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  1. @nalujoprojects

    We’re Live!

    We could be on the radio?! Seriously though, I really enjoyed tuning in to the radio programs and seeing the live discussion on Discord at the same time. February 8’s show was a great example of audio storytelling, and it was great to see everyone’s analysis. The way the production mixed sci-fi and naturalistic sounds …
  2. @nalujoprojects

    Out of this World

    I used the Song Maker in Chrome Music Labs to make this short clip of a song: I started of by just making a face in the middle of the song, which ended up creating some pretty good chords, added a squiggling percussion track, and then added some decently satisfying intro and outro chords. …
  3. @nalujoprojects


    This was a really interesting challenge. Sometimes when taking photos it can be easy to get caught up in getting the the perfect shat and taking 50 photos when you really only need the one. My photoblitz prompts were as follows: An interesting shadow. Make a photograph that illustrates the weather where you are. Make …
  4. @nalujoprojects

    Zombie Apocalypse Terms of Service

    Last updated before the end AGREEMENT TO TERMS These Terms of Service constitute a legally binding agreement made between you, whether personally or on behalf of an entity (“you”) and the hospital staff trying to maintain order (“we,” “us” or “our”), concerning your participation in the zombie apocalypse as well as any other activity or …
  5. @nalujoprojects

    Week 2: Oh Joy!

    Throughout this week, I completed Daily Creates on Twitter, which were surprisingly fun ways to spend a few minutes every day. To complete the “Back to the Basics” design assignment, I built a cozy cottage in Minecraft. You can see a tour here: For the “By Any Sketch Of The Imagination” assignment, I went …
  6. @nalujoprojects

    Week 1 Summary

    This week was a lot of setting up account and making introductions. My introduction post included links to all of my new social media accounts, as well as some of my old projects I’m really proud of. I also watched “A Spring Touched Day” and wrote about some of Bob Ross’s timeless bits of wisdom. …

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