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  1. natalie

    New Beginnings – part 04

    ? Listen to the audio on ? A Victorian bar in South Kensington that somehow had become Pippa’s second home during the last summer semester. “I will be there at around six. I’m with a client here.” Tess replied. “See you, there. Drinks waiting.” Pippa wrote. Pippa was on her second Martini when Tess arrived.… Continue reading New Beginnings – part 04
  2. natalie

    New Beginnings – part two

    ? Listen to the audio on ? The two women finished their drinks and moved on to meet their friends Michelle and Alexa at the lobby bar at the foot of The Strand. A shiny, light-filled space with classy drinks and an even more classy clientele. The four of them took a sophisticated break. As… Continue reading New Beginnings – part two
  3. natalie

    Nights out, Charity & boat trips

    from the book Blend 37 – Pippa Bow A week later, Pippa was sitting on her study project a case study for a new female tech gadget while clicking some likes from Tess party pictures and a sunny day on her cruise. The pictures looked amazing and she could almost get jealous, but Tess really deserved… Continue reading Nights out, Charity & boat trips
  4. natalie

    Sisley’s first day at Cargo City South

    Chapter II from the book Airways – I’m not in Hollywood Sisley arrived at the office in Cargo City South she makes her way to the reception on the fourth floor. The receptionist hands her over a visitor card and she moves on to the fifth floor, walking along the corridor passing the second glass door.… Continue reading Sisley’s first day at Cargo City South
  5. natalie

    ?The Agency – a new start?

    Chapter I from the book Airways – I’m not in Hollywood Sisley arrives at the logistic company Airways one of the largest international logistic companies world-wide where she is supposed to have a job interview. After registering with the receptionist at the 4th floor she carries on, going up to the 5th floor where the… Continue reading ?The Agency – a new start?
  6. natalie

    Something new – Part II

    Chapter II from the book Blossom Hill Ten o’clock in the morning, Mia is sitting at her desk at university. Luckily, she got a seat, standing right now would be hell. She had had just three hours sleep and in about half an hour, they have to give the presentation about a new interior design. The… Continue reading Something new – Part II
  7. natalie

    Office talks

    from the book A double Irish and a Dutch Avoka walks over to her place, starting the system. Her new colleagues, who had had the training for the last two weeks and who had badly complained on Friday about how crap it was, were just coming out of another question and answer game session, wondering about… Continue reading Office talks
  8. natalie

    Surprise, suprise

    from the book A double Irish and a Dutch Tonight, she couldn’t care less; she was ready, set to party and joined Harry, whose daughter and boyfriend had meanwhile arrived and who were already dancing on the dance floor. The music was playing and she felt like love was in the air. Harry, looking at Avoka, had seen her… Continue reading Surprise, suprise
  9. natalie

    New plan, new man

    from the book i-Land – A double Irish and a Dutch Avoka goes for a coffee while Harry gets his hair done. She gets an SMS from Hunt, who once again, suggests to her about how much he would like to be with her at the same place now. Avoka already knows it’s just one of… Continue reading New plan, new man
  10. natalie

    Salsa and Valentine’s Day in Dublin

    from the book i-Land – A double Irish and a Dutch In the evening Avoka went to a Salsa class at the River Bar. They offered dance classes from beginner to advanced almost every night. It was a great atmosphere and she met a Spanish girl who also was waiting for the Salsa class. The… Continue reading Salsa and Valentine’s Day in Dublin
  11. natalie

    Chapter I – Break in Tunisia

    From the book “I-land – A double Irish and a Dutch A new offer At 2 pm on a cloudy, stormy day in Tunisia Avoka was sitting in her staff-house room at the Aladdin Club. Avoka had her laptop in front of her and was talking via Google Hangout to two guys from an Indian… Continue reading Chapter I – Break in Tunisia
  12. natalie

    Sunday Reads

    Magnetic : Again, just a girl! Starting in the 40s, during World War II, a mother with her three children flees from East Berlin to West Germany in one night following a marsh by thousands of refugees when her only son dies. Her husband, the scientist Dolphy, arranges for his family a stay with business… Continue reading Sunday Reads

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