1. cogdog

    Humanery and/or Machinery


    Despite the apparent demise of blogs the flat line of the RSS-ograph blips with a pulse from David Kernohan “on chatbots.” FOTA is alive!

    Unsure if my comment gets through the gate (a first one generated a critical WordPress error, sorry, David), but I have to at least assert my …

  2. cogdog

    Proto-MOOC Stays the Course


    From Inside Higher Education (April 24, 2012), such a modest course

    “Open course in digital storytelling, a holdover from before open learning was associated with massive tools wielded by celebrity professors, remains content with its modest but devoted following.”

    Thanks @Todd_Conaway for rediscovering 10 years later

    I was visiting the …

  3. cogdog

    Tock, Tick, The Daily Trick


    Most likely I mangled my attempt at wordplay in that title. I’m writing again about my belief/obsession with small acts of daily creativity.

    I have no real research, no data to back my hypothesis, but I will make up something that applying Curly’s Law to doing something small, new, micro …

  4. cogdog

    A Place for KSU Digital Literacy Fall 2019

    Yep, Bill Genereux is teaching another round of DS106 at Kansas State University: A collaborative online course for developing a broad range of digital media skills to be used for telling stories including websites, photography, graphic design, audio, video, code, and mashups. We got ya set up, Bill. @phb256 ...
  5. cogdog

    It Came From #DS106: a Direct Line to Ontario Extend


    Easily the most influential experience that has informed both my work in educational technology and the way I teach has come from the experiences I had being part of since 2011 as an open participant, teaching in person and online, and building out much of the web infrastructure for DS106

  6. cogdog

    DS106 Affinity Space

    Video created by CU Denver student Laura Seward #ds106 community: please help! I am creating a video on how awesome you (we) are and I need your input! Reply or message with responses:1. Tell me a story about DS106. 2. What does DS106 mean to...
  7. cogdog

    The Making of CogDog Shatner


    It’s been a while since I blogged a breakdown on the making of a DS106 Daily Create. I was lagging a bit on energy this afternoon, and that’s when I see if I can publish a Daily Create response in less than an hour.

    TDC2027 was a fun one:

    #tdc2027 …

  8. cogdog

    The #DS106 Goodspell: 106 (+1) Bullet Points

    The last episode in a 3 year run of podcasts by John Johnston and Mariana Funes: This is the DS106 Good Spell futzing splendidly since 2013 on DS106 radio for life ? One of 106 bullets from blog post 106 published by the DS106 shrink at 1.06am on...

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