1. @BriannaDAlbis

    Week 14 Summary


    For my final summary for this class, I will be choosing to showcase the assignments I was most proud of this semester. I noticed a common factor among the posts I decided on. Most of them involve my dog, Colton.

    The Favorite Daily Creates

    One of my first daily creates, …

  2. @BriannaDAlbis

    The Cast (character mockups)


    There are two main characters in this story: the protagonist and Hel. I decided to leave the protagonist unnamed for two reasons. First, the term protagonist is gender-neutral, and I figured there would be fewer unfair assumptions and requests about her character if producers were not aware of her gender …

  3. @BriannaDAlbis

    Helvíti hefur frosið yfir


    If you don’t know Icelandic (which wouldn’t be surprising given only around 350,000 people speak the language), let me translate this project’s title. For example, helvíti hefur frosið yfir means hell has frozen over. Back in January, I came up with a concept for a movie or tv show (I …

  4. @BriannaDAlbis

    Colton is Ready for His Closeup


    Are you really surprised I brought my dog into this? I mean, have you seen the dog’s eyes? YOU CAN’T SAY NO.

    I decided to use this photo I took of Colton earlier this week while I was having apples and peanut butter. Can you tell he likes peanut butter?…

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    Digital Coloring and Music


    For all you art lovers out there, Google has created a selection of artworks that you can digitally color in. I explored this earlier this week with one of the daily creates, so I wanted to play around with it even more.

    I choose Roses by Vincent Van Gogh since …

  6. @BriannaDAlbis

    Peaceful Foods in Another Language


    I miss traveling abroad.

    Specifically, I miss eating abroad. My family has always chosen vacation spots with food in mind. I often think back to the foods I have tried in my journies abroad, and try not to get hungry while doing so. I fail at this a lot. No …

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    Week 11 Summary


    A splash of cuteness for you guys today!

    Daily Creates

    The first creation of the week was to draw a motivational post-it note and post it somewhere. I made this one and put it in the 3rd-floor bathroom in the HCC. I copied the image from the viral image online.…

  8. @BriannaDAlbis

    Giving My Input on Other People’s Idea


    I get to look at other people’s ideas and lightly “suggest” what they should do?


    Idea 1

    First up we have Aisling Berrios, who after stalking her Twitter, I found out is a honors biomedical student. She be smart. Her idea is honestly my favorite (no hard feelings …

  9. @BriannaDAlbis

    Milk and Honey: Video Poem


    I don’t like poems. AT ALL. But, if I was forced to read one, I would choose one of Rupi Kaur’s. Her poems are short, easy to comprehend, and are accompanied by a line drawing. She is also a young woman of color, so gotta show support!

    The poem I …

  10. @BriannaDAlbis

    Period Makeup: Honest Commercial


    Every product made for period are portrayed as being life-changing and essential for a woman during her period. The same goes with makeup products. I thought, why not combine the two into makeup products for your period.

    I learned that you can’t really edit videos on TikTok, so I had …

  11. @BriannaDAlbis

    TikToks of Colton


    I made two TikToks of my dog Colton. One was made with a new video and one was made with an old video. These are the first TikToks I have ever made, so don’t be too harsh.

    This video was from 2018. Colton had only been with us for three …

  12. @BriannaDAlbis

    Radio Show Analysis: Bob Ross and Why We Love Art


    The first radio show I tuned into was about the impact of Bob Ross across different generations. They had recordings of people talking about how Bob Ross impacted their lives. It was interesting to learn how even if they didn’t watch Bob Ross themselves, they still had memories associated with …

  13. @BriannaDAlbis

    Week 8 Summary


    This week was pretty chill since we really only had to work on finishing up our shows.

    Daily Creates

    I have discovered an amazing tool on my computer: Paint 3D. It’s like Paint, but so much freaking better! It is so much easier, faster, and better to edit photos on …

  14. @BriannaDAlbis

    Final Radio Show



    Our final show turned out really well. I was in a group with Cece and Zoe and we created a show called College Advice which, as the name suggests, gives advice about starting college. We each came up with a topic for our segment and then created …

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    Week 7 Summary



    Literally me for the next week Daily Creates

    The first was to take an animated character and find their doppelganger on an AI photo generator site (a site filled with people WHO DO NOT EXIST). I did the reverse and clicked refresh on the site until someone stood …

  16. @BriannaDAlbis

    Radio Show Logo


    I created a logo for our radio show, tentatively called College Advice. I used the t-shirt template on Canva to create the logo. I wanted to have it relate to the topic of our show, college, and also add a little UMW pride. Thus, this baby was born.

    I also …

  17. @BriannaDAlbis

    Let the Show Begin


    This week, my two team members and I discussed what we wanted our radio show to be about. We decided to talk about college advice for incoming freshmen. …

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