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  1. @aliboo1432

    DGST 395: Week 6 Summary

    “The Soft Truth,” by Leigh Alexander, is a short story that emphasizes the intersectionality between our existence and technological algorithms. There is a controversy where Alexander discusses her other persona, whom I interpreted as the version of herself who is consumed by algorithms and has made life-changing mistakes because of her digital footprint. My theory...
  2. Downes

    Larose Forest

    February 25, 2024. Some very tall spruce trees in Larose Forest west, just north of Limoges. We were there for a 5 km snowshoe hike this afternoon. Probably the last snowshoeing of the year. Ball game was on. Fixed an emergency issue on the Agora webs...
  3. natalie

    Nights Out, Charity & Boat trips – part 04

    ?listen to the audio on ? Waking up in Brandon’s Chelsea apartment. The day couldn’t start any better. Brandon was still sleeping. Pippa hushed out of the bed, grabbing the jumper on the floor, Brandon’s, pulling it over and walking barefoot over to the kitchen to make some coffee. Secretly she loves the instant Nescafe… Continue reading Nights Out, Charity & Boat trips – part 04
  4. rowan_peter (Rowan Peter)

    Four seasons Australia

    Australia Canada experiences four distinct seasons – spring, summer, fall (autumn), and winter – due to its geographical location and large landmass. Demonstrate these four seasons as outlined in the 4 seasons Canada visual assignment. Seasonal variations Had lots of fun slightly tweaking the prompt to try and elicit creatures and characters throughout each season.
  5. Downes


    February 23, 2024. This is a chocolate easter bunny, I know, I'm jumping the gun on the holiday a bit, but, chocolate. Meetings today, and I wrote a blog post rebutting the objections to AI in education.
  6. Downes


    February 22, 2024. These fish decorate the parking garage in the Glebe, which is where I went over lunch to look at a bicycle, a 56 cm that will fit me properly. I was pretty happy with the fit and put down the money. Also, I finally finished my liter...
  7. Downes


    February 21, 2024. Wen t to the dentist this morning and while it was all OK it sort of set me off for the rest of the day. I got a little work in but nothing like what I wanted to do. It's like I'm passing time waiting for winter to be over. I see so...
  8. Downes


    February 19, 2024. This is a close-up of some wall art we bought at an auction a number of years ago. But mostly it's me testing how closely I can shoot using my 50mm lens. Worked from the home office today, mostly on the lit review, partially on some...
  9. @aliboo1432

    DGST 395: Week 5 Summary

    During my first year of college, I took an introductory computer science course, which presented me with the complexities of coding. Learning about coding has made me more aware and significantly improved my digital literacy. Learning about the intricacies of creating any software has made me more interested in creating digital technologies instead of just...
  10. natalie

    Nights Out, Charity & Boat trips – part 03

    ?listen to the audio on ? Knowing that he must have tricked himself into this party, probably by stealing his boss’ invitation or any other kind of scam. Knowing that buying even one single ticket of the draw would hurt his empty pockets. He was the kind of guy who everyone new came from a… Continue reading Nights Out, Charity & Boat trips – part 03
  11. Downes


    February 17, 2024. This guy worked itself into the cage and spent a long time working on the feed cylinder, enough time to allow me to take this shot with the telephoto. It could be better; I shot at an angle through the hazy window by hand, but it's ...
  12. Downes

    Reaching for the Sun

    February 15, 2024. But the Sun isn't there. There's just this faint glow behind the clouds. It's cold. It's snowing this evening. And the plants are dead. It must be the middle of February. Spent the day working on my literature review, started a new ...
  13. trubright

    Even More Ludwig Dresden 3D Printing Mods


    My holy grail of Ludwig Dresden timpani 3D printed mods has been a fine-toothed ratchet. As anyone familiar with these instruments knows, they have a serious design flaw: the ratchet teeth are too wide, making it impossible to tune the drum accurately using only the pedal. Players (and I was one) have to use the […]

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  14. Downes


    February 14, 2024. Butterfly decorations on the front of a house in my neighbourhood. I've always liked the way people put butterflies on their houses; there's no real incentive for them to do so, but they do it anyway. Today was much more productive ...
  15. Downes


    February 13, 2024. This is a tree at the office in the city. Seeing this tree is one of the few benefits of driving in to the city. Today was a zero-productivity day; I got my meds wrong in the morning and was off all day. Wrote a short bl;og post; th...
  16. Downes


    February 12, 2024. A sparrow snags a seed from the feeder. Shot with the telephoto but the camera decided to take the photos in lower-resolution JPG format. Still learning this new gear. Anyhow, I spent most of the day trying to write a script to post...
  17. @aliboo1432

    Week 4 Summary

    Week four of this course has been my favorite week from everything we have learned so far. When I was first introduced to my subdomain and HTML, I needed clarification and didn’t think I could make anything worthwhile about my website. After seeing my classmates make fan pages for their favorite shows, hobbies, or people,...
  18. dogtrax

    Daily Create: Gratitude Zine

    Today’s prompt for the DS106 Daily Create, by Sarah, is to use Austin Kleon’s idea for making a Gratitude Zine through art. I created a front page of a zine, and posted it via Mastodon, where I share my Daily Create responses every morning, but I am grateful, too, if you have arrived here at […]

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