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  1. Downes


    March 21, 2024. We went to the hockey game, unusual for a Thursday, but I worked from home, then we drove in, checked in at the Brookstreet Hotel (still not a problem-free check-in), and took the shuttle to the game. This is far easier (and safer!) th...
  2. dogtrax

    World Poetry Day: Finding A Poem

    For World Poetry Day, the daily prompt at DS106 Daily Create was to explore poetry of endangered languages. I went black-out with mine, using a collection and some text from the editor. A simple idea: collect poems in endangered languages Help document how poetry exists The conversations and encounters with poets from all over the […]
  3. Downes


    March 19, 2024. A look back at the back side of the office where I work. Had an interesting discussion on intelligence and worked to fix my site. That's about it. Still cold.
  4. @aliboo1432

    DGST 395: Week 9 Summary

    Week 9 has seen the mid-term evaluation and the introduction of our next “node” on artificial intelligence. In this week’s summary, write about how you approached the self-evaluation, reflect on what you’ve noticed about artificial intelligence in fiction and film and how that compares with what you’ve learned about the realities of AI. Consider how...
  5. Downes

    Canada Goose

    March 17, 2024. We went out to the Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary today for a short walk in the rain and snow pellets to take photos of birds. Even with the big lens, it's still pretty hard to do. Other than that, today was a work day. https://...
  6. natalie

    First day at East Point

    ?listen to the audio on ?  from the book i-Land – A double Irish and a Dutch Tuesday morning Avoka took the bus towards East Point. She got off the arena bus stop and walked along the busy port road, passing the Yahoo building, and carried on till she arrived at the business park. She… Continue reading First day at East Point
  7. Downes


    March 13, 2024. This is a decoration inside Feleena's, a Mexican restaurant across from the bike shop. They had to drill out the broken bit of extender in order to fit my bike pedals back in. I also paid a visit to an accountant to get started on taxe...
  8. Downes


    March 12, 2024. This is a spot alongside a road a shade under 10 km away from home. It's where I was stranded when the pedal on my bicycle broke off and went flying. It wasn't the pedal that broke, it was just an extender. Took a taxi home. Still - ev...
  9. Downes


    March 11, 2024. A stack of mini batting helmets that were filled with ice cream at a Blue Jays game. Watching or listening to spring training games is one of my favourite parts of the season. Today was another day with struggling productivity, but in ...
  10. Downes


    March 10, 2024. Snow. Even worse than the day before. We didn't even hike because of the weather. I did a little bit of work. But still spent most of it playing video games. No cycling, obviously. The cardinals were nice though.
  11. Downes


    March 9, 2024. Rain. No biking today. A quick photo of a woodpecker on the feeder, that's my creativity for the day. Spent the Saturday playing video games even though I should be fixing a website. Not that people are actually using the website. Despa...
  12. Downes

    Crab Apple

    March 8, 2024. The crab apple tree in the evening light in the back yard. This time of year it doesn't take much to send my emotions spinning; in this case it was an issue with a website that sent me into despair. So here I ham now uploading this phot...
  13. dogtrax

    Daily Create: Coloring

    The prompt for this morning’s Daily Create via DS106 was to use Scrap-Coloring to color an image or file. I’ve used the site before and it’s easy to get lost in it, particularly if the image has a lot of little details. I chose the cover design of my album of sound sketches from last […]
  14. @paceamorebella

    MORE BOUQUETS and cowboy boots, please


    Last week I flew out to see one of my best girlfriends, Andee, who currently resides in Birmingham, Alabama. Andee moved to Birmingham from San Francisco roughly three years ago, since she was presented with an amazing work opportunity at Food & Wine (which I got to tour during my stay). Shortly after her move, […]

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  15. natalie

    Arrival at Lower Baggot Street

    ?listen to the audio on ? from the book i-Land – A Double Irish & a Dutch – Chapter II – Arrival at Lower Baggot Street Tuesday morning everything is ready, set and she takes off on her way to Dublin. After a half hour drive with the bus from the Airport Avoka arrives at Lower… Continue reading Arrival at Lower Baggot Street

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