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  1. natalie

    New Beginnings – part 03

    ? Listen to the audio on ? The following day university started again, and in the afternoon, she had her first day at her new job at the prestigious event agency. The receptionist opened the door for her, and she got introduced to the team. Two girls, both around their early thirties, one from South… Continue reading New Beginnings – part 03
  2. natalie

    Between the years

    Pippa arrived at her Belgrave apartment. She knocked at her neighbour’s door. Tess, her neighbour, opened the door. “Oh, Pippa, Merry Christmas, you are back, that’s great!” Tess looked at Pippa but she did not seem very happy. “Hey, how are you? Would you like to come over for a chat and a glass of… Continue reading Between the years
  3. natalie

    Part III – On a new day, 10 o’clock

    Chapter II Sisley’s first day at Cargo City South from the book Airways – I’m not in Hollywood Sisley walks out of her office to get some coffee water and walks into Treasure who is just arriving walking down the corridor towards Sisley with the JPS lead phrase. ”I’m not in Hollywood!” he stops. “Good morning… Continue reading Part III – On a new day, 10 o’clock
  4. natalie

    ?The Agency – a new start?

    Chapter I from the book Airways – I’m not in Hollywood Sisley arrives at the logistic company Airways one of the largest international logistic companies world-wide where she is supposed to have a job interview. After registering with the receptionist at the 4th floor she carries on, going up to the 5th floor where the… Continue reading ?The Agency – a new start?
  5. natalie

    ?5-0 AND KEYS?

    Chapter IV from the book Blossom Hill At 6 pm, Mia opened the door to her house at Lordship Road. Standing in the corridor, checking the mail, she met one of the Russian girls, Versa. She was studying at St. Martins and Mia asked if they should meet this week to talk about the fashion store… Continue reading ?5-0 AND KEYS?
  6. natalie

    Message from Hunt – part II

    from the Book i-Land – A double Irish and a Dutch The next morning Avoka is having her breakfast early and takes a stroll on the beach.  Some guys dressed in security uniforms are walking the beach as well. Avoka is not really, sure, as at first sight she doesn’t know if it’s more for… Continue reading Message from Hunt – part II

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