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  1. Stephen Downes

    Bird Antics

    June 30, 2024. Some birds frolicking in a tree not far from the walkway in Warwick Forest. We went for a nice walk, my heel hurt again, but we still went to the football game in the evening.
  2. Downes


    March 30, 2021. The robins are avoiding the cluster of birds in our back yard so I photographed this one on a neighbour's lawn. Another indoor day today even though it was nice outside as I rest my strained muscle. I spent the day wrestling with a clus...
  3. Downes

    Blue Jay

    March 23, 2021. Our local blue jay paid us a visit today; here it is with a beak full of seeds from the feeder. We had an an abundance of different birds in the back yard today: woodpeckers, cardinals, grackles, sparrows, red-winged blackbirds, and mor...

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