment I used photoshop to color the t-shirt black and put the text and picture onto the shirt. I think the final product came out well, and I just had to put the classic Star Wars Anakin and Obi-Wan quote on there, I couldn’t resist.…

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    Design Blitz


    I walked around campus for about half an hour trying to find some good design elements of buildings or the pavement that I could find, but instead I thought, “why don’t I use every day items that I see in my room?” So I went back to my dorm room …

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    Kidd Design


    My brother used to be heavily interested in graphic design when he was in high school and I remember him explaining a ton of these concepts to me, being a young middle schooler who’s got no clue what he was talking about. I think the notion that “the best solution …

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    Week Five Summary


    This week was a doozie! I will admit this week was a lot of work and audio storytelling I can already tell is going to be my hardest form of storytelling to master, but overall this week was a lot of fun! I think my favorite assignment out of this …

  9. @imatutu_

    Radio Show Brainstorm


    I think it’s an interesting idea to try and make a 30 minute radio talk show. I would be interested to tell a story about anything really, my story is your story. I do think, however, it will be hard for me to stretch out just me and few other …

  10. @imatutu_

    Worst Sounds EVER


    This was literally awful. It was absolutely awful finding all of these sounds and having to listen to them to cut them all together. Honestly, worst few minutes of my entire audio storytelling career, but at least I have an mp3 file that I can abuse my friend’s ears with! …

  11. @imatutu_

    Humming this Song Out of My Head


    For this assignment, I had Funky Galileo, by Sure Sure, stuck in my head so I hummed the entire song to get it out of there. Unfortunately, its too good of a song to leave so I think humming the whole thing made it more engrained in there. Oh well! …

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    Sound Effects Short Story


    I used freesound.org and Logic Pro to compile all of these sound effects to produce this story. I hope you like it! If anyone is thinking about commenting, tell me what you think the short story is!…

  13. @imatutu_

    Tweet Along Radio


    This was honestly one of the most fun hours of my life I have completed that has been, in essence, schoolwork. It’s really just a different experience engaging in not only what people are saying, but the background music and ambience effects that are edited and incorporated into the story …

  14. @imatutu_

    Radio Bumper


    For an eight second little mp3 file that I made, this was actually a lot of fun to make. I used my internal microphone and my audio program called Logic Pro that’s built into my computer to complete this assignment. Here it is!…

  15. @imatutu_

    Audio Graffiti


    Sound is as vital of a part of storytelling as any medium similar to it such as visuals or texts. If one separates sound from the video that is tagged along with it, it becomes clear that the sound encourages the imagination to create the video in which the sound …

  16. @imatutu_

    Week Four Summary


    This week was almost as fun as the last week! Personally, I don’t enjoy photography, but somehow the photoblitz made it really fun for me. I also found it very insightful to analyze what makes photographs effective in this post, as well as reflecting on my past experiences with …

  17. @imatutu_

    Game of Thrones House


    Never in my life would I think I would be making my own Game of Thrones house as an assignment for a college level class. This is a first, and I’m not complaining. I used jointherealm.com’s tool for creating a house to make mine, and let me say it was …

  18. @imatutu_

    Special Agent Who What Now


    For this assignment I used photoshop to mix up quotes with pictures and the attribution of the quote to some third secret agent. The picture is of Jason Bourne, the protagonist in a movie series of an excommunicated CIA black ops agent. The quote is actually said by James Bond, …

  19. @imatutu_

    Concert Dreams


    For this assignment I used photoshop, as well as my phone camera to take a picture of my absolutely atrocious excited face (I’m so sorry). The band is Arcadian Wild, a folk signing band that I have enjoyed quite a bit over the years. One could say it adds to …

  20. @imatutu_

    Metallic Key Edit


    For this assignment I used Photoshop to edit the blending of the key as well as using the magic wand tool to get rid of the white background and weird excess on the edges of the key. I used a crap ton of gradient markers with varying yellow/gold’s and whites …

  21. @imatutu_

    Photoblitzer Legend


    You can find the list of photos that were randomly chosen for me to take below. This was honestly a lot of fun, but I had some limitations, that being I was confined to my dorm room on campus and the fact that its freezing cold the entire week :).…

  22. @imatutu_

    Photography at it’s Finest


    So these examples I will be using to analyze are not photos I have taken, but rather photos of myself and my girlfriend for Valentines Day. Since they are pretty good photos and likely have a lot of the techniques that make a good photo in them, I chose to …

  23. @imatutu_

    Photographic Inexperience


    In my personal experience with photos, I’ve always seemed to shy away from capturing them and also from wanting to be captured. Now, I still do not take many photos at all, but I don’t care too much if my picture is taken or not. If I were to start …

  24. @imatutu_

    Week Three Summary


    This week was a ton of fun to complete. Analyzing the methodology behind storytelling and the evolution of the mediums in which stories are told in this post was really thought provoking to me and was insightful into how stories are the backbone of a lot of our society. It …

  25. @imatutu_

    Amazonian Apocalypse


    Now I could write about a product that actually would be extremely helpful to survive the apocalypse, but where’s the fun in that! I’m going to find some extremely random item that has no use post-apocalyptic era and argue a use for it. Here it goes:

    This Dr. Martens Unisex

  26. @imatutu_

    Global Thermonuclear War


    Oh how I love this silly prompt! Since the Wargames movie in 1983, I’ve always wondered what would happen if what was played out by the computer wanting to play thermonuclear war actually carried out the plans it had for human destruction on a global thermonuclear scale. I’ll write my …

  27. @imatutu_

    Journal Entry #652


    It’s been about 400 years since my last journal entry, but I just can’t seem to move anywhere to get a decent shade to write down my thoughts. Maybe it is because I am the shade, my leaves and all. I love when children climb on my branches or play …

  28. @imatutu_

    Another Day


    I think today is one of the most applicable days for this writing assignment, because it snowed last night and there are 3-4 inches of snow on the ground. Quite literally the definition of a Winter Wonderland. Even looking at such a boring white color, for some reason we find …

  29. @imatutu_

    The Evolution of the Story


    The most interesting part of the development of the methods of storytelling and how it has changed over time has been how trope-ical that stories have become. In most stories in Western society, you can draw a story back to the classic Hero’s Journey, or another common writing storytelling trope …

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    Week Two Summary


    I will start off with a saddening thought for at least myself, as due to my awful time management skills and foolishness I didn’t read anything on the week two page until Wednesday at 1:00 AM, so I was unable to complete four daily creates for this week, but I …

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