1. @hrashhDS106

    Life is Strange


    August 31, 2021

    Today I downloaded the Steam software and added the Life is Strange game! I played up until Max reached the dormitories. Initially, I was having trouble playing the game because I was not used to playing games on my laptop. The first challenge was kind of tough …

  2. @hrashhDS106

    Life is Strange: September 1, 2021


    Today I passed a few stages. I played through the dorms, the outside of campus, and Chloe’s house. I stopped when I arrived at the lighthouse. I am getting used to playing this game and I’m enjoying the storyline. So far, I feel like I didn’t have to rewind as …

  3. @hrashhDS106

    Weekly Summary: WEEK THIRTEEN


    This week has been very chill! My partner for the final project is Kenneth Hargrove. The plan for the final project is to design an album cover in the GIMP program and add music in the background. I will be designing the cover and Kenneth will add music over it. …

  4. @hrashhDS106

    Weekly Summary: WEEK TWELVE


    This week was soooo chill! I enjoyed completing all of the assignments! I always like to start off with completing the Assignment Bank assignments as usual. All of the assignments combined have to have a total of eight stars. The assignments I chose were “Buffalax!” (3 stars) and “Animoji Karaoke” …

  5. @hrashhDS106

    WEEK TWELVE: Karaoke & Bollywood Mashups/Remixes


    This week one of the assignments we were given was to choose assignments from the “Mashup Assignments” section in the assignment bank. All of the assignments combined have to have a total of eight stars. The assignments I chose were “Buffalax!” (3 stars) and “Animoji Karaoke” (5 stars). Additionally, I …

  6. @hrashhDS106

    Weekly Summary: WEEK ELEVEN


    This week was definitely more relaxing than week ten. I can’t believe that we are already halfway done with the semester! WOOO!!! I am really excited because I plan on finishing early by taking summer classes. I always like to start off with completing the Assignment Bank assignments as usual. …

  7. @hrashhDS106

    Weekly Summary: WEEK TEN


    This week has been a very busy week for me! I had to complete this really complex coding project and it took up most of my time. I also had additional work from other classes. However, I’m glad that I was able to squeeze the assignments for this class before …

  8. @hrashhDS106

    Weekly Summary: WEEK NINE


    This week has been a really relaxing week. This was much needed. I enjoyed listening to the podcasts! Congratulations everyone we did it! I am impressed! The podcast that I listened to was Operation Childhood. This podcast reminded me of my childhood memories, and the carnival music gave me nostalgic …

  9. @hrashhDS106

    Creative Project Ideas!


    Create a YouTube tutorial about any routine

    Podcast about our favorite childhood movies

    Create a website all about you! (Accomplishments/Dreams/Travelling)

    Create a YouTube video narrating your favorite childhood book

    Design a digital poster/collage of your childhood photos…

  10. @hrashhDS106

    Operation Childhood & The Day In A Pandemic!


    I really enjoyed listening to Operation Childhood-Radio Show. I liked the sound effects! Especially, the carnival music. The carnival music was perfect because it makes the audience feel nostalgic vibes. Also, I feel like they maybe could’ve added more sound effects, but it was still great! Listening to this podcast …

  11. @hrashhDS106

    Weekly Summary: WEEK EIGHT: Pandemic Podcast!


    This week also went very well just like the previous week; however, there were some issues that popped up. Unfortunately, we were unable to record at the vocal booth in the Multimedia Editing Lab because of reservation problems. Apparently, students who are only taking specific “music” classes are allowed access …

  12. @hrashhDS106

    Weekly Summary: WEEK SEVEN: Radio Show Progress


    This week has been great because it didn’t feel as overwhelming. The planning of the radio show has been going pretty smoothly! My team members are Marche Drummond, Matthew Kanter, and Kenneth Hargrove. W are group two and our topic is Story of the Day: Life During The Pandemic. We …

  13. @hrashhDS106

    Weekly Summary: WEEK SIX


    Week six is probably my favorite week. This week was the most challenging, but I also had a lot of fun at the same time. The program I used for this week was GIMP. GIMP is an alternative to Photoshop. Since I cancelled the Adobe membership a few years ago, …

  14. @hrashhDS106

    DesignBlitz: Understanding Design Principles


    First Challenge

    1. Color: This photo represents the warm color scheme (red, orange, and yellow).

    Second Challenge

    2. Minimalism: This photo represents minimalism because the photo focuses on negative space.

    Third Challenge

    3. Dominance: This photo represents dominance because the acorn is the most influential element.

    Fourth Challenge

    4. Unity: …

  15. @hrashhDS106

    Radio Show Ideas


    Random Ideas:

    Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality

    Different Types of Technological Media (Different projects and how technology redefined art over the years)


    Story of the day/Life during the Pandemic

    Music (Any Genre)…

  16. @hrashhDS106

    Weekly Summary: WEEK FIVE


    Week five was a lot of fun. I thought it would be super challenging because I do not have experience with audio editing. Initially, I had a little trouble downloading the FFmpeg. I kept checking the diagnostics and it kept displaying the message “Error: Failed to load shared library.” After …

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