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    Until then, from all of us here


    Well, this is it. The last week. Hopefully we’ve all come out a little wiser, a bit better at time management, and better equipped in the realm of digital storytelling. Of course, to fully appreciate how far we’ve come I suppose we should start in the traditional place, the beginning.…

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    Almost There


    This past week I spent focusing on my final project. This started life as a story that would include hyperlinks to audio and visual artifacts that filled out the story and ended as a new subdomain that allows people to submit ideas and makes the story open sourced. I did …

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    This project started as a hyperlink story and ended the week as a new subdomain that I plan to turn into an open source story, with other people able to send in ideas to the email I set up for the website. I spent a lot of time on some …

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    Lets Mix It Up


    I really liked the assignments this week, but I think that was mostly down to the fact that I’m spending less time getting frustrated with different editing software and more time actually creating, which is the point. I have stopped shopping around with different programs and have even started doing …

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    Battle of the Blackbeards


    I think a lot of people went through a pirate phase at some point in their life. Honestly, I never really left it behind. I’ve made other posts about Black Sails before, and it’s one of my favorite shows, but one of the best recent shows that I’ve watched is …

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    Stuff Artie Says


    It’s almost a law of nature that anyone who has a pet narrates their daily lives in funny voices, probably to the never ending annoyance of said pet. I do it with my cat and, at least in part to keep from missing her too much, I decide to make …

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    Vote Fonzie!


    Forget Uncle Sam, Fonzie wants YOU to vote in the next election cycle! This poster encouraging you to vote was styled after several 1950s voting posters I found online and incorporated Fonzie from Happy Days as a celebrity spokesperson. Many of the posters used black and white photographs with bright, …

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    Party in Pink


    This poster may be an advertisement for a sauna party, but the photo used in the background is of a group of swimmers getting ready to jump into the frigid waters of Newport, Vermont this past February as part of the the annual . The photo was taken by Jessica …

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    Drawing in Motion


    This week was exhausting but in the most satisfying way.

    Daily Creates

    I was today years old when I found out Sour Patch Kids go pretty well with cookies and cream ice cream. #tdc3730

    — nalujoprojects (@nalujoprojects) March 31, 2022

    I dare you to try it. You might be surprised. …

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    Her story will be told


    This is perhaps the coolest thing I have ever made.

    I have always enjoyed drawing but never been very good at it, and because of that I was always a little scared to try animation. I’ve never even more than dabbled in digital art, and never with very impressive results, …

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    Gardening for Beginners


    While I do enjoy gardening, it can be hard to keep plants alive with a busy college schedule. Bouquets of cut flowers are a little easier, but they only last so long, and what do you do with them after? Throw them away? What if you attach emotional importance to …

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    Week 10

    Daily Creates

    U osvit zadnjeg dana-an album by serbian alt rock band Bjesovi

    the RAVEN crows my name
    I could not stop the RAIN in GEORGIA

    a poem using some …

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    Scenes Cut Short


    One of my favorite movies, Children of Men directed by Alfonso Cuarón, makes almost religious use of long, winding shots that stay on the characters far longer than the viewer realizes. Cuarón loves to use these kinds of shots on all of his films, and the technique has become synonymous …

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    For this video, I filmed clips of my breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a day. Rater than filming myself eating I captured how I made my breakfast and dinner and how I prepared my dinner, which was take-out sushi.

    I tried really hard to take very short clips that catch …

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    Connecting the Past


    This week involved a lot of looking back, which I was very grateful for since there were definitely some things I wanted to revisit and improve, especially my project ideas. The Daily Creates were a lot of fun this week, though I did have to work a little to connect …

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    Trial by Sound


    I listened in to the first night of radio shows this week. One of the shows played was the one I worked on, The Coroner’s Tale, but the other was Death of the Painter, a murder mystery told through a court trial. Different characters gave testimony, there were twists, there …

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    Back to Bio


    The first time I used Pencil Photo Sketch I made a view through a microscope look like a medieval walled city. This time, I made a picture from chemistry look like something from one of my biology class, or maybe a class on alien biology. There seem tentacles extending from …

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    Hold Me to the Ground


    In a previous post I started to outline a story about a woman trying to get back on her feet after escaping an abusive relationship while secretly planning to get revenge on her ex. I still really like this story, but there are a few parts that I looked back …

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    The Days Disappear


    This week we were tasked with making three Daily Creates and connecting them in some king of story.

    @ds106dc #tdc3716

    In to fire we fold
    Follow me down
    Glinting, shining, gold
    Precious my last

    A reversal of a short poem I wrote ages ago, can you guess what it's about?…

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    New Construction


    Way back in January I used a Visual Assignment as motivation to finally build a respectable Minecraft house. Of course, that isn’t the only building you usually need in a Minecraft settlement and my next project was a storage building. I wanted to use a different color pallet but still …

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    Radio Show Update 2


    It’s almost done!

    The first stage of our creative process was a brainstorming session on discord last week, which amounted to all our group members shooting ideas back and forth for a couple hours one night. We decided on a sci-fi show, like I talked about last week, and got …

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    A Coroner’s Progress Report


    This week was a bit of a whirlwind. When my group got together on discord and started discussing ideas, it became quickly obvious how big of sci-fi nerds we all were, so it was an easy choice to go in that direction, but where to from there? We ended up …

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    The Yowl


    My group’s radio show is centered around a dangerous, monstrous alien wreaking havoc on a spacecraft and evading capture. I thought of an edited dog howl I heard a long time ago that was made to sound creepy and figured I’d have a go at it myself, but with a …

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    Walkie Talkie Bumper


    I made a bumper for midway through our radio show, The Coroner’s Tale. Because we plan to tell a lot of our narrative through some kind of radio communication between our characters across a spaceship as they try to solve a mystery, I thought a bumper that sounded like I …

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    Thoughts on Design


    The readings this week were an interesting introduction to design. Though neither of them did a whole lot to address my design preferences, and they were a bit simplistic in many cases, I nevertheless appreciated taking the time to learn a bit more about the theory behind why certain things …

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    Design Blitz


    These images are a few examples of design elements put to good use that I have seen throughout this week.

    Balance This stool, while very simple, maintains clean lines and vertical symmetry, no matter what direction you look at it from. Color The dark background of this ice cream packaging…

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