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    How do I measure a year? In love!!


    The semester is coming to a close, and the chaos and panic of every class’s final project or paper being due in the same time frame has finally come to pass. The week we students all dread and look forward to simultaneously! The completion of a semester, and the anticipation …

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    Final Project Progress!


    Who knew this would be so much fun?? I was not optimistic about this project being fun, but again, I am surprised at how joyful creativity is, even when it is hard work. I started this week with really narrowing down the focus of my project, and I am going …

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    Week 12 in the books!


    What a week it has been, both for school and my home life. All my classes are now down to the final few projects and the pressure is on, since most of these are worth the largest percentage of my grades. I am thrilled that the weather has shifted and …

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    REMIX: My Favorite Video


    This video is not my best video in terms of quality or even composition. However, this video does little to capture the sheer joy and pride my son has over his new skill. He learned how to skid to stop first, but then he added the extra fancy sideways drift …

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    REMIX: Populating one of Bob’s scenes


    For this remix, I was asked to take the “Populate the Landscape” assignment and REMIX it with making it as pink as possible. Obviously I populated Bob’s Cabin painting with pink characters, and even pink herself! I used photoshop to cut the images and them add them into the original …

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    Peter went to the wrong set!


    OH NO! Peter was at the Happy Clam for too long last night, and accidentally ended up on the wrong set! Now he is being painted by the wrong artist!!!! What is he going to do?

    For this assignment, I first started out by finding a Bob Ross image for …

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    Some light creativity for the week


    This week’s daily creates were a little more scattered, because whoa! what a week I have had! It has been a very stressful week for me, as my son was exposed to COVID on Tuesday at school, and now is quarantining at home with me. What I noticed though, was …

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    Delightful Daily Creativity


    #tdc3583 #ds106 @ds106dc pic.twitter.com/Uf89qSbBox

    [email protected] (@1kid3pets1hub) November 2, 2021

    A family fun film about adventure and exploration! Think National Lampoon’s Christmas meets Homeward Bound.

    @ds106dc #tdc3584 #ds106 pic.twitter.com/Ix59qHGumg

    [email protected] (@1kid3pets1hub) November 4, 2021

    Bob has moved from landscapes to animals!

    @ds106dc #tdc3580 #ds106 pic.twitter.com/ulm7hk6kcq

    [email protected] (@1kid3pets1hub) November

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    My meals today included…


    Today I took you along with me to my kitchen, and shared with you what I ate. I need to go to the grocery store, so my pantry is a little bare at the moment. That meant that I was limited to eating whatever I had on hand today. For …

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    A day in my shoes


    Oh! The stories my shoes would tell. They travel to so many places, and meet so many other shoes. They begin their day with a warm fresh foot and head out the door to begin their day. First stop for these Boston’s is doggy daycare to drop off the doggo. …

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    Project Ideas 2


    The project ideas are great, and I am really interested in where some of the other members of this class are going to take us! As a sociology major, I am immediately drawn to Josephine’s idea of telling the stories of actors who’s voice has been silenced or ignored. I …

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    ASL message!


    To make this video, I used my computer’s camera and also had my ASL alphabet on the screen so that I could see which letters I would be needing for my message. I know I picked an easy one, but hopefully this will help when people try to understand what …

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    Real life cooking show


    In the spirit of Bob Ross, a cooking show that sometimes shows how life can be messy and helps us all set realistic goals for ourselves! Cooking can be whatever you want it to be; if it makes you happy, and tastes good, then nothing else matters!

    I was looking …

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    Quint the pig


    I had so much trouble figuring out what to do for this assignment, because there were so many classic scenes that I wanted to do, but not very many that I would be able to do alone, and with the things in my house! A good monologue was what I …

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    Survived another week of creation!


    Well, I say this every week, but whoa! what a week! I had so much fun listening to the radio shows that my fellow students made, and I really appreciate their hard work and creativity! I also have a sense of relief after the conclusion of this project, because at …

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    Thinking about my ds106 legacy


    What do I want to share with the world? There’s so much! If this question were asked of me at an earlier point in my life, I am not even sure what I would have said. Probably something like, “follow your dreams, be yourself” and other naïve thoughts that one …

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    Pulling it all together


    This week our radio show progress was a little easier, in my own opinion. We had managed to do a lot of the heavy lifting in the prior week, so really all there was left to do, was pull all of our individual clips together, which was so amazing done …

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    I only had time for gifs this week


    Oh, you daily creates. You are a constant reminder of how hard it is to prioritize the simple things. I was a little behind this week in completing these, but I eventually got them done. I will admit that I did not put in the effort to create anything original, …

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