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    Week 3 – Story Analysis, what makes a good story?


    I first watched Kurt Vonnegut draw 3 examples of classic stories.

    It’s really hard for me to get into any movies for this same reason – it all seems to be the same story told over and over. Like his examples – “somebody gets into trouble, somebody gets out it …

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    Week 3 – The Role-Playing Game


    For this assignment, I will be continuing the story that previous members of the class have started. All 3 parts were created by different authors. There was a part 4 and 5, but unfortunately, those students have taken down their websites, their stories lost in time… In fact, Part 1 …

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    Week 2 – Dream It…Write It!


    One night, I woke up on my side, on the edge of the bed. I felt something behind me, on the other side of the bed. My bed started shaking violently and the “presence” behind me started pushing me off the bed. I felt like I couldn’t move my body …

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    Week 2 – Guess the Story


    we’re no strangers to love

    You know the rules and so do I

    A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of

    You wouldn’t get this from any other guy

    I just wanna tell you how I’m feeling……

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    Week 1 Summary!!


    Here are a link to my other two posts for the week:



    The first week of school is always a bit stressful for me because I do not know my professors and I don’t have a feel for my classes yet. Now that this is the final assignment …

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    Week 1 – 80’s theme suggestions


    I submitted a suggestion that we can watch The Goonies, a movie from 1985 about a group of friends. Today, I think shows like Stranger Things try to replicate that feeling of growing up in the 1980s but it isn’t the same as watching something that came out during that …

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    Example Post


    A post is where you could make a portfolio item. Make sure to use a Featured Image so that way it looks nice on your site!…

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