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  1. @wade_764

    Weā€™ve gone plaid!

    Man going into week ten here, this semester has been nuts! This week I learned more about better self-reflecting on my works and learning to accept the more minor mistakes. I enjoyed listening to the radio shows this week! I think everyone is doing great in the class! This week, I particularly enjoyed the Pi day post for my daily creates! I initially forgot the day and decided that March 15th should also be celebrated as Pi plus a hundredth day! As we advance, I hope to do a fantastic final project for the class. I like working in groupsā€¦
  2. @wade_764

    Hmmm, I think simplicity helps the final results.

    For this redo assignment, I tried to make another book cover. This is my original post, and I think it turned out fantastic. This is another cover that I have created, but I think it just has too much going on. The book in question is an amazing one and will have a movie coming in the future. Andy Weir has three published books, and his newest is Project Hail Mary. He writes sci-fi stories that revolve around plausible scenarios using real physics. I think that is what piques my interest in his writing style. I like the idea ofā€¦
  3. @wade_764

    Project ideas!

    I want to make some short intro music for a radio story. After doing this last project, I think that I enjoy making audio recordings, which will allow me to learn more about recording with audacity. I need to start working on some script for an original story, and I am curious if anyone else would want to work together on another radio broadcast like the last group project? Perhaps this project could turn into some sort of YouTube video. Does anyone know how to make digital animations? EDIT Mar 16th So after talking to some of the people inā€¦
  4. @wade_764

    Boshiā€™s Island

    Hey everyone, I decided to work on another chrome lab song this week because I enjoyed this assignment! For this one, I decided to stick with the default instrument, the Marimba. The Marimba is a fun instrument with a wide range of notes laid out in the style of a piano. The notes sound different based on wood or synthetic material, but they often take on a fun and distinct tone. They are also an enjoyable instrument to play with others! As I was making this song, it reminded me of a particular character and the games that theyā€¦
  5. @wade_764

    Why should you never talk to pi?

    Because heā€™ll just go on forever! This week I had three daily creates that are as follows: Turning this into a short story is a bit of a stretch, but hey, I gonna go with it! One fateful morning the rock bandĀ Hats for the SpacemenĀ decided that enough was enough and that they would finally release their next long-awaited album. So they rushed into the study with creativity on the brain and their hearts full of imagination! The band consisted of two members, Neil and Buzz. They had just solved the latest algorithm that would enable light-speed travel to become aā€¦
  6. @wade_764

    Coronerā€™s TaleĀ Reflection andĀ The Death of the Painter

    Tonight was a lot of fun! I was very pleased with listening to the final product of both my groupā€™s radio show and another group in class! Coronerā€™s TaleĀ was incredible! They did an excellent job with sound effects, and the atmosphere was over the top! The different voice effects were done so professionally! What I liked most about this story was how it hooked me into wanting more of its crazy and dark tale! The commercials were also great and kept the same dark humor tone. I felt the isolation, and I think some inspiration was taken from the movieĀ Alien?!ā€¦

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