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    Shelter in Place & Start Recording


    This week’s overview was interesting. I read the Ebert essay and even read another that was hyperlinked within his that details the discovery of a chair movement within Citizen Kane that he has missed for 30 years of doing shot by shots. I echoed this essay’s idea to my husband …

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    One Time Around the Sun


    I thought it would be fun to make a compilation of the pictures and video clips I loved that most from my daughter’s first year. I used open source music and used an app on my phone to upload my photos and videos. It allowed me to sort the photos …

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    Vincent and the Doctor Video Essay


    For this assignment I wanted to work with an iconic Doctor
    Who scene I knew I would be able to find online.

    This assignment started out simple. I downloaded the 4k Video Downloader and obtained the file for the video I wanted to use. I watched it and wrote a …

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    Letting my Grade Slip


    I have been doing my best to keep up in school with all the changes happening, but I’ve allowed myself to fall behind in this class due to my grade in others. That isn’t a good solution and I’ve decided to spend as much time as possible changing that and …

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    Listening in on You


    The only radio show I had the time to tune in for was a late
    night one after I put my daughter to sleep. It was about Social Media being
    integrated into events that occurred in the 80s. I found the concept was original
    and the format they used was …

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    My friend, don’t be a jerk.


    This week was just… weird. Anyway, my daughter has hand foot mouth and its been terrible, so I completely forgot the TDCs until Thursday. Thankfully that left me with enough time to complete the two required.

    Daily Creates (2)

    #tdc2982 #ds106 immediately thought of that pull down poster attached to …

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    Disturbing the peace? I got thrown out of a window!


    This week feels like a blur with all the wild things happening. I visited my parents during Spring Break and interviewed my mother to learn about her experience during the 1980s. That was fun. I spent the end of Spring Break working on the radio show. This involved getting familiar …

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    I wanna be sedated


    This week proved to be rather tough for me. Midterms were a true challenge. With this being my best graded class, I unfortunately had to sacrifice some of the time I would have normally spent on these assignments to study for my two science courses. I’m finding it really hard …

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    A Whirlwind Adventure


    In preparation for the radio show being published, this week I created an advertisement and two bumpers. I’m really proud of the progress I’ve made in learning how to use audacity. My partner sent out the interview questions to three individuals and I will be interviewing my mother tomorrow afternoon.…

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    The audacity of it all!


    Today I had my first run in with audacity. It went well. I used it to create an 80s commercial for my 1st audio assignment of the week. I searched through ccMixter for some music that had an 80s vibe and found a track I liked to use for the …

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    For my last assignment I did one that caught my interest because it made me laugh pretty hard. It’s an assignment where you manipulate the title of a video game to match up with its realistic game play. The example was of mario kart and it was perfectly done. It …

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    “Why’d it have to be snakes?”


    For this assignment, I added a famous quote from a movie to an image of that scene within the film. I found the image through a google image search, and already knew the quote pretty well too. If I’m not mistaken, this is also an 80s movie. I used canva …

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    You’re going to Camp Blood, ain’t ya?


    For my second assignment I went with the second recommended one. I created a minimalist movie poster. I googled 80s movies and went with Friday the 13th because that hockey mask to something almost everyone can recognize. I used canva since I saw another student mention it and I figured …

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    Guess the 80s movie…


    I decided to go with the recommended assignment since I thought it was cool. I also made it related to the theme, which made it more fun for me.

    I used the recommended website for the icons and then I just used powerpoint to string them next to each other. …

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    Designing a Decision


    I chuckled when I noticed the kids book listed on this week’s
    weekly assignment post. That’s a wonderful book and I think it’s a great book
    for kids to have because it makes them aware of all the design aspects in the
    things around them. There are fliers, posters, billboards, …

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    My Favorite Picture


    This assignments is pretty simple. You choose a photo you’ve captured and tell everyone why you love it so much.

    I was trying to find a photo I took while in high school (2004) of a ferris wheel at Six Flags Great Adventure in NJ. That is my absolute favorite …

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    A Bark from the Past


    This visual assignment calls for the student to “make a collage out of photos of your pet” and it immediately spoke to my heart. I said goodbye to my fur baby last summer and have missed her dearly since then. I was actually thinking of her a lot today and …

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    Design to Shock – 80’s HIV Epidemic


    I decided to do the “Design to Shock” visual assignment that task the student to ” combine at least two images (you may also use text) to create a shocking message.” I wanted to tie it to the 80s and thought of the HIV epidemic. I searched for shocking images …

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    Summarize Coming to America


    Using 10 gifs to retell a movie. I chose to retell Coming to America, which is another wonderful 80s movie. I used my memory of the movie to google search specific movie parts and find the gifs to represent those moments.

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9…
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    The Story of an Image


    In a lot of the photos we looked at this week, I found myself in awe of the photographer’s ability to catch a specific action that I knew only went on from a moment in time. Like the dip of a dancer or the second-long smile of an individual. You …

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    The Humanity of a Moment


    When I was in high school, I found photography interesting.
    I would take photos with an old polaroid camera my father had and then take the
    same photo, with a wider shot with a Nikon to play with layering them and making
    it seem as if the polaroid image was …

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    Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’

    Story Analysis

    I started off the week by completing the required reading and watching the videos. I found the video how stories look on a graph hilarious. A lot of the text I read was interesting, as well, and it’s how I came about choosing to watch Wargames, which is …

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    She takes me away to that special place.


    For one of my journal prompts, I was instructed to
    take a moment to watch someone I’m grateful for and focus on them for 10
    minutes. Nothing else. No eating or drinking. No television on. Nothing but
    that individual. If possible, I wasn’t supposed to interact with them, instead just…

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    The Green Fairy


    “Today in a café” (4 stars)
    This assignment asks the student to view the famous painting I’ve included below and write a poem based on it. My interpretation of the poem is pretty depressing, but that’s the impression I had when I zoomed in on her face.

    Degas’s painting In a…
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    The words of 1988 and a terrible poet.


    “Never Fear – It’s The Words Of The Year” (two stars)
    This assignment involved going to the website Merriam-Webster and entering a year of your choice. Doing so produces a list of words that were first recorded or started being used during that year. “Your challenge: Take the list from …

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