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    For the Joy of Love.


    Love truly is love.

    I could talk about the themes behind this post forever, but this is my final project for my ds106 class. Yep, it is being done a little late, but that is because it took me time, and it is a beautiful digital storytelling project. I not …

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    Video Essay


    When reading the article, “How to Read a Movie” by Roger Elbert, I didn’t realize how many creative aspects are truly placed to make the audience feel a certain way. The producers use lighting, color, and dialogue to display emotions throughout a piece. Again, I know I am talking about …

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    Weekly Summary 9


    Okay, yeah late again I know, my website was still down. I am getting everything back up today and tomorrow as I work to catch everything up, BUT this is a wrap for my Week 9 projects and posts!

    For all of week 9’s activities, I made sure to clean …

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    Daily Creates Story Time


    This week the instruction was to put together daily creates and tie them together to create a story. I like coming up with practical scenarios, so my story is about going through the emotions of life. First we have The Law of Digital Studies and how we should always be …

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    Rain Droplets


    I thought this assignment was fun and simple. I basically looked at all of the objects around me and tried to make it sound like I was in some type of weather or in some weather. The weather I chose was rain droplets. I am sitting right underneath my air …

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    Instrumental vs. Vocals


    For this assignment, I decided to Mashup Paramore’s song Ain’t it Fun, and Bach’s Prelude in E Major so that they were at least both in the same key. Then I tried to match them up perfectly in time, but I couldn’t exactly figure it out, but I think it …

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    Weekly Summary


    This week was very interesting. I had a lot of work to do, yet not as much for digital studies this week. I felt like I I got to learn about design this week, in different ways than before. These are my daily creates from this week and I hope …

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    Prompt: Create a missing posters flyer for a fictional movie/show character, made-up person, animal, or a real person. Be sure to include a picture, the name, characteristics, and last seen date and place. Let your imagination do the talking for this poster!


    For this particular project, because I was watching …

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    A little ~latin~ tune


    This is a fun beat that I made last semester in music tech and always wanted to share on my website, but never did until now!!! For digital studies, I was to make a sick beat, and this is mine. Give me some feed back on what you think!

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    Podcast Topics and Ideas


    Podcast 1: We all have different reasons for enjoying music but why do we love music so much?

    Podcast 2: Musical genre? Heavy-metal? Yeah, most people might not like heavy metal but why?

    Podcast 3:Where did Jazz come from and how has it evolved into today’s music!?

    Podcast 4: What is …

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    Chrome Music Labs

    For this particular assignment, I would like to present you with my artistic short song!

    This website has many different small, colorful interactive music activities that you can develop fun ideas through. For this assnment I had to create a song, my specialty! You can choose from …

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    A moment in time from my iphone camera.


    Currently, on my phone, my camera roll consists of 11,140 photos. I take photos of everything in my life of myself, food, friends, my furry animals, and so much more. I also take a lot of videos of myself as a musician, because I want to listen to myself, or …

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    Play Saxophone.


    I made tea.

    For this assignment, I am going to be stripping down what it is like to take your first blow at playing the saxophone since it is a subject I know quite well about.

    To form the basic embouchure for playing saxophone, place the tip of the mouthpiece …

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    Combo photo



    For this assignment, I took two separate photos of the Eiffel tower and spliced them together. I thought this assignment was super quick and easy and thoroughly enjoyed it!…

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    Week 3


    For this week I had many computer difficulties and still am… but I am learning to navigate through them. I couldn’t figure out my word press password for a long time so I realized that all I really need to do is get access through UMW domains. I then had …

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    Wikipedia Random!


    For this assignment wikipedia randomly generated Frog Buttress! The video above shows a lot about the cliff and people climbing it, but I thought it would be of interest to put my research in this as well. The Frog Buttress is a cliff on the north-west side of Mount French, …

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    Dear Diary…

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    The Greatest Showman



    This week I felt inspired by one of the Mashup Assignments, but I would like to elaborate on why I choose this instead of a Writing Assignment and make it my own, with writing about it.

    I was …

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