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  1. @abbcass100

    Daily Creates Week 3

    @ds106dc #tdc2806 The New Wave happened differently in different areas of the world. Two examples are from France, the other are American.— Abby Cassell (@abbcass100) September 18, 2019
  2. @abbcass100

    Photography Style

    Do I have a photography style? This question has plagued me ever since I read the assignments for this week. In my mind, I just point my camera at something pretty and take the photo. There isn’t usually a lot of forethought on how the photo will come out or how I will use shadows…
  3. @abbcass100

    To Review a Week

    This week was a little challenging with the amount of writing. I think I’m good at writing, but I’m more used to writing a ten page paper, not a bunch of little assignments. I did two assignments relating to movies which I really enjoyed. LadyHawke is my mom’s favorite movie, so it was cool getting…
  4. @abbcass100

    The 80’s

    I watched the first episode of The Eighties where the producers delved into the emergence of contemporary TV during this decade. The episode started off with the conclusion of MASH which was very popular during the 70s. In addition, the episode discussed the creation of sitcoms and day-time TV into society. The most resonating quote…
  5. @abbcass100

    A Week in Review

    I learned a lot this past week. The Daily Creates were fun to go through and spend five minutes thinking about what applied to each of them. I had to spend a little time thinking about a phrase that I hear a lot in my hometown. The assignment bank has a lot of options, but…
  6. @abbcass100

    Daily Create: Daydreaming

    I daydream about my next travel locations and what I would like to be doing there. I have many countries on by bucket list, but Greece is one of my top choices. I’ve always had a fascination with the mythology (Percy Jackson fan!) and I would love to see where it originated.
  7. @abbcass100

    This just in…

    This week was a learning experience! The hardest part of this week was learning how to use and navigate WordPress because I’ve never used it before. I have discovered throughout this week that WordPress is a bit of a pain and that I have to block off a good portion of time in order to…
  8. @abbcass100


    Hello everyone, my name is Abby Cassell and I am a senior at UMW majoring in International Affairs with a minor in Business French! I love reading, travelling, and watching Netflix. I’m excited to learn more about digital media and how I can effectively use it in day to day life.

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