1. @tiffmooree

    Final Project


    We have come to the end, my friends.

    Now I swear something always has to happen to where I can not finish my assignments in time. After a few days of working on the final, I was doing some finishing touches, and my sister called me. She had severe dehydration …

  2. @tiffmooree

    Agents are MISSING


    Attention all Secret Agents!

    A few of our secret agents have gone missing. Of them are

    Agent Amelie Amaya

    Agent Laura Petrie

    Agent Super Secret Squirrel

    They have been captured by the evil villain LockJaw. We have a composite sketch of him below.

    He is 275 pounds, pale as a …

  3. @tiffmooree

    Progress Report


    We’re almost at the end of this class! I’ve enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I originally took this class because it was online and it helped with being a commuter student. I dropped one of my lectures on campus before even going, and chose to do two …

  4. @tiffmooree

    Yo Momma WHAT?


    Stars: 2

    Remix: 2 1/2

    For the original assignment you’re supposed to take a picture of an object and make it basically unrecognizable. I had already done this assignment, so both of my remixes are from assignments already completed! Now, the remix made it quite impossible to relate it back …

  5. @tiffmooree

    Animoji Karaoke


    Stars: 5

    This assignment was super easy! The hardest part was finding a phone to do it with. I don’t have a phone with Animoji, so I had to use my boyfriends phone. He agreed immediately, but I didn’t want him to see me make a fool of myself! I …

  6. @tiffmooree

    Weekly Summary 4/12/19


    Well….. after two weeks of constant struggles I have finally completed MY MISSION!

    Here I am on Tuesday writing my weekly summary after cracking down and fighting my procrastination.

    For those interested in my laptop update, here it is. I dropped off my laptop on Thursday, with the estimated time …

  7. @tiffmooree

    Even Newer Mission?


    I chose to take my idea, and mash it together with a bunch of different other students ideas.

    My idea: Use all forms of digital media we have learned about this semester. This includes video, writing, audio, and photos.

    Video: Spies are missing, we must find them with a scavenger …

  8. @tiffmooree

    Secret Mission Alert: From a Text?


    Stars: 5

    I chose to do this assignment because we all know what I love to do in this class. Do as many stars as possible, to avoid the write ups!

    I tried to think of how to do this assignment, first and foremost. I thought of using a friends …

  9. @tiffmooree

    So You Wanna Do A Video Essay, Huh?


    Stars: 4

    For one of our assignments this week we had to do a tutorial for an assignment we had already created. I chose to do the Ebert’s Analysis assignment. I really enjoyed this assignment, and it could be difficult to know how to do without any background information.

    I …

  10. @tiffmooree

    What is your least favorite photo?


    Stars: 2

    Remix stars: 2

    For my first assignment bank I had to take my favorite photo and explain why. I chose this assignment to remix to give it some FLAVOR!! The remix called for doing the complete opposite of the intended assignment. I chose to then, make this about …

  11. @tiffmooree

    Weekly Summary 4/5/19


    After last weeks brutal setback, I decided to get my work done as soon as possible. As I was working through, I realized my laptop was not up to the standards I was hoping it would be after the repair. Once I received my laptop on Friday (dropped it off …

  12. @tiffmooree

    New Mission


    I think for this new mission we should incorporate everything we’ve learned in this class so far. This means incorporating video, audio, and photography.

    I think for this assignment we should get into groups again and create the idea behind a movie. We could then create a video trailer, and …

  13. @tiffmooree

    Assignment Bank #3


    Stars: 2

    I normally choose to do 2 five star assignments to complete the ten star requirement, however, there weren’t many five star assignments to choose from this week. I noticed that the star ratings change, as some I chose to do earlier have went from 5 stars to 2. …

  14. @tiffmooree

    Assignment Bank #2


    Stars: 4

    For my second assignment, I chose to do one where I explain a software and make a video. I just recently found out about a software called Clip Grab and I wanted to make a video on it to help my peers.

    I had never heard of this …

  15. @tiffmooree

    Assignment Bank #1


    Stars: 4

    My first assignment bank caught my eye. I was scrolling through them and I realized that this one was quite the same as one from last week. I really enjoyed analyzing a scene from a movie last week, so I decided to do it again… but add a …

  16. @tiffmooree

    Weekly Summary 3/29/19


    I have NEVER been so excited to be writing a weekly summary. This week was honestly hell for me.

    I originally intended to grind all of my work out for this week so that I could enjoy my birthday on Sunday. I told myself to get over the procrastination and …

  17. @tiffmooree

    The Interview


    Sheesh was this an annoying one. It wasn’t even the assignment, it was my laptop that made me want to rip my hair out. I reviewed Professor Bond’s email where he clipped every question, but I couldn’t choose where to download the clips. It took me about 10 minutes to …

  18. @tiffmooree

    Video Essay


    After my second assignment bank, the video essay was a piece of cake. I chose to use Amelie, a beautiful French film. I went onto youtube to look up scenes, and came across one where she helps a blind man across the street. This scene had everything we had learned …

  19. @tiffmooree

    Assignment Bank #2


    My second assignment bank was my first step into iMovie. I’ve messed around with it a little, but I was completely dumb founded. I had to google the easiest of things, but eventually got everything to work out. For this one I had to choose 3 movie scenes that changed …

  20. @tiffmooree

    Assignment Bank #1


    This first assignment was kinda a struggle. I thought it would be quite simple. All I had to do was to make a video displaying Morse Code. I decided to take a nap before this assignment, and while I was half asleep I decided to youtube a video of it …

  21. @tiffmooree

    Weekly Summary 3/21/19


    This week was very interesting; I like how we were introduced to new software, ad-ons, and had new twists on old assignments. This week I got a majority of my work done in the waiting room while my grandmother was at the doctors. I got a majority of everything done …

  22. @tiffmooree

    Web Storytelling


    This assignment intimidated me. I thought this would require a lot more work than I was cut out for. There have been some assignments I am not skilled with, and I definitely thought this would be one of them. I brushed it off until it was the last thing I …

  23. @tiffmooree

    Connecting Daily Creates


    For one of our assignments we had to do our typical daily creates, but we had to connect them all. I thought this would be quite difficult, as many of them are about completely separate topics. I did the first two and realized I had no idea how to connect …

  24. @tiffmooree

    Assignment Bank #2


    My next assignment was one I wasn’t very excited to do. I was looking for two four star assignments to complete the eight star requirement and this one seemed the most interesting to me. I have never used reddit and I am highly unfamiliar with it. First, I made an …

  25. @tiffmooree

    Assignment Bank #1


    For this assignment, I had to make a simple Buzzfeed quiz. This sounded like it would be easy enough, as I am very familiar with them. I would sit in class and take these in high school, and even had to make a few.

    The first step was to create …

  26. @tiffmooree

    Radio Shows


    I really enjoyed listening to everyones radio shows. I knew this would be of interest to me because I love listening to podcasts. I listen to true crime podcasts a majority of when I’m driving and walking around campus. I was interested to see everyones take on the project, and …

  27. @tiffmooree

    Revisiting My Work


    For this assignment, we were supposed to go through our past work and recreate one. I chose to do the assignment bank where we had to tell the story of a movie with GIFS. This assignment, at first, caused me quite a bit of trouble. I remember wanting to create …

  28. @tiffmooree

    Weekly Summary 3/17/19


    This week was honestly quite simple. I prefer to have one large thing to do, rather than a bunch of small things. The radio show allowed me to solely focus on one thing and not have to stress about getting quite a few assignments done, like we normally have for …

  29. @tiffmooree

    Radio Show Week 2


    These past few weeks with the radio show have been a well needed break to further extend Spring Break. At first glance, I thought the radio show would be highly difficult, but with the right group and resources, it turns out to be an easier task. We kept with the …

  30. @tiffmooree

    Weekly Summary 3/1/19


    I feel like every week gets easier and easier, but it also takes more and more of me to complete it. This week offered a great opportunity to catch up overall and eliminate some stress. I, however, was not able to do a majority of the assignments until today, which …

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