Touch the firehose of ds106, the most recent flow of content from all of the blogs syndicated into ds106. As of right now, there have been 92504 posts brought in here going back to December 2010. If you want to be part of the flow, first learn more about ds106. Then, if you are truly ready and up to the task of creating web art, sign up and start doing it.

  1. cogdog

    0134 etaerC yliaD 601SD roF haeY hO

    Whatever the web is becoming or devolving or transmorgiphing to, DS106 still goes on, in some fashion, especially with the Daily Create. And look out, the machinations are at work to oblivate it into perhaps something new? A hallmark of DS106 always was not just spitting out things created (“just type a prompt in a […]
  2. cogdog

    The Joy of Web Improbability: The Buggles on/in front of #DS106 TV

    Keep the internet weird and un-expected, not managed by machine languages and corporatized algorithms, but by the small human acts of sharing. Ok? This has happened to me countless times yet never gets old. So via Mastodon, all the way from New Zealand, my colleague Stephen Harlow thinks to share this: Indeed, in a YouTube […]
  3. cogdog

    Third Month of Double Dailies

    Not that anyone is keeping score… well I am! For 2023 my double daily habits, the DS106 Daily Create and my Daily Flickr Photo routine have notched another perfect month, bringing both to 90 completions at the end of March, the 90th day of the year. This follows my streaks for both January and Feburary. Can this blistering […]
  4. cogdog

    Proto-MOOC Stays the Course

    From Inside Higher Education (April 24, 2012), such a modest course “Open course in digital storytelling, a holdover from before open learning was associated with massive tools wielded by celebrity professors, remains content with its modest but devoted following.” Thanks @Todd_Conaway for rediscovering 10 years later I was visiting the...
  5. cogdog

    Tock, Tick, The Daily Trick

    Most likely I mangled my attempt at wordplay in that title. I’m writing again about my belief/obsession with small acts of daily creativity. I have no real research, no data to back my hypothesis, but I will make up something that applying Curly’s Law to doing something small, new, micro challenging on a regular basis […]
  6. cogdog

    What Can You Do About Digital Surveillance? At least make [#ds106] art

    I don’t need to spend paragraphs explaining the state of digital surveillance most of us have become resigned to here in 2020. I turn that over to the twitter stream of Chris Gilliard (where you do get the occasional reprieve of a pupdate). A thing that gives me some small solace is making digital art, […]
  7. cogdog

    A Place for KSU Digital Literacy Fall 2019

    Yep, Bill Genereux is teaching another round of DS106 at Kansas State University: A collaborative online course for developing a broad range of digital media skills to be used for telling stories including websites, photography, graphic design, audio, video, code, and mashups. We got ya set up, Bill. @phb256 @cogdog...
  8. cogdog

    Making Sense of Blog Post Content Data? My Own Spanner Found in the Bottom of the Toolbox

    For the obviously obvious statement, WordPress is built on a database. The question is, besides data like visitor counts, what can you infer from the data in the posts and metadata itself? The question was swirling in preparation for a research interview I did today with David Porter and Valerie Lopes for the Ontario Extend […]
  9. cogdog

    DS106 Affinity Space

    Video created by CU Denver student Laura Seward #ds106 community: please help! I am creating a video on how awesome you (we) are and I need your input! Reply or message with responses:1. Tell me a story about DS106. 2. What does DS106 mean to you?@THiNGkeriNG @cogdog @ClareThomsonQUB @ronald_2008 @NomadWarMachine...

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