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  1. natalie

    Dining, Delights & Sunrise

    ?listen to the audio on ?  from the book City Cadence: Pulse of the Current Friday night, Nyssa stood in front of the mirror, contemplating her outfit for her dinner with Zillion. She wore a short dress paired with boots that reached just below the knee. After their spontaneous breakfast earlier in the week, Zillion… Continue reading Dining, Delights & Sunrise
  2. natalie

    Defiance in the Classroom: Sam Takes On School Policies Head-On

    ?listen to the audio on ?  On the opposite bank of the river, Sam strode alongside her two children, 7- year-old Olivia and 11-year-old Marlon, en route to their school. The past six months had seen the institution implement progressive policies regarding self-expression for the kids. Sam found herself questioning reality when, a few months… Continue reading Defiance in the Classroom: Sam Takes On School Policies Head-On
  3. natalie

    UNCONVENTIONAL ALLIANCES – Nyssa’s hometown reunion

    ?listen to the audio on ?  Taking a break from her hectic schedule, Nyssa decided to spend the weekend at her family’s suburban home, just a short drive from her current residence near Frankfurt. She decided to take a nostalgic journey, driving over to Rumpenheim Castle, a historic gem that once hosted European nobility. Originally… Continue reading UNCONVENTIONAL ALLIANCES – Nyssa’s hometown reunion
  4. natalie

    CITY CADENCE – Chapter 1- SKYLINE, ROOFTOP – Views

    ?listen to the audio on ?  Sachsenhäuser Berg, in the mid-90s, buzzed with life atop the grounds of Henninger Bräu. The air was electric with the pulse of a massive party, and the stage was ablaze with D-Flame, passionately rapping about another day. The crowd undulated as one entity, their hands rising in synchronized waves… Continue reading CITY CADENCE – Chapter 1- SKYLINE, ROOFTOP – Views

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