1. @DenaliRoberts

    Final Project


    This is it. The final project of the year. I have decided to do a business commercial for the company I work for. The song I picked for the commercial is Jump by Van Halen. I put the song behind the photos and videos that I personally took for this …

  2. @DenaliRoberts

    Weeks 7 & 8


    Wow… I am kinda far behind in this class. That is super unfortunate and I hope I can make everything up! My time management skills have been a struggle the past few weeks.

    We formed ourselves into a group per our instructions for this week. Our radio show is called …

  3. @DenaliRoberts

    Week 2 Summary


    Well… I clearly should’ve read the syllabus more clearly going into this course. I started my homework for this class on Thursday. Yes, I know, I procrastinated. I promise I have a good reason. Anyways, didn’t start my homework till Thursday and didn’t publish it until, well, almost midnight on …

  4. @DenaliRoberts

    “What does the 80s mean to you”


    The 80s is my childhood my mother made us listen to every single 70s and 80s, one-hit- wonders, soundtracks and singles from 8 hour car rides or something to listen to while we clean. We listened to it all. And in her mind “we are better for it!”

    The 80s …

  5. @DenaliRoberts

    Week 1


    This week has been a hectic and chaotic and I am just happy I made it to Friday! Declaring a major, getting into courses, millions of email an a 40 hour work week. I am just happy that I have a nice mini break in front of me.

    I have …

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