1. @MeMcMe3

    Week 14, The Summary


    It’s hard to believe that it’s been 14 weeks since the beginning of this class. It feels like we just started. This was my first fully self paced class I’ve taken, so it was definitely an interesting ride trying to get used to the many different elements of the course. …

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    Final Meaning


    For my final project, I decided to define what “art” means to me. I see a lot of definitions about what many different people do, and don’t consider art. What immediately comes to mind is the controversy of artists such as Andres Serrano, and the like. What they created was …

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    Week 12 Summary


    This was an interesting week to say the least. I had to spend a good amount of time catching up from last week, because my computer had died and I was informed three days later that it needed to be replaced. Unless I wanted to spend $500 repairing a 5 …

  4. @MeMcMe3

    I Remix Some Things


    So I decided that with these, I was just gonna do the first thing that came up. Even if it was really dumb, or didn’t make any sense whatsoever. I felt that I would get the most interesting results out of doing it this way, instead of picking and choosing …

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    Photo Mash (4*)


    So, I don’t really pay attention to any actors or current movies. I kinda just prefer to watch older stuff, so I’m not super aware of that many current actors because I refuse to watch them.

    I decided to take Eddie Murphy, and some other guy whose name I forgot. …

  6. @MeMcMe3

    I’m Back For Good.(Week 11 Extension)


    Well, last week my computer gave it quits right after finishing my main assignment for the week. In the process of uploading the video to Youtube, the computer decided that the fans were going to stop functioning and the computer essentially cooked itself.

    I decided to take another look at …

  7. @MeMcMe3

    Week 10 Summary


    I used IMovie for the first time in what feels like eternity. I’ve never really used it much before since like elementary school-ish. But it was pretty easy to get a hang of, and is a pretty solid interface for piecing videos together for free, and it’s also very easy …

  8. @MeMcMe3

    Point of View (3)


    I’m not sure who my character is, or where they’re going, but it’s doesn’t sound great.

    I took the original video in 4k, but YouTube hates 4k and never processes it properly. Either way, I put a filter on it and added some creepy apocalyptic-sounding sound effects to the video. …

  9. @MeMcMe3

     I Make a Video Essay


    I chose to go with one of the films listed in the assignment description, The Silence Of The Lambs. It also happens to be one of my favorite films of all time outside of the assignment.

    Since the YouTube content police might have struck my account for uploading the scene, …

  10. @MeMcMe3

    Week 9 Summary


    This was a good week to wind down after finishing the radio product, which was quite the undertaking to begin with.

    I revisited a couple of visual assignments from the past, just to give them another shot. I was pleased with the results the first time, personally. But I changed …

  11. @MeMcMe3

    Revisiting Some Things


    There have been a couple of projects that I’ve wanted to experiment with more, even though in the moment I only did them once with minimal experimentation.

    The first one was the sketch one. I just thought I could do more things with it than I actually did, and there …

  12. @MeMcMe3

    Show Reflections


    I did not have a chance to tune in to any of the live broadcasts, they are always going during a slightly inopportune time for me. I listed to “College Advice” by bmdablis. This group was smaller than my group, so it was shorter than what my group did. But …

  13. @MeMcMe3

    Week 8, It’s Done!


    Another productive week. My group and I worked hard to finish our radio show, and spent several hours at the HCC making it all come together. We’re all happy with the finished product, it sounds great and Wade did a great job editing it to make everything sound even better.…

  14. @MeMcMe3

    Radio Show, Week 2


    Another productive week for our radio show. Our group worked well-delegating roles and followed up with each other. We had another in-person meeting after we did our individual tasks relating to the show. All of us had specific roles in the production of our show. I did some commercials and …

  15. @MeMcMe3

    Week ??? Summary


    I’ve lost track of time. But I have done a fair amount of assignments this week, the majority of my focus was on the group projects, and I must admit that I did neglect my daily creates as a result. But as far as the group project goes, we’re on …

  16. @MeMcMe3

    Promo, Logo?


    I decided to go with a regular logo for our radio show, nothing crazy since that’ll be saved for the final show. Our group is named Radio 7, because there are seven of us in the group, so it worked out nicely. I liked the black and gold color combination, …

  17. @MeMcMe3

    Radio Show Progress And There is some!


    It’s been an interesting week for sure. I never really expected to do anything in person for this class, especially with the format and the professor not even being at UMW. But we had an in-person meeting at the conferencing building on campus, and my group and I were able …

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    Commercial Number Two


    I took this prompt and twisted it to fit into my group project. As the protagonist would eventually need this product….

    This one was pretty fun to make, I incorporated some interesting sound effects into it to make it less monotonous.…

  19. @MeMcMe3

    Commercial Number One


    Here is my first radio commercial, which I will also use for my group’s project. It’s for paint thinner. It took me way too long because I’m only just re-figuring out Audacity, which is software I used a little bit years ago. But now…… Not so confident.

    I’m not using …

  20. @MeMcMe3

    Photo Blitz

    Color: Orange is one of the most eyecatching colors, though there is not much contrast in this particular image. Typography- Words matter, their arrangement, spacing. When they get too tight, they lose their meaning in a sea of text. Minimalism- A chair. That’s all the meaning there is, there isn’t…
  21. @MeMcMe3

    Movie Poster, Meet Book Cover


    For this assignment, I chose to turn Jacob’s Ladder (1990) into a book cover. It’s one of my favorite movies, and I would have been interested to see a book version of it. Well, there is technically a book version but its more of a script than anything….

    I took …

  22. @MeMcMe3

    Design Thoughts


    This was a pretty interesting article. Immediately, just by looking at the work discussed, it really catches the eye. Even if it’s now super detailed, or interesting, which most of his work frankly isn’t. Though when your audience is primarily children, I supposed it matters less if your artwork actually …

  23. @MeMcMe3

    I Created a “Read” Poster!


    Looking through Reading posters over time, there are some pretty horrible-looking ones out there. Most of the time, I was just staring at some of them and wondering who exactly is telling me to read books.

    So I decided to go with a more thorough approach. I have Photoshop on …

  24. @MeMcMe3

    My Business Card


    So once upon a time, I had a legitimate business card for a legitimate business that my friend and I ran. It had all of my actual-ish information on it, and was used for a few months. But, we got rid of that business eventually and I haven’t really had …

  25. @MeMcMe3

    I am in a world of confusion (Also Week 5 Summary)


    I do not foresee a future for myself in anything related to audio. Audacity is terrible, and far too much hassle to work with. I just don’t have the time to fully master it.

    First I stopped by hell for a quick look around. I could have just played U2 …

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