1. @nalujoprojects

    Goals for this Semester


    I really like filmmaking and would love to one day get involved with cinematography, which is part of why I’m really excited for this course! I want to learn more about how to visually and digitally communicate stories. I also dabble in glitch art, which usually leans more towards digital …

  2. @nalujoprojects

    A bit of philosophy for a spring-touched day


    Bob Ross’s dulcet tones seem to be the perfect medium to convey life advice. Between his unbothered brushstrokes and lovingly aggressive brush whacking, Bob rattles off some one liners to, with some interpretation, live by.

    “When we use this big old two inch brush,

    it really doesn’t take too long …

  3. @nalujoprojects



    Hello everyone! I am a sophomore at UMW currently double majoring in Biochemistry and Communication and Digital Studies. Most of my experience with the kind of projects we might be doing this semester came from Creative Coding, which I took last semester. I’m pretty proud of a lot of my …

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