1. @cpsc106

    Final Project – Weekly Summary


    This final is pretty open ended. My group and I decided that the most important parts to focus on were 1) making the project fit into multiple medias and 2) relate to the course theme, the 80s.

    The two media platforms we decided to post our project on were Soundcloud …

  2. @cpsc106

    Week 11 – Video Show Progress


    After making our individual trailers, my group met on Zoom and discussed how we wanted to do this final video project. It was pretty cool that all of us had never met before this class and our formed together because none of had groups already. It’s even cooler than all …

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    Week 10 – Post Coronavirus Trailer and Blog Post


    I meant to put five students instead of four!

    The group I met on Twitter for the first project all decided to come together again for this optional project! This time, we all met on Zoom and discussed our plan. That was the first time I have used Zoom. It …

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    Week 8 – Radio Show Progress


    Wow, what a week. This was my favorite week in DS106 so far.

    Through a few meetings, both online and in-person, my group was able to coordinate and execute a plan for the radio show. In hindsight, I think we over-prepared, but I suppose that’s not such a bad thing!…

  5. @cpsc106

    Week 7 – Radio Show Project Promo


    I used a website called Piktochart to make a poster online. I included all the main details like the school, the class, the description, and the name of the show. I made sure it was pretty simple, just so people would get the idea of the what was happening! …

  6. @cpsc106

    Week 7 – Audio Assignments


    Both of my audio assignments are relevant to my group’s radio show!

    The first one is me advertising the 1985 NBA Finals with an 80s sounding introduction. I used the real player names and the real network. Spoiler, the Lakers won.

    The second one I took an 80s hip hop …

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    Week 7 – Radio Show Progress


    So far, this has been my favorite week of class. I was getting pretty tired of the routine of a weekly lesson and then a few assignments.

    For the radio show, I met my group on Twitter. One team member tweeted about wanting a group and had one classmate reply. …

  8. @cpsc106

    Week 5 – Audio Reflection


    Jad Abumrad does a great job advocating for radios. In How Radio Creates Empathy, Abumrad explains how lacking visuals has to power to bring people together through imagination. In the second video he compares modern day story telling to old-fashioned shamanism. I understand his point and I appreciate his passion …

  9. @cpsc106

    Week 4 – Photoblitz


    I am choosing not to write about any of these photos because I want the photos to tell the story on their own.

    They’re all around. Make a photograph of a wheel near you. Take a photo of something that you are envious of (physical or metaphorical).  Make a monochrome…
  10. @cpsc106

    Week 4 – Photo Reflection


    I have taken a lot of photos of the years. I started as a kid, when I was gifted a disposable camera and taken on a hike by my Grandpa. I took photos of trees, water, and animals. I had a great time, I was proud of my work, and …

  11. @cpsc106

    Week 4 – Telling Stories with Photographs


    David Griffin’s Ted Talk made me realize that I am using my camera how I want to. Griffin did a fantastic job of explaining how photos can tell a story, be educational, and lead to change. My favorite part of the talk was the story of how the photographer found …

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