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  1. @hrashhDS106

    Week Four Assignment Bank: Capturing The Power Of Editing!

    This week one of the assignments we were given was to choose assignments from the “Visual Assignments” section in the assignment bank. All of the assignments combined have to have a total of twelve stars. The assignments I chose were “The Life Of A Superhero” (2 stars), “Colorize It” (3 stars), “ComboPhoto” (3 stars), and “Design To Shock” (4 stars). […]
  2. @V20Kai

    Just a Splash of Color

    Did you know that in Japan (and in some other countries), the sewer covers have unique designs depending what region and city/town you’re in? I encountered this–or at least, actually noticed this–in the summer the weekend before my classes in Japan began. This was en route to the Ōmagari Fireworks Festival. Sadly, I never stopped […]

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