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  1. @JHolburd

    Fear, No. PTS, Yes.

    I say “Fear, No” because I am not a fearful person. To me, fear has little use except to cripple and stop you in your tracks. When I saw the assignment “Facing Your Fears” then asking me to describe my biggest fear and what it might think of me, then write a terrifying story of […]
  2. @sincerelysterls

    The Apex of Megalomania, the Ultimate In-Control

    As I mentioned in my last week’s summary, I was hoping to watch They Live (1988) on my roommate’s Hulu. Unfortunately, that requires another subscription to something called Starz – which, as you can infer, my roommate doesn’t have. So I’m left again to rely on summaries and my memories of watching the movie 5 … Continue reading "The Apex of Megalomania, the Ultimate In-Control"
  3. @ds106_mckayla

    Facing my fears.

    I created this on Canva for one of my writing assignments. This is the original link to the assignment. This assignment is three stars, which I agree with the rating. I got the picture of the snake on Canva and made the lettering white so you can see it without it blending in with the background. I had fun with this assignment. As you can see, I picked a snake as my fear. I wrote this in the snakes perspective as the assignment asked for. The story tells that the snake sees my camo crocs and thinks of the forest.

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