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    Put it to Paper


    I made a comic book page of one of my favorite scenes from TV. This is an abridged version of the last scene of the first episode of Black Sails, a show about outcasts raging against the ropes of civilization. I know that sounds dramatic (because the show is) but …

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    The Color of a Word


    If you’ve read very many of my other blog posts you might know by now that I love the idea of translating one medium into another. Audio to visual and visual to audio, incorporating text into imagery, and in this case figuring out the color palette of a word. I …

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    Novel Noir


    I created a cover for what I think could be a very compelling noir pulp fiction novel about a woman in the early twentieth century taking revenge on a series of past acquaintances scattered in different cities across the U.S. who she feels are responsible for the tragedy of her …

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    Painting with Sound


    As someone with an interest and some experience with making music, this might have been my favorite week so far. It was so much fun to paint a picture in my mind’s eye and then translate that to sound as best I could. I am really proud of what I …

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    We’re Live!


    We could be on the radio?!

    Seriously though, I really enjoyed tuning in to the radio programs and seeing the live discussion on Discord at the same time. February 8’s show was a great example of audio storytelling, and it was great to see everyone’s analysis. The way the production …

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    What to say, what to say….


    Radio Show Ideas

    Tell a story: Act out a story the group writes or adapts from another medium. Interview each other either as ourselves or as characters, maybe ones we’ve come up with for this class Roundtable talks: Video games we played growing up-nostalgia trip for us and the audience…
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    Lunar Doodles


    The Moon Graffiti episode of the podcast The Truth is an excellent example of audio storytelling. The episode starts with a cold open of the Apollo 11 mission crashing into a meteor and losing contact with ground control. The production sounds tinny and chaotic in the crippled ship, until Buzz …

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    Tune In!


    I was of course inspired by the radio bumpers already on DS106 radio, as well as several other examples I found and a lifetime of listening to the radio, but I also tried to make this bumper my own.

    The background music is Reckless by The Spin Wires found at …

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    It’s coming …..


    I was really feeling the scary vibes this week. My Sound effect story is kind of an extension of my Nightmare Soundtrack from earlier this week.

    You’re running through a moving train, jumping from one car to the next to escape the thing coming towards you. Just as it catches …

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    Portrait of a Week


    This week was a lot of work, but overall enjoyable. The assignments made me get out of my head a bit and stop worrying so much about making mistakes, which I think was the point.

    Daily Creates:

    @ds106dc #ds106 #tdc3676
    I searched for bird a few times, and I liked …

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    Better Photography Points



    The lines of the floor and ceiling draw the eye.


    This staircase was designed to be symmetrical and attention is drawn by the banisters to the center.


    The foreground is mostly in silhouette and the foreground is lovely sunset. They feel very distinct from each other.


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    My Favorite Photo


    This is my favorite photo I’ve ever taken mostly because of the the subject, my cat. Artie doesn’t often sit still long enough to get this kind of portrait of her. I also really liked the lighting. This was probably taken one day when I got home from practice just …

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    Many, Many Me’s


    In this universe, many me’s have joined together as partners in crime. Earth 27 me has just stolen the milk out of your fridge for Earth 42 me’s cereal, and Earth 212 me drove the getaway car.

    I used Gimp to edit multiples of myself into one photo. Each photo …

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    Save Me From Myself

    Me attacking another me

    If I ever met myself, I can’t imagine we’d get along terribly well. And I imagine we’d be laughing the whole time.

    This panorama was a bit difficult because it kept clipping when I jumped on or off the chair. I tried it a few different …

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    Time Beyond Doubt

    Time beyond doubt living, energy rising capture or kill

    I didn’t have a physical newspaper or any way to print one out, but I did have the front page of tomorrow’s The Times and a small drawing tablet, so this is my blackout poem. Most of the scribbling is nonsensical, …

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    Portrait of a Living Room


    This collage is made up of photos taken one step apart from each other walking into my living room. The main design principal I tried to stick to was the rule of thirds, but much of that was lost in the collage by virtue of what free collage templates are …

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    This was a really interesting challenge. Sometimes when taking photos it can be easy to get caught up in getting the the perfect shat and taking 50 photos when you really only need the one. My photoblitz prompts were as follows:

    An interesting shadow. Make a photograph that illustrates the…
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    Writers…. Not Block?


    I went to the Wadsworth Atheneum a few years ago with my parents midway through a trip visiting family. We stumbled upon it one afternoon with a few hours to kill, and after running around until closing and still having at least three exhibits left, I made my mom promise …

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    Pull Me Back


    Three years ago a young woman was reeling from the loss of her mother, whom she had a complicated relationship with, when she meets a young man who offers her support and an escape. Three years later, she plots her revenge on that young man from a friend’s couch. This …

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    From a Wave


    from wave’s foamy crest

    she emerged, sharp tongue and eyes

    love made incarnate

    a haiku

    As simple as it is, I love the “A Snapshot Of A Story” assignment. I grew up loving mythology, and I always wanted to share that love with my friends and families but anyone who …

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    How’ve You Been?


    For the “Letter From Out of the Blue” assignment, I decided to write a letter to my good friend and former boss who I know enjoys sending and receiving letters. She likes cats and the color pink, so I themed the letter design around that, and I talked about what …

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    Zombie Apocalypse Terms of Service


    Last updated before the end


    These Terms of Service constitute a legally binding agreement made between you, whether personally or on behalf of an entity (“you”) and the hospital staff trying to maintain order (“we,” “us” or “our”), concerning your participation in the zombie apocalypse as well …

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    Just For You


    It had been three years, five months and twenty seven days since he had walked into my life, and two months and fifteen days since he had left me on the roadside two miles west of a Wal-Mart supercenter. That last screaming match had been a doozie, and I gave …

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    Week 2: Oh Joy!


    Throughout this week, I completed Daily Creates on Twitter, which were surprisingly fun ways to spend a few minutes every day.

    If you chain these blocks together, you end up with "Mountain Hideaway" by Bob Ross without ever lifting a paint brush. Thanks for the inspiration to finally start putting …

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    Guess! That! Myth!!!!!


    I’ve illustrated a story you might know-especially if you were a Percy Jackson kid-with some GIFs and pictures you’ve probably seen. See if you can guess it by the end!

    Several children passed in this manner. Fatherhood doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

    One fairly gruesome fight later:

    And so, Zeus …

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    Bio Any Sketch of the Imagination


    I used the Pencil Photo Sketch application to alter a photo I tool in a few different ways with very different results. I’ve included two here.

    The Santorini filter made the image look like a pastel sketch of an ancient walled city, with an overly ambitious neighbor to the east…
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    Extreme Home Makeover: Minecraft Edition


    Unlike you in this class who play Minecraft, I didn’t create my first world 8 or 9 years ago. I didn’t buy the game until about 10 months ago, when I needed a break from cramming and I hadn’t had a creative outlet for awhile. At first I did a …

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    Week 1 Summary


    This week was a lot of setting up account and making introductions. My introduction post included links to all of my new social media accounts, as well as some of my old projects I’m really proud of.

    It’sa me!

    I also watched “A Spring Touched Day” and wrote about some …

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