1. @morgan_ds106

    Final Mission and Final Summary!


    Our final mission has come to an end! We have finally figured out who the Directorate compromised! We are sad to say that Scott Wilson, aka Dr. Big Papa, was coerced by the Directorate. Luckily, Jess Carter, aka Becky, and I were able to team up and stop Scott and …

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    Week 13 Summary/Final Project Update


    This week was not about doing any assignments or daily creates. This was week one of two working on our final project. We had the option of working alone or working with a group. Since Jasmine, Hannah, and I had a good time working together on the previous project, we …

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    Week 12 Summary


    This week was all about remixes and mashups. It was a lot of fun creating new assignments from the old ones from previous weeks. It also was the perfect amount of work.

    The first assignment I had to create was a tutorial of a past assignment. As I stated in …

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    Final Mission Mashup


    Here comes another mashup assignment! But this time its for our final mission of the semester! The task was to find another student’s mission idea and try to combine it with my own. As I was going through all the mission ideas, I came up with two! One to make …

  5. @morgan_ds106

    Parental Advisory


    For my last remix assignment for the week, I chose to remix the favorite picture assignment. The remix part was to create something that might scare my parents. Well.. I think seeing my dog drink a beer would terrify my mom! I used the same picture from the original assignment …

  6. @morgan_ds106

    A Pinkish Remix


    For my first remix assignment, I decided to remix the Cool Letters.net assignment. When I hit the remix button, I was tasked with remixing it to be “pretty in pink”. I had to create the new logo by representing the color pink in some way. So, I decided to …

  7. @morgan_ds106

    Flaire and Lipton’s Conversation


    This assignment will fulfill my 10 star requirement this week. At first, I had a hard time thinking of a conversation. Then, I remembered all the funny horse related ones I had seen. As most of you know, if I can make an assignment about horses, I’m gonna. I wanted …

  8. @morgan_ds106

    Memoji Karaoke


    My first mashup assignment this week was worth 5 stars. The name of the assignment says it all! It was a really fun assignment to do. The first thing I had to do was find an iPhone that had that capability. Luckily, my boyfriend’s phone does, and he let me …

  9. @morgan_ds106

    Week 11 Summary


    This week was a pretty chill week. There wasn’t any extra reading assignments to be done. Just improving upon the video assignments. The one extra assignment I had to do was come up with ideas for my class’ next mission. To read about my two ideas, please visit New Mission!

  10. @morgan_ds106

    Booty Werk!!


    For my final video assignment for the week, I chose to do the animal dance off assignment! I really enjoyed doing this assignment! I knew exactly what animal video I was going to use too. I remember seeing this corgi butt wiggle video a long time ago when Vine was …

  11. @morgan_ds106

    New Mission


    This week I was tasked with coming up with a new mission for the class. Being a senior at Mary Wash, one of my ideas was to create something sentimental. Video montage of some sort. Something that warms the heart and thanks those who have helped you get this far. …

  12. @morgan_ds106

    Door Opening Transition


    For my next video assignment, I did a “door” opening transition video. I wasn’t close to an elevator, like the assignment is titled, so I chose a door instead. This was a little tricky because getting the transitions was a little hard. I know it’s not perfect and I’m still …

  13. @morgan_ds106

    The Cover of a Lifetime


    For my first video assignment of the week, I decided to create my own assignment. Now, I created it before I saw that there was another one just like it already posted. It must of been created as I was creating mine, because when I typed in “movie trailer” nothing …

  14. @morgan_ds106

    Week 10 Summary


    This week was a slight struggle for me. I am not too good at video editing and this week was kinda heavy in that. The simple stuff, like creating a voice over or changing audio wasn’t that hard. However, when it comes to taking a bunch of different clips and …

  15. @morgan_ds106



    For my last video assignment for the week, I chose to do the lip sync along assignment. I really enjoy singing, so this was a fun assignment for me. I used the app TickTok since it is the easiest program to record these types of videos with. I lip synced …

  16. @morgan_ds106

    Exercise and Socialize


    My next video assignment was worth 2 and a half stars. I was a little on the fence about doing this assignment, but since the barn is like my home away from home, all my fellow riders in the video and not shown are just like my neighbors in a …

  17. @morgan_ds106

    Chipmunk Style!


    For this 3 and a half star assignment, I had to take a clip from a film and either speed it up or change the audio to make the voices a higher pitch. I chose to take a skit from Key and Peele. Substitute Teacher is already a funny skit, …

  18. @morgan_ds106

    Character Interview


    This week I was tasked with making sure “Flaire” made her interview session this week. She was a little sassy in some of her answers but don’t take that personally. She had a long day and was hungry. Here is her interview:

    The Process- this was pretty easy to make. …

  19. @morgan_ds106

    Video Essay

    The Work Itself:

    This week I had some material to read and watch. The first was Roger Ebert’s How to Read a Movie. It was a very interesting read. What I didn’t realize was we see things moving from left to right as positive and things moving from right …

  20. @morgan_ds106

    Week 9 Summary


    This week was kinda relaxed since we just got done with our group project, which was nice. It was really cool listening to other group’s radio shows on the official DS106 radio show this week.

    One of our assignments this week was we had to listen to other groups’ projects …

  21. @morgan_ds106

    Hidden In The Eye…Remix!


    This week, I was tasked with finding a previous design assignment that was worth either 3,4,or 5 stars and remix it. I chose to remix the Hidden In The Eye assignment. This assignment was 3 star assignment.

    Again, this assignment was super fun to do. I really do like photo …

  22. @morgan_ds106

    Radio Show Talk!


    This week our radio shows were aired on the official DS106 radio show! My group’s radio show along with another group’s was aired on Monday night. Not gonna lie, I was a little nervous to see how everyone reacted to it, but it seemed like most people seemed to enjoy …

  23. @morgan_ds106

    Dream Barn


    For my last web design assignment of the week, I chose to change up the Create Your Own Room assignment. I related to me and my character by creating a Pinterest board of some examples I would like to have in my dream barn.

    Here is the link to my …

  24. @morgan_ds106

    Web Storytelling!


    For this week our main assignment for the week was to “remix” a webpage using Mozilla’s X-Ray Goggles. Going into it I thought that it was going to be difficult. To my pleasant surprise, it wasn’t hard at all! I created a fake ad talking about my skills as a …

  25. @morgan_ds106

    Google Quick Draw


    For this assignment I was to go to the website, https://quickdraw.withgoogle.com/# and draw different things to see of the computer could guess what it was I was drawing in about 20 sec. Then I had to post them on Twitter. Now I have to admit, I am not a very …

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