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  1. natalie

    Heartache’s Mosaic: The Unseen Threads of Resilience

    In the midst of a scorching summer, an elderly gentleman returned from his Portuguese escapade, a spot his kids swore by after reveling in its beauty. But alas, he returned ailing, doctors scratching their heads despite weeks of poking and prodding in the hospital. Cue his daughter, a paragon of devotion, swooping in to nurse… Continue reading Heartache’s Mosaic: The Unseen Threads of Resilience
  2. natalie

    Christmas Day

    because it‚Äôs Christmas time ‚Äď I repost the first Chapter of the book Blend 37 ‚Äď Pippa Bow Sitting on her flight back to London, Pippa was glad to have kind of survived the family Christmas celebrations, which had turned out to be a more stressful event running from one Christmas party to the next‚Ķ Continue reading Christmas Day
  3. @paceamorebella

    How-To holiday DYI Ornaments: Eight Ornament Designs

    This holiday season I decided to craft my own Christmas ornaments. I’ve always felt the best gifts are those that come from the heart. Meaning, Christmas is not about the quantity of the gift, but rather the quality of it. Does the gift mean anything to you or them? Did you put thought, time, or […]

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