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  1. @wade_764

    Boshi’s Island

    Hey everyone, I decided to work on another chrome lab song this week because I enjoyed this assignment! For this one, I decided to stick with the default instrument, the Marimba. The Marimba is a fun instrument with a wide range of notes laid out in the style of a piano. The notes sound different based on wood or synthetic material, but they often take on a fun and distinct tone. They are also an enjoyable instrument to play with others! As I was making this song, it reminded me of a particular character and the games that they…
  2. @Bendire Thrasher

    They Change Colors?!? And Make Sounds?!?

    Using the crome music labs at , Specifically the Song Maker application make a song that’s at least 20 measures long. Then share your Piece on your blog or tweet it and explain your artistic process. Chrome Music Labs Assignments My artistic process was beautifully childish. I opened the link to the Song Maker […]
  3. @nalujoprojects

    Out of this World

    I used the Song Maker in Chrome Music Labs to make this short clip of a song: I started of by just making a face in the middle of the song, which ended up creating some pretty good chords, added a squiggling percussion track, and then added some decently satisfying intro and outro chords. …
  4. @wade_764

    Feed Me More Paper – Wade

    For this assignment I was tasked with making a short song on Chrome Music Lab. The title of the song is Feed Me More Paper, and symbolizes the oppression of the Printers’ stuggle with a lack of food-supply from it’s cruel masters. The Printers are coming to take over the digital art landscape, no one can escape! I wanted to write a short little song in a minor key. It kind of transformed into this rythmic pattern that reminded me of paper printing. I think for a short little song this little creative app works well enough but I didn’t…
  5. @SushiSupport

    Audio Assignment: Chrome Labs

    This is another assignment that I thought would be fun for future generations of this class to participate in. There is a program available on the internet called chrome labs, which has a plethora of music based applications including beat makers and melody makers etc. For this assignment you will need to use the maximum… Continue reading Audio Assignment: Chrome Labs

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