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  1. @missgoofyxx

    Letting my Grade Slip

    I have been doing my best to keep up in school with all the changes happening, but I’ve allowed myself to fall behind in this class due to my grade in others. That isn’t a good solution and I’ve decided to spend as much time as possible changing that and catching up. Here’s to that. […]
  2. @missgoofyxx

    Listening in on You

    The only radio show I had the time to tune in for was a late night one after I put my daughter to sleep. It was about Social Media being integrated into events that occurred in the 80s. I found the concept was original and the format they used was pretty neat. As opposed to […]
  3. @missgoofyxx

    My friend, don’t be a jerk.

    This week was just… weird. Anyway, my daughter has hand foot mouth and its been terrible, so I completely forgot the TDCs until Thursday. Thankfully that left me with enough time to complete the two required. Daily Creates (2) For this one, I’m not sure why I immediately thought of a chalk board when I […]
  4. @missgoofyxx

    I wanna be sedated

    This week proved to be rather tough for me. Midterms were a true challenge. With this being my best graded class, I unfortunately had to sacrifice some of the time I would have normally spent on these assignments to study for my two science courses. I’m finding it really hard to study for my biology […]
  5. @missgoofyxx

    A Whirlwind Adventure

    In preparation for the radio show being published, this week I created an advertisement and two bumpers. I’m really proud of the progress I’ve made in learning how to use audacity. My partner sent out the interview questions to three individuals and I will be interviewing my mother tomorrow afternoon. I was able to find […]
  6. @missgoofyxx

    The Voices of Generation X

    I made this poster using, which is an excellent graphic design tool. I originally was going to use a bumper sticky my project partner had made and then remembered this cool layout I had been looking forward to using for this. I also got my first commercial done pretty quickly so I had the […]
  7. @missgoofyxx

    Graphic Design on Campus

    I’ve had a crazy schedule this week, so I found all of my examples of graphic design on campus in between classes. This first image is of an advertisement page within the theater department’s magazine, showcasing their plans for the school year. I thought their layout of the shows were very simple and gave a […]
  8. @missgoofyxx

    Designing a Decision

    I chuckled when I noticed the kids book listed on this week’s weekly assignment post. That’s a wonderful book and I think it’s a great book for kids to have because it makes them aware of all the design aspects in the things around them. There are fliers, posters, billboards, store signage, ads, and countless […]

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