1. @mattmilesds106

    Final Mission/Weekly Summary


    We have finally completed our final mission using everything we have learned from the semester. For this project we made a twine game that made you choose what character you would be and what path you would go on to defeat the enemy. We also created a trailer that involved …

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    Weekly Summary/Progress Report


    We are winding down with our work in ds106 but we have one final mission to complete. We have been given the tools we needed to succeed and are prepared for this one final battle. We were asked to combine all of our audio, video, mashup skills and make one …

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    Weekly Summary 12


    This week was all about mashups and remixes and I was very excited to do this as well as come up with our final mission idea. I loved being able to change original content and create something brand new with it. All of the assignments are explained so I won’t …

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    Mission Collab


    I have been thinking about our final mission work a lot and i have decided to do something very interesting as an idea. I would love to combine the girls radio show about secret agents with my own hip hop hour and talk about the correlations between secret agents and …

  5. @mattmilesds106

    Come join DS106!


    For this remixed assignment the whole purpose was for us to come up with an advertisement for DS106. I wanted to add the storytelling element of the assignment while also incorporating our theme. This was a fairly simple remix assignment as it was only worth 1 star. Here is the …

  6. @mattmilesds106

    Cancer Sucks


    In honor of this remix assignment I decided to dedicate to my grandfather who died a few years from pancreatic cancer. He was very into tennis and was one of our greatest memories. He was also a big fan of sailing so I decided to put together a photo that …

  7. @mattmilesds106

    Snakes on a Bus


    For this assignment I decided to create a fake movie with different actors. I decided to use a poster for snakes on a bus that I found on the internet. It is a fake movie with the same principles of Snakes on a Plane with Samuel L Jackson. I decided …

  8. @mattmilesds106

    Going Bad with Body


    For this assignment I decided to use the Going Bad music video with the Body by Loud Luxury song. I thought this was a cool idea because in the video there’s a lot of cars being used and in the song they talk about keys so I thought it matched …

  9. @mattmilesds106

    Mashup Mania


    This assignment was fairly simple to do and it required us to mash together logos. I tried to make something that would make sense and I figured anytime I went shopping I would get hungry so why not combine two of my favorite things. McDonalds and H and M. I …

  10. @mattmilesds106

    Sounds of Your City Tutorial


    For this assignment I am going to help you with a tutorial that I have created.

    First what you’re going to want to do is to hang out and record anything that sounds cool. If you’re in a city that is beneficial because the more sounds the better. Record using …

  11. @mattmilesds106

    Weekly Summary 11


    This week was fairly challenging. We really had to dive into the world of editing as the assignments weren’t too stressful. I loved being able to create and edit in a proper manner. It was an important piece of knowledge. I also liked being able to come up with our …

  12. @mattmilesds106

    Best Day of my Life


    So I attempted to create a vine but I think I was unsuccessful. I wanted to make into a short little 10 second video with quick edits but was heavily unsuccessful. I think this assignment posed more of a challenge than I origianlly thought.

    On top of all that I …

  13. @mattmilesds106

    Spoil a Movie


    For this assignment I decided to spoil a movie. I decided to do the Pink Panther 2 because it related to our secret agent theme in a way. Inspector Cluseasu is the main character here as you can see in this trailer and the plot goes just as you expect …

  14. @mattmilesds106

    Talking to my 16 Year Old Self


    I loved this assignment. This assignment allowed myself as my present day to me to give words of advice to my 16 year old self. I was able to get into every little detail about life and explain to him what he should’ve done and what he doesn’t need to …

  15. @mattmilesds106



    I think a mission needs to serve a purpose. As I began thinking about what our future mission should be, I referenced all of the movies that I have seen in the past and most of them involve going for the girl.

    After seeing Girl Power on ds106 I realized …

  16. @mattmilesds106

    Weekly Summary #10!!!


    This week was all about video and didn’t really require a lot of words. I really enjoyed this week because I feel that video is an integral part of our lives and it’s important for all of us to watch videos because of the educational opportunity. For this week I’ll …

  17. @mattmilesds106



    For this assignment we really had to use all of our abilities and try and talk about the cinematic elements we learned while editing a scene so that we could voiceover what was happening. I found this assignment to be incredibly difficult because I had never done such a thing …

  18. @mattmilesds106

    Lip Sync Battle!


    For this assignment we had to lip sync which if yall have seen from my previous assignments I’m not a good singer at all. I gave it my best shot though. This was a fairly simple assignment for the most part. The song I decided to lip sync was 100 …

  19. @mattmilesds106

    The Interview


    For this assignment we had to answer questions based off of interview questions that were asked to us. They had to be based off of what our character would say so I was basically answering for Austin Scarn which was definitely kind of strange. The whole process was interesting because …

  20. @mattmilesds106

    Fortnite Highlights!


    For this assignment I decided to choose and make a compilation of all my fortnite highlights. I love this game and has been a big part of my collegiate career. I felt as if this assignment was fairly easy because through xbox you can clip the shots you make and …

  21. @mattmilesds106

    UMW Tennis Highlights


    For this assignment I was asked to create a highlight tape of a sport I play. This was a really cool assignment because not only did it allow myself to showcase me playing the sport but it also let me show how my teammates play to. I loved being able …

  22. @mattmilesds106

    Weekly Summary


    Wow what a week. Looking at the web was extremely interesting to me and it just shows to me all of the possibilities that one can do within the world wide web. I think all of the assignments for the week really showed how the web can be changed and …

  23. @mattmilesds106

    Take 2


    I’m sure all of you remember me humming the National Anthem. We’ll I loved this assignment and wanted another crack at humming a little bit more of a challenging song and seeing if you guys could guess which track it is. Also after learning a little more about audio editing …

  24. @mattmilesds106

    My Life Story


    As I saw this assignment for the week and saw the daily creates that were posted i realized I had a good foundation to talk about my childhood and how I got here using these creates. I really like this idea of tying them all together and I think it …

  25. @mattmilesds106

    Super Secret Opinions!


    This radio show was the first one that I listened to and I found this radio show to be really cool and had a lot of great perspectives. It came across well that the group was well researched.

    Diving into the actual radio show I was very intrigued with the …

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    For this assignment it was required for us to create a fake instagram, otherwise known as a finsta. I decided to make it relate to our radio show in one way or another. Instead of taking the usual route to making a finsta which is an alter ego I loved …

  27. @mattmilesds106

    Austin Scarn-Amazon


    The assignment this week was to create a fake page of any kind and put our character on it. Basically it was an advertisement for our secret agent and what would we do if we saw them. I decided to put my secret agent on amazon because amazon is on …

  28. @mattmilesds106

    Way Back Time Machine


    Everybody remembers the popular website of miniclip. But how much do you remember it changing since you last visited? I used to be on miniclip a lot when I was younger and remember the exact layout of the site being like the second photo. I was astounded to see the …

  29. @mattmilesds106

    Guess This Story


    This assignment focused on us coming up with a series of gifs to help tell a story. I really enjoyed this assignment because it allowed us to be creative and try and tell a story without words. That seems to be the common theme for the week and I think …

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