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  1. @Marie-Lynn

    A Short Western Animation

    For my final assignment this week, I created a short animated trailer for an assignment I created, called “Create Your Own Animated Trailer.” I was inspired to do this by another assignment that had you create a western trailer on a whiteboard, but I wanted to take it a step further and try my hand at animating with my iPad! For this assignment, I used an app called Procreate. Procreate is a neat artistic app that is availably exclusively on iPad, and allows you to make just about any kind of art you want. At first I thought about trying to digitally recreate a Bob Ross painting (which I still might do!) but decided to try and use the animation features for this assignment. To animate using Procreate, you have to draw each frame by hand. I wanted this trailer to have a specific western noir-esque look, so I stuck to certain charcoal looking pens. I mainly used silhouettes to enhance that noir look. I actually drew all the silhouettes myself. You can use photos as references in Procreate, so I used them as references and drew them to look as similar as possible. I took me a long time to do this. I actually started on this project Saturday night and only finished Tuesday evening. The entire project was actually roughly eleven different project files in Procreate before I combined them together using iMovie. You can download animations in Procreate as MP4 files, which made making the video a lot easier. I also created still text slides, so it appears to emulate a silent film. I cannot take credit for the text, though. It comes from the intro of Red Dead Redemption 2, the video game that in-part inspired me to make this animation. The music also comes from RDR2 intro. I thought it fitting to use the haunting music that opens RDR2, because that game does not have a happy ending. I don’t imagine this having a happy ending either. Hopeful, maybe. But not happy. Like the silhouette animations, I made the text stills by using Procreate. The writing is my own, using a Logitech stylus to try my hardest to make it look elegant and fancy. Afterwards, I compiled everything in iMovie, adjusting the zoom and hover settings before adding the music. And that’s the final project! Tell me what you think down below! I know this probably isn’t my best work, but this is my first time doing something like this and I rather like how it turned out!

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