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    Final Project Ideas

    This week we came up with three ideas for our final project. I suggested making a sort of Top Hits radio or video show. The songs would be current popular songs that are remixed to sound as if they were created in the 80s. The video below is an example of just that. I do […]
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    Week 12

    As we get closer and closer to the end of school I just want to say that I’m grateful for learning a lot from this class. This week was a busy one but I was able to hang in there. This week’s focus was on Mashup and Remix. And to do some Twitter Daily Creates. […]
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    Week 11

    This week was once again a slow but fast one. I participated with my group on creating our video and it went very well as you will see. I hope the video helps to bring in a perspective of life after this virus. I know life won’t nearly be the same after all of this […]
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    Post COVID-19 Update

    We met on Monday to go over when we should send all of our videos to James Fendely, since he is very good at adding the videos together. My plan for the video was for me to talk to the camera and then continue my narration doing a voice-over various events that occur after post-COVID-19. […]
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    Week 10

    Ah, welcome back I hope y’all are doing well. This week I watched videos on how film-making work and read an article about how to read a film. In the article, Robert Ebert talked about the positive and negative positions of a character. It was interesting because I never thought about it like that and […]
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    Post COVID-19 Trailer

    Post Covid-19 The radio show group and I decided to come together and make a documentary about life after COVID-19. We had many options such as Group Video Project Topics: Pandemic Video 80s version TRL (with current songs remixed to sound like they are from the 80s) News or morning show (80s style) discussing COVID-19 […]
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    The Witcher Scene

    The scene I chose for my video essay was the Genralt and Renfri fight scene from the Netflix series, the Witcher. I definitely had to rewatch the scene several times so I could see the film-making technique being used. The technique I chose was the camera and its movements. The camera’s movement played a big […]
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    Week 9

    Due to the predicament that we’re in this week was a very light week. This week we went over the radio shows that we did and the Breakfast club show went really well. I enjoyed the concept of interviewing people from the 1980s. I went into detail in my blog post. We also gave ideas […]
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    Breakfast Club

    I really liked the idea of interviewing people from the 80s. The host’s mother really went in-depth about the music culture and the fashion in the 1980s She said when MTV was created the kids were able to see new artists on tv rather than afternoon shows or in concerts. The artists helped influence kid’s […]
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    I decided to rework the assignment Contradiction Creation because of the situation we’re in. This picture is from California in the 1980s. California right now is under statewide quarantine due to the Coronavirus. So for this Contradiction Creation, I changed it to where COVID-19 gives a quote about the situation that’s occurring in California. All […]
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    Week Summary 8

    This week was a very easy week. I only had to do two daily creates and they were simple. One was about creating a gif out of a music video. The music video I chose was Life is Good from Future and Drake. I used the Gifit extension from Google Chrome. Another daily create I […]
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    Weekly Summary 7

    This week I had to work on developing my radio show with my group. We came up with Social Media: 80’s rewrite where we will go in-depth about what it would be like if the 1980s had social media. I also worked on the Daily Creates as you can see down there. I did one […]
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    Radio Design

    So this is the promo that I thought of for our radio show, Social Media: 80’s Rewrite. I created this promo from Canvas which is a very good website for those trying to design posters, logos, or promos for their shows. The picture on the right is the original design. As soon as I saw […]
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    Radio Show

    Process Tweeted out to see if anyone wanted to work together Found a couple of people Sent them an email so I could add them to the google docs. Created a GroupMe so we could continue giving out ideas. On the google docs, we chose what we wanted to do for the topic. I worked […]
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    Design Blitz

    Color: The white helps bring out the red message. Red usually means something bad or important. Signs that are red and white mainly signify regulations that you must follow. For example, this sign indicates that the object is part of the Fire Department Connections. But the white background helps signify to anyone that this shouldn’t […]
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    Chip Kidd & Design

    Reading this article about Chip Kidd’s book, Go, really opened my eyes to design. Day to day I walk around and witness so many different designs but I never really questioned it. After reading this article I started looking around my room and asking myself ‘Why was this designed this way?’ The example of the […]

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