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  1. @wade_764

    I Hope I Don’t Crash.

    So I decided to put my own spin on this assignment, as I wanted to get outside. I have been working on biking more, even though this semester has been challenging, and it always helps me feel better afterward. So the idea for the assignment was to film myself exercising outside and play music to the video. I realized quickly that riding a bike and having to shift gears and film all simultaneously was probably not the best idea, so it is relatively short. I did find the best audio track to set this video, too, as I really felt…
  2. @sincerelysterls

    A Walk Through a Different World

    Howdy! This is Sterling, back with another week of content. This assignment began as one and kind of turned into another. My original intent was to do a modified form of “Exercise And Socialize” by Jeremy Hillberry, which has the following description: “Neighborhood walks used to be a good form of exercise and a good … Continue reading "A Walk Through a Different World"

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