1. @BriannaDAlbis

    Week 2 Summary


    Daily Create

    The first task was to explain blockchain with a photo or picture. Now, I don’t understand what blockchain is, but from what I researched online, it is like building with Legos. If you put Legos in the right order and place, you get something awesome. So, I found …

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    Places of Peace


    I created a collage of the five places where I truly felt peace and posted it on Twitter. Here is a more detailed review of each spot.

    The five most peaceful spots I have visited
    Top left: Amsterdam
    Bottom left: Iceland
    Top right: London
    Middle right: Iceland
    Bottom right: My …

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    Minecraft Cottage


    I love Minecraft. It has been my obsession since I downloaded it last July. So, when I saw a design assignment to build my own cottage in Minecraft, it was a no-brainer.

    This is actually the second creative mode build I have ever done. Back in middle school, I created …

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    Guess the Story


    This is a Japanese urban legend. Good luck!

    Pretty woman with scissors Am I? No? Stabbity stab stab stab Yes? Takes mask off Messed up smile Am I? No? Cut in half and DEATH Yes? Bye-bye smile


    It is the Japanese urban legend of Kuchisake-onna, also known as the …

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    Week 1 Summary


    Setting up my site

    WordPress is one of the most infuriating programs I have ever encountered. I rage deleted my website THREE TIMES because I would get so frustrated and annoyed. It is honestly a miracle that this site is up at all. I think it turned out pretty nice, …

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    The Joys of Painting: Wilderness Falls


    Bob Ross was the king, the god, the founder of the most popular genre of videos on the Internet: doing a mindless/calming task while talking about literally anything. What separates Bob from everyone else is that his art and commentary are meaningful and worth absorbing. You can actually learn something …

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    Course Goals


    I am taking Digital Studies 106 because I am minoring in Digital Studies. Additionally, when I had my first advisor meeting when I transferred to UMW, the advisor said that this was one of the hardest classes to get into because of how popular it was. Naturally, I wanted in. …

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    Hallå där. That’s Swedish for “well, hello there”.

    When you look at a personality alignment chart, I am considered chaotic neutral. I personally prefer to describe myself as controlled chaos. Unsurprisingly, when a business opened up near me that allowed you to smash things, I booked an appointment right away.…

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    Test Post


    This is my first blog post using WordPress. This is where I will be playing around with the various features.

    Please enjoy my dog in his natural state of rest. …

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