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    my last reflection post ever


    WILD time really do be flying when youre having fun. Meaningless platitudes aside, i really cannot believe this is it. This class, although a lot of work, has been such an overwhelming positive experience for me. I’ve gained skills i literally never thought i would have and realized that this …

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    heathers but give them socials


    The scene opens right after JD and Veronica meet, and then, not long after their meeting, getting together as an official couple. Although her boyfriend is a generally antiestablishment with an alt aesthetic who thus Does Not like social media, Veronica, as a Heather, has no choice but to enjoy …

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    f i n a l countdown!


    get it? bc its the final project & also the final weeks of ds106 [ ] ! Anyways! my big big plans! So lately ive been kind of struggling with the 80s theme, even though its super big and broad & i have a lot of room to incorporate my …

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    like a ds-106er


    okay so this assignment was fun because i’ve always kinda wanted to try it, so im glad mashup week gave me the inspiration/motivation to! the idea is to fake a text conversation between two people. I’m still kind of itching to go for the horror vibe ive seen around, but …

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    introducing: pac-tris!


    okay so this mashup assignment was really cool and also gimp and photo editing has kind of grown on me. I’m by no means an expert, but i can feel the progress and how much calmer i am while using it, which is super cool and makes me really happy. …

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    a remix assignment! the base assignment was a pretty straightforward one, choose a photo (specifically a bad one) and then write something in helvetica font. The remixed version had me turn it into a ds-106 advertisement! Since it was so straightforward, I decided to make a couple because I was …

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    dream team


    my first remix assignment! since we could remix whatever assignments we wanted, I got to walk it back to my favorite media, photography & visual stuff! So I decided to remix this assignment, which said to take a photo and make it look all stiff and old-timey. The first remix

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    12/3 [week 12, 3 daily creates]


    its a fraction! so the daily creates this week, we were to do three, and I’m Pretty Happy with how mine ended up! started off strong (and a little bit sad) with a sound review. I decided to review Willard Hall (and the rest of the dorm, i suppose)’s door …

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    didja miss me?


    I’m flattering myself, i know. However, I did take a hiatus last week for to reorganize myself and try to better adjust to being at my home and not at school. Its not going horribly, but academically i’ve still got a ways to go. I’m hoping to sort myself out …

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    So. Based on the things that i’ve been reflecting on and things i’ve learned (and also haven’t learned). I’ve realized that I dont really vibe with the idea of a video based final project. My video editing skills are lackluster at best, and its hard to get a Solid Uninterrupted …

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    im a gamer!


    and being a gamer, I have collected quite a few Super Cool moments. As such, I decided to do a video gaming highlights video with all of the cool bits from my most recent gaming session. I’ll give you a warning, its Super Cool ™

    webkinz baybee! similar to my

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    meet terry


    woo! video week! in which i remembered my laptop has a screen recording function & decided to show off my gamer side! (i am in fact a gamer, i play sims fallout & minecraft dont @ me) This assignment had me show off my gaming lowlights, so I decided to …

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    dilly dally daily creates


    week 11 daily creates! started off this week with a pretty simple one, inspired by the coronavirus— replace any word in the title of a famous movie with toilet paper. I’m kind of very proud of myself, because the film i chose (the little mermaid) and the new name (the …

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    week nine sure did shine!


    woo! summary post! all of the things i did this week! like a buncha daily creates! found all together in one convenient location! here! but thats not all folks!

    I also tied them all together into a story! also featured in the story are daily created from past …

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    let me tell you a story


    or some concepts of one, at least.

    So. Idea one! I’m thinking playbill comparison, like, from a design perspective, which would be Very Research Based but like, I could make it a story. So I’m thinking either compare playbills of different eighties shows to each other, or maybe compare the …

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    be quarantined, do crime


    a reflection on the ds106 radio shows! I listened on Wednesday, which was 80’s crime and Social Media: an 80’s Rewrite. These were both really really well made, and super interesting topics that were quite conducive to being in a radio show format. The crime one was incredibly well-put together, …

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    The Eighties Through Spacetime!


    Wow, shes finished! What a wild ride! My group’s radio show, The Eighties Through Space-time, focused on how the eighties as a decade are perceived at different points in human history, is finally complete! Overall, i’m really really happy with how it turned out. I have loved our concept from …

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    week eight’s daily creates!


    woo! masterpost! daily creates! all that fun stuff!

    so this one was really fun because i really really liked that key necklace and am glad i got to immortalize it on the depths of the internet! I know it doesn’t look like much, but i tried really hard in the …

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    & thats a wrap on week 7!


    the ever-awaited summary post! so this week had the unfortunate luck to be right between a trip to philadelphia i took with a friend (which was delightful and so much fun!) & spring break (so eagerly awaited for so many weeks). Thus, motivation this week was at an all-time low, …

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    reflection time baybee


    week one of radio show fun is over and done! I’m super excited to get writing and recording everything, because i’m really happy with our groups concept. We decided to go with an analysation of media that was created in different time periods, but all of which are set in …

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    ft a 1984 pun


    the point of this assignment is to explain an important event or memory you have, and then describe how it changed you. I decided to take just the tiniest bit of creative license, and explain a memory of the principal character in George Orwell’s 1984, Winston.

    This was my favorite …

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    under the chestnut tree


    this assignment said to do a dramatic reading of a poem, and then turn that poem into a story. I decided to take a little bit of creative license with it in order to better serve my purposes for the upcoming radio show, but the essence of what i did …

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    dear diary


    so the goal of this assignment was to be Super Open about your past & share a diary entry from when you were an angsty teen. However! in light of our current radio show project! i decided to dramatically read snippets of Winston (from 1984)’s diary! And honestly? the end …

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