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    And Then The End {Amen}


    Welcome to the infamous, the legendary, the spectacular DS106 Roller Coaster Ride! On this interactive trip, we will take you all around the highs lows and middles of this here semester of Digital Storytelling in Spring 2022. 

    First, we will start off with the best place to begin, the beginning! …

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    Swim Meet Results W12


    Welcome to the recap of our very close but not close enough to the last swimming event of the year! Our athletes have worked hard to improve themselves and keep up with this year’s intense training schedule. To give our swimmers an appropriate challenge, we choose more difficult events for …

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    High Afternoon on Monday the 31st of March


    The salty air whipped through his lungs and he breathed deep, letting it fill him to the brim. Exhaustion blanketed him, pressing him down. He sank into the sand, burying his hands into it, the warmth from the fine white grains seeping first along the pattern of thin scars still …

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    Filthy Blueberry Brow Disaster


    “Mashup two (or more!) songs that are similar to each other, by either the same or different artist(s). Do your best to show the similarities—edit parts of the songs next to each other. If it’s possible to do this without making it sound terrible, try to overlay the songs at …

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    It Is All Keira Knightley


    “Music video are only the best way to listen to your favorite song because it give you the added visual dimension. Have you ever listen to a song and said ” oh this would be great with such-in-such movie”? Your task is to use video clips, NOT still shots, to …

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    now i just have to wear it…


    “This was inspired from the 30 second documentary assignment. The object is to make a documentary showing how to do something. Wether that’s how to make something, what your/a job is like, trying something new, showing yourself doing something you are terrible at or even really good at.”

    ds106 Assignments:

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    Monday the 31st of March


    “For this assignment, take a video no longer than 90 seconds from the point of view of your character. Make sure to weave it into the story you are telling and include actions/materials that your character would use. Also, you could edit it in iMovie and add music.” 

    Point Of

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    REWIND that Back


    So here is my first and probably only attempt at a video essay. I really enjoyed making this, not only because I love editing videos, but because this scene left a very big impact on me, and at the time, I didn’t know why. After this week’s readings and watchings, I …

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    Watch the Growth


    “Make a collage of something growing up, or growing bigger. Now this takes some time-you must have some video footage of the object, person, pet, etc. growing older. It can be a stop motion of a plant, or if you have puppy pictures and now a full sized dog, put …

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    Captain Pi-eyed Bill, a Biography


    Captain Pi-eyed Bill is not one of the most feared pirates ever, but he is the most vicious. If anyone or any country gets in the way of his search for buried pies and mythical bakeries of civilizations past, they are not long for this earth or these oceans.


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    Paint Knife in a New Light


    I used to listen to no podcasts, then my roommate recommended me the Magnus Archives and that is the only one that I have really listened to, well, besides the Bald and the Beautiful, but that is a whole other thing. 

    I am not the most knowledgeable on podcasts, but …

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    Hello, thank you for shopping at Bird-mart. Great prices, better products! Everything here is absolutely free!

    Our management would like to inform you of some technical difficulties that our stores have been experiencing, everything should be running smoothly now. We hope.

    To find fresh ingredients for a delicious main course, …

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    Voice Acting and Shovel Pt. 2


    Most of this week’s challenges were voice acting and equipment rentals. There weren’t any audio equipment kits at the HCC, but there was a video equipment kit that had a microphone in it. So I used that. Again, give a bird a shovel and he will dig his way under …

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