1. Downes



    January 16, 2021. We had the most substantial snowfall of the year today. I thought I would go out and get some nice photos in the woods but just got stuck in the driveway. So this is a photo of our back yard. Besides digging out the car and going…
  2. Downes

    Nation View Farm


    January 14, 2021. I walked over the bridge into town and turned up this lane for a shot of the Nation View Farm. I spent a lot of time rebuilding Docker images after some of the binaries for my old image disappeared from the repository. It was one little thing…
  3. @incbesh

    New Theme: Twenty Twenty One


    Twenty Twenty One is the latest WordPress default theme, which is now available to all WordPress.com sites. Designed by Mel Choyce-Dwan, the muted tones and timeless design will let your work shine.

    Twenty Twenty One takes advantage of all the latest features of the Block Editor — the new …

  4. Downes

    Screaming Tree


    January 13, 2020. This is another photo of the Gloucester branch of the Ottawa Public Library. I’m sure it was not intentional, but I can’t help being reminded of Munch’s The Scream when I look at it. Hence the title. I was on a walk while we were at the…
  5. Downes

    The Birch Forest


    January 12, 2021. My walk today took me to Du Boise St and along this birch forest. A regular work day today; I spent the morning working with CovidEA and afternoon working on a VR project and catching up for yesterday’s missing newsletter. https://flic.kr/p/2krF99T
  6. Downes

    Snow on the Tracks


    January 11, 2021. It was milder today but this was accompanied with a bit of a snowfall that was at times heavy during my walk. I had an internet outage but was able to do some writing this morning and coding this afternoon to preserve a reasonably productive day. https://flic.kr/p/2krnT9h
  7. Downes



    January 10, 2021. This is the wier in Casselman, with ice and snow forming around the edges. It was a cold day and it looks even colder in the water. I focused pretty much all day on gRSShopper – I have a bee in my bonnet about making the havester…
  8. Downes

    Moose and Monster


    January 9, 2020. Spotted during my daily walk. I’m not sure whether the moose has even been on Sesame Street, but I think the monster was (Sesame Street was after my childhood viewing age). Another classic type of day: I recorded a video (Learning Next.js – Part 2), worked on…
  9. Downes



    January 8, 2020. These are some trees growing along the railway line spotted during my daily walk. I had such a good day today, I recorded a video about next.js where things mostly just worked, I did some coding this afternoon which also just worked, and my project work went…
  10. Downes

    Bridge Over the Nation River


    January 7, 2020. This is around four p.m. – the photo is a bit darker than it was actually outside, but the sun is still undeniably setting behind the bridge. Today I learned about Javascript templates – these have existed since 2016 but I found about them today. Also spent…
  11. Downes



    January 6, 2020. I know it’s a favourite of people who go back to the land but I’m not a fan of wood heating. It’s even more polluting than oil or coal. It’s selfish. Anyhow. Today I spent the day working with fetch() and managing JSON data, all in the…
  12. Downes

    Shopping Cart


    January 5, 2020. Today’s photo is the humble shopping cart, n iconic symbol of today’s society. This is a Costco cart, left abandoned at the side of a road. In addition to a lunch-hour trip to the store I worked on fixing issues with gRSShopper’s page script and a bit…
  13. Downes



    January 4, 2021. On my one mile photowalk (a new habit!) I captured these backhoes near the edge of the town, proof that Casselman is continuing to grow. First day back at work. I spent the morning attending to an IRAP thing and the afternoon fixing issues with Cron jobs…
  14. Downes



    January 1, 2021. The text inside reads “If you want one I will make you one.” It’s along the tracks a couple blocks from my home, near where I took a photo yesterday. Aside from that, my day was spent working on gRSShopper and playing video games. https://flic.kr/p/2knZFCK
  15. natalie

    Happy New Year – quotes


    “Each year’s regrets are envelopes in which messages of hope are found for the new year.” ~John R. Dallas Jr.

    Burning sparklers, Happy New Year

    “New year—a new chapter, new verse, or just the same old story? Ultimately we write it. The choice is ours.” ~ Alex Morritt

    “The secret …

  16. Downes



    January 31, 2020. There’s a bit of brush between the road and the tracks a couple blocks down, and that’s where I took this photo. It’s the remnants of a mountain ash berry cluster. Good day today; I wrote a post saying Ontario finance minister Rod Phillips should resign, and…
  17. zenas suitcase

    2020: Our Year in Review


    Travelling on New Year’s Day was a breeze, even before Covid.  It was a straightforward drive from Nottingham to Brighton with the kids.  I wanted to start they year with a new adventure and a huge dose of sea air.  I love being by the sea, it makes me feel …

  18. Downes



    December 29, 2020. I was downtown on Rideau Street for a (socially distanced) meeting and captured this bit of topical artwork. It was cold and breezy and I didn’t want to linger, and in any case, Costco (my time actually inside the new store) awaited. What else did I do?…
  19. Downes

    Eastern Greenbelt Trail


    December 28, 2020. Andrea and I went out for another 10 km hike today along the Eastern Greenbelt Trail. This time we were able to traverse the ‘winter trail’ portion through the marsh – the ice creaked a lot but held firm the entire way. https://flic.kr/p/2kmDFiS
  20. Downes



    December 24, 2020. It’s feeding time again at the bird feeder; this sparrow is waiting its turn. Another quiet day that I spent rehearsing the process and making a small edit to gRSShopper, in preparation for more major work later. https://flic.kr/p/2kmxjx1

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