1. natalie

    New Beginnings


    from the book Blend 37 – Pippa Bow

    A week had passed. Pippa had worked all week on the designs for an event agency who had planned a massive opening party in spring. Pippa had created the whole concept including the Artwork. These were the kind of jobs you could …

  2. natalie

    Between the years


    from the book Blend 37 – Pippa Bow

    Pippa arrived at her Belgrave apartment. She knocked at her neighbor’s door. Tess, her neighbor opened.

    “Oh, Pippa, Merry Christmas, you are back, that’s great!” Tess looked at Pippa but she did not seem very happy.

    “Hey, how are you, do you …

  3. natalie

    Sixth Story – The Lapland Woman and the Finland Woman


    The Snow Queen – A Fairy Tale
    by Hans Christian Andersen

    Suddenly they stopped before a little house, which looked very miserable. The roof
    reached to the ground; and the door was so low, that the family were obliged to creep
    upon their stomachs when they went in or out. …

  4. natalie

    Fifth Story – The Little Robber Maiden


    The Snow Queen – A Fairy Tale by Hans Christian Andersen

    They drove through the dark wood; but the carriage shone like a torch, and it dazzled
    the eyes of the robbers, so that they could not bear to look at it.

    “‘Tis gold! ‘Tis gold!” they cried; and they …

  5. natalie

    Fourth story – The Prince and Princess


    The Snow Queen – A Fairy Tale by Hans Christian Andersen

    Gerda was obliged to rest herself again, when, exactly opposite to her, a large Raven
    came hopping over the white snow. He had long been looking at Gerda and shaking
    his head; and now he said, “Caw! Caw!” Good …

  6. natalie

    Christmas day


    from the book Blend 37 – Pippa Bow

    Sitting on her flight back to London Pippa was glad having kind of survived the family Christmas celebrations which had turned out in a more stressful event running from one Christmas party to the next all within three days.

    The Christmas day …

  7. natalie

    ?5-0 AND KEYS?


    Chapter IV from the book Blossom Hill

    At 6 pm, Mia opened the door to her house at Lordship Road. Standing in the corridor, checking the mail, she met one of the Russian girls, Versa. She was studying at St. Martins and Mia asked if they should meet this week …

  8. natalie

    Rising – texting who?


    A lonely country road going somewhere,
    empty bottles, broken glass, instant coffee, no refill
    in an airport bar early in the morning.

    Texting you, why don’t you write back? I am texting you.

    The cold wet storm is blowing in my face.
    The sun slowly rising, the sky lightening up…

  9. natalie

    Something new – Part II


    Chapter II from the book Blossom Hill

    Ten o’clock in the morning, Mia is sitting at her desk at university. Luckily, she got a seat, standing right now would be hell. She had had just three hours sleep and in about half an hour, they have to give the presentation …

  10. natalie



    Chapter II from the book Blossom Hill

    A few weeks passed and the situation came up repeatedly. Mia wanted to work on her project or was ready for class but Bo had something else going on. Even when he suggested taking her to Uni by car, she couldn’t be sure …

  11. natalie

    First days in London


    Chapter I from the book Blossom Hill

    Mia had just left the shuttle at Folkestone after passing through the Euro-Channel from Calais and traveling the fifty-mile route through the world’s longest underwater channel by train with her car—thirty-seven miles undersea in just thirty minutes. She was excited. North London University …

  12. natalie

    37 Dawson Street


    from the book A double Irish and a Dutch

    For tonight Avoka had a meeting with one of the lawyers for discussing the Cork case as well as how to deal with this current company. Avoka was sure they would let her fail.

    At eight pm they met at the …

  13. natalie

    Dinner at Hugo’s


    from the book A double Irish and a Dutch

    Avoka was just happy to leave at five. She had an appointment with a real estate agent and Ian for viewing some rooms she could use as an office for their promotion company on Upper Baggot Street, close to Stephen’s Green …

  14. natalie

    Office talks


    from the book A double Irish and a Dutch

    Avoka walks over to her place, starting the system. Her new colleagues, who had had the training for the last two weeks and who had badly complained on Friday about how crap it was, were just coming out of another question …

  15. natalie

    Surprise, suprise


    from the book A double Irish and a Dutch

    Tonight, she couldn’t care less; she was ready, set to party and joined Harry, whose daughter and boyfriend had meanwhile arrived and who were already dancing on the dance floor. The music was playing and she felt like love was in …

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