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  1. @amick_hailey

    For the Joy of Love.

    Love truly is love. I could talk about the themes behind this post forever, but this is my final project for my ds106 class. Yep, it is being done a little late, but that is because it took me time, and it is a beautiful digital storytelling project. I not only tied music together with digital studies, but I tied together pieces of my love story with the theme of this semester which was for the love of…. My theme has to be the joy of love. I love music. I love digital studies. I art. I love my girlfriend. I choose the four things that I love the most to combine together a digital studies, music related project.  In this first piece, Purple Mountain Ranges I took sounds from outside to create the effect that you are there in the mountains, yet you aren’t in the mountains. I relate the spring morning dew to the fresh feeling that I get when I am with the one I love because I don’t have to hide who I am. The green trees that shelter me is the one I love standing by me always no matter the battle. The color purple represents deep love you feel for someone, and the mountains are the ups and downs of the deep love, and that is why they are purple mountain ranges. I Also if you listen to all the different musical elements within the piece I used text painting to creating ups and downs”mountains” within the music.  The lyrics are as follows:  It’s the spring morning dew, It’s the smell of you. The green trees that shelter me from the sun You’re always standing by my side.   It’s the purple mountain ranges, That’s the color of falling in love with you. It’s the ups and downs of life that will carry us through   Like the mountains…. I loved this piece of art because it has the touch of purple but then goes to yellows, orange, and greens which emulate lots of different emotions: warning, relaxation, and optimism all at the same time. I will talk about the love I have for my girlfriend, yet the hesitation of telling my family I love a woman.   The lyrics are as follows:     The path that I’m on is changing I realize I might’ve been steered  the wrong way Is this right? Is this ok?   My emotions can’t keep up cuz I’m just a kid Yeah, that’s what they say to me. The love that I feel right now It is just curiosity It’s just a phase  You don’t look gay Your choosing this way   This body of water I see   I wanna jump in The feel of my bare feet touching the ground  It makes me feel anxious.   So I’m gonna jump in   I will be doing this painting in particular because it has blue in the background imitating sadness for my family necessarily not excepting me, but not excepting the person I love in my life. If you haven’t noticed I am making each a metaphor…. ” Watching Evening Waterfalls, with the one I love, sadness on my back, but bright green grass slipping through my fingers…” The waterfalls are sadness from the unaceptance, but the bright green grass is the relaxing love and pure clarity of the love my girlfriend always has for me. The sounds that I use in the background is depicting the loneliness people feel when they are unaccepted in the LGBTQ+ community.   The lyrics are as follows:     Am I alone Am I alone in this, it feels like I’m alone in this? The bright green grass I feel on my fingertips It’s like ill never be that green  That good That person everybody wants   Am i alone In this song, I referring how my family treats my gf vs. how they really feel about her. Then I am going to also refer to the Two Seasons as who I have to act like as the Straight Girl, verse who I really am dating a woman. Because in one season I am not showing my true colors and feel as dull as the crisp chilling white snow in wintertime, but in the other, I am as bright as the lush green trees in the summertime. When I refer to the sun coming out, that is referring to me coming out as my true self! I use elements of people walking through snow in this, I try to depict the scene throughout this song in the background as well.   The lyrics are as follows:  The chill in the air The frost on the trees Hidden underneath   the snow Is a glow you can’t see The trees are full of color The mountains warm from the sun Snow is has melted And the lake is not a sheet of ice anymore, and mother nature filled it with life         It’s like I’m living in another season Shadowed by the ice       But the when the ice all melts The sun glows real nice And I’m me    The snow doesn’t last forever The sun always comes out Yeah I’m me Wilderness Falls. This painting emulates exactly how I am feeling with my girlfriend and family at this moment. So within the lyrics of this song I make it feel as if you can feel the essence of this piece. I feel happy with my girlfriend, and the person I love whether i am accepted or not. The colors being all the colors being my feelings  and emotions are ok when I am with her.  The lyrics are as follows:  This is what happiness looks like. All of the colors are placed together. Even though the good times and the bad, I am still happier if you are in my life. I rather live a good life with you by my side than without you                   Blue skies, purple and white clouds,   That is what love is all about I can see the icy mountain ranges behind me  But I got happiness, and all I can see You are right beside me.  This what falling into love looks like. This is what it could love looks like when I’m alone with you With you This is my final project that I have worked so hard on. I hope you enjoy.
  2. @amick_hailey

    It is more than just music, in the University of Mary Washington’s music department.

    For my movie, I put in a lot of effort making my trailer, and ultimately it came to what this project means. I wanted to do something practical, not that it is a bad thing to do something fun, but this was fun and useful. I run the social media for the UMW Music Department and I wanted to make something that would benefit the people who donate to UMW Music Department, the professors that help us, and a look from the outside for the public. I wanted it to be something that incoming students look at to admire our music department, and inspire them. So first I reached out to students to get some clips of them talking about why they love the music department. Then, I took some videos of the inside of Pollar Hall to get a “look” at the music department. All of the music I added was original UMW jazz music from the jazz band that they recorded, Spring 2021. I took all the snippets and put them into Imovie. I then placed the audio into Logic pro to fix some EQ, and lower some volumes. This is the final result! ?
  3. @amick_hailey

    Animoji Kareoke

    This character looks like me because of the curly brown hair! I choose this song because it is one of my favorite jazz songs ? Try this #ds106 Assignment Animoji Karaoke — Hailey Amick (@amick_hailey) April 13, 2022
  4. @amick_hailey

    Video Essay

    When reading the article, “How to Read a Movie” by Roger Elbert, I didn’t realize how many creative aspects are truly placed to make the audience feel a certain way. The producers use lighting, color, and dialogue to display emotions throughout a piece. Again, I know I am talking about emotions in another one of my posts, but it is so TRUE!    I took 3 scenes off of the movie Encanto and talked about them, but those are just three small moments. I have watched this movie about 20 times. Each time I find something new that intrigues me, but when I watched it through this time I recognized color changes in scenes, to display how happy or sad someone was. Disney movies are of course colorful, but they always somehow manage to make us feel certain emotions. That is why I chose Encanto.
  5. @amick_hailey

    Weekly Summary

    This week was very interesting. I had a lot of work to do, yet not as much for digital studies this week. I felt like I I got to learn about design this week, in different ways than before. These are my daily creates from this week and I hope you go take a look at my website as I work on it a little as well!
  6. @amick_hailey

    *Quote with a New Feeling*

    We have heeded no wisdom offering guidance. Only by learning to love one another can our world be saved. Only love can conquer all.—  Dora Russell     I went to a random quote generator at this website     Then I placed musical sound effects behind it to create this:    
  7. @amick_hailey

    Weekly Summary 5

    Well, this was a busy week for digital studies to say the least. I started the week off by using audio through my daily create. Then I used my artistic digital skills to create a comedic design. Lastly, I took a picture of myself and made a valentines creation putting my own version of crazy glasses on. For this week it seemed like the most stressful, for absolutely no reason other than we had a lot of work. I actually had a lot of assignments due for other classes as well. I did enjoy these assignments, but it just took up a lot of my time. I went to NYC this weekend so that made me have to be a little reason why I was stressed, but that is okay because I got to see 2 Broadway shows! – Hadestown and Chicago. Anyways, this week I did a lot with audio. I use Logic Pro because it is a better technology than audacity. Audacity is free and has little to no effects. Logic Pro has a lot more than you can do when it comes to audio effects and editing- for musicians, broadcasters, etc. For this week I did a lot of assignments, but I am fully satisfied with all of my work. If you haven’t taken a look at my website in full yet, I have been working on making it look a bit more smooth. Give me some suggestions or what I could do to make it look better, different, or even things you think I should do in general! ?
  8. @amick_hailey


    For this particular assignment, I would like to present you with my artistic short song! This website has many different small, colorful interactive music activities that you can develop fun ideas through. For this assnment I had to create a song, my specialty! You can choose from many different options. First I made my chords to go behind a melody. As a musician, I can depict that this is built off of two major scales so I have a few built different chord structures that will flow together. Then I made a percusive rythmn to give it more texture. After this, I made an interesing melody to go with everything. Which created this: I throughoughly enjoed this assignment and I hope you will love it as well!
  9. @amick_hailey

    Becoming a Better Photographer??

    Overall, this experience was very helpful and I learned a lot about what I could do to make my photos a little bit better. I love taking photos, but I also learned I sure do need to go clean out my camera roll! I chose to post the first picture in the google document to help our class take some pictures Add a bit of color! Hailey Amick [email protected] I would love to share this tip that I have come up with on my own. I know alot of things are minimalistic these days and I wanted to share how we can make the following photos pop. This picture I took in  My apartment looks like a small moment in time. I look the thing that I wanted to pop and had that minimalistic colors, black and white then I gathered someone plain, but with texture and someone colorful with texture to add on each side complimenting the plain minimalistic object. In the back you always want to make there is a sense of natural colors and for this I have white and green vines.  For more ideas you can aspire things from pintrest, or try it on your own! That is my thoughts on how to become a better photographer! ?
  10. @amick_hailey

    A moment in time from my iphone camera.

    Currently, on my phone, my camera roll consists of 11,140 photos. I take photos of everything in my life of myself, food, friends, my furry animals, and so much more. I also take a lot of videos of myself as a musician, because I want to listen to myself, or share my content with others. They are not always good, but sometimes they can be beautiful! I know that just one photo can tell a story, but when reading up on some of the material from lots of different resources I learned there is a lot of small things I can do to make these moments in my life look have a little bit of clarity. (get it? clarity!!) I don’t necessarily ever have an approach when taking photos except to center the object that I am wanting to make the point of the photo such as a person, or the sun? I also ALWAYS change the brightness of the photo to darker or lighter depending on where or when the photo is being taken. I feel as if when I am taking photos that have meaning or catch a particular feeling that they end up turning out better because the emotion of the photo that I am capturing turns the photo into art. After viewing all the sources for class I feel a lot better about taking pictures, but I honestly always have a lot of creativity and love for all the photos I have taken or currently take. To end my blog post here is a photo from the sky I took the other night when on a run.
  11. @amick_hailey

    Play Saxophone.

    For this assignment, I am going to be stripping down what it is like to take your first blow at playing the saxophone since it is a subject I know quite well about. To form the basic embouchure for playing saxophone, place the tip of the mouthpiece about half an inch into your mouth. Rest your top teeth against the top of the mouthpiece and bring your bottom lip up against the mouthpiece. You are now ready to play saxophone notes. To form embouchure playing saxophone, tip of the mouthpiece into your mouth. top teeth top of the mouthpiece bottom lip against the mouthpiece. ready play saxophone notes. embouchure saxophone mouthpiece mouth. teeth mouthpiece lip ready play saxophone. play saxophone. LOL, it is just that simple! ?
  12. @amick_hailey

    We’re The Real Life Brady Bunch!

    This was inspired because I have been currently jamming to the whole entire Encanto Movie and Soundtrack while doing Assignments and couldn’t think of a better idea than the Encanto Bunch instead of the Brady Bunch!!!! The following link is my favorite song from the entire movie. I hope you enjoy: (we don’t talk about bruno, no no no) (we don’t talk about bruno)
  13. @amick_hailey

    Averaged Portrait

    For this assignment, it was stated to take a bunch of pictures and overlay them with one another. Recently when I went to a rainforest when I was in Washington State, my girlfriend and I took a bunch of pictures most of them being silly because that is what we are when we are together. This was a very simple, funny, easy, assignment! I hope yall enjoy my sillygoofymood picture!
  14. @amick_hailey

    Week 3

    For this week I had many computer difficulties and still am… but I am learning to navigate through them. I couldn’t figure out my word press password for a long time so I realized that all I really need to do is get access through UMW domains. I then had an issue where my whole site crashed so yesterday I reworked my front page, and today I am going to the DKC to work on splitting my blog- one for digital studies and one for music but on my same page! I did a lot this week with learning wordpress and how to change my website. I am currently working on my about page, it is not up to date yet but it will be hopefully by the end of week  Daily Create Link Daily Create Link This picture was from the beginning of the week when we were jamming out getting ready for classes in my apartment! My mom stopped by to exchange some goodies this week and my stinky dogs got to visit me too! ?
  15. @amick_hailey

    Dear Diary…

    The prompt was to write a diary entry from your favorite Disney Villain’s perspective. Donna Murphy – Mother Knows Best (From “Tangled”/Sing-Along). YouTube, 2 July 2020, Try this #ds106 Assignment Dear Diary…. Dear Diary…. — Hailey Amick (@amick_hailey) January 29, 2022 Dear Diary, Mother knows best. Rapunzel wanted to leave the tower because the lanterns are calling her. She can never know what it is like to be out of the tower or else I will vanish into nothingness. Her beauty makes me shine as the young flower I am on the inside. I wish that she would be able to come to her sense and realize that I know best. I am the one who has raised her. I am the one who has brought her to all of her senses!!!!!!!! Goodnight,  May I shine just as bright tommorrow. 
  16. @amick_hailey

    My Fortune Cookie

    This life is yours. This life is yours. Some of it was to you; the rest you made by yourself. This fortune cookie is speaking to me in the fact that this life is mine. I CAN do anything I want in this life. The part that was given to me was the life that has been laid out for me by my sweet parents giving me lessons, putting me through art classes, dance, girl scouts, and sports. The rest of my life is made by me and I want to take these beautiful things that I have been through and use my creativity to make myself and others happy.
  17. @amick_hailey

    The Greatest Showman

                  I was given the following prompt: Mashup photos from your favorite movie with the sheet music from it’s the best song in the movie. Using Adobe Photoshop or comparable, play with overlays, Image effects, Opacity, and Masks to create one cohesive piece.  I felt inspired to post this particular movie because the music is so empowering in every way that I wanted to express the positivity that this particular song in this movie incorporates. No matter who you are the lyrics speak to you, the background chords show empowerment, and even the melody places a reminder within the musical elements that this is ME. It is quite incredible how the musicians writing this incorporated this empowerment in every single way.   LYRICS: The lyrics behind this piece are incredibly meaningful in the way that it displays no matter who you are, what you’ve gone through, you are a beautiful person inside and out. For instance, the chorus: “When the sharpest words wanna cut me downI’m gonna send a flood, gonna drown ’em outI am brave, I am bruisedI am who I’m meant to be, this is me”     BACKGROUNDS: In music, when you hear a piece there are parts that play underneath the actual vocalist or soloist. These are called chords and they create background harmonies. The chords are shown up above start on a B minor which says I’m not a stranger. Minor usually indicates distant or sad- which is exactly how being a stranger feels. Then it goes to a V,I in music which is the A-D major which is extremely positive- stating to the dark that you aren’t a stranger. It constantly takes a minor chord and makes it major which is indicating that no matter the negative it always turns positive.     MELODY: The vocalist sings the melody lyrics – THIS IS ME. The music is significant because this motive in music displays a solid unison pitch when singing this to say that no matter what: this is me, this is my voice, this is the note that I am singing. By the middle of the song the vocalist changes the pitch of this is me indicating that they CAN and WILL sing any note because they are indicating that this is ME.   Gracey, Michael, director. The Greatest Showman. Disney+, 2018.

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